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[ Monday, March 31, 2008 ]

Favorite Spanking Pics

spanking picture

The picture above from is one of my all time favorite spanking photos.  While there is no actual spanking taking place, no bare bottoms or nudity, I have always loved this picture.  In the early days, what I wanted to see most was a marked butt that showed that a real spanking had actually taken place. 

As I have grown older I tend to better appreciate the more traditional looking pictures, as they were back in the early Janus spanking magazine days.  Even more specifically, I tend to gravitate towards the photos that are taken before or after the spanking.  I like a spanking picture, that from that single photo, most of the story is told, or at least enough to really let your imagination run wild.  This is why you so often see me posting “cornertime” pictures as well as “anticipation” pictures.  Sometimes it is just more fun to imagine what is about to, or just happened.  In an attempt to allow my blog to load faster, most posts with more than one picture will be placed in the extended text.  Simply click the “MORE” link to see additional pictures that I have taken, that I have always considered favorites, or sum up the type of scene I have described.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/31 at 07:16 PM

By Request, Men Being Spanked OTK by Women

spanking picture

In my past post about young men being spanking by the beautiful women of Women-Spanking-Men it has a comment that inquired as to if we have any pictures of the men being spanked over the knee.  My answer, is of course I do.  He also wanted to know about what former spanking models served the role of the spanker at Women-Spanking-Men.  Off the top of my head, I believe spanking models turned spanker for this site include Jessica, Brandi, Cindy, Kailee, Jasmine, Claire, Monica, and Betty.  Plus of course you have Miss J, Lady D, and Ms Burns, and while they are for the most part just spankers on the site, all of them have also been spanked for scenes on

My philosophy when hiring spankers is that you can’t spank until you have been on the other side first.  While some people like Ms. Burns came to us with tons of experience, that is not the case for everyone.  Lady D went through a quite lengthy apprenticeship under the hands of Miss J before she was ever allowed to spank, and clearly she rose to become the best in the business.  There are even a few videos on Women-Spanking-Men in which you can watch Miss J or Lady D training a model to spank while it was all being filmed.  As for the last question posed by the comments to the previous post, who spanks you at Women-Spanking-Men is not always up to you, but you can certainly express a preference.

For those of you have who have previously sent a request to be spanked, you should know that Miss J has been hard at work over the past couple of weeks sorting through those applications.  If you would like to reapply to be in a scene, please resubmit your form from the site.  Miss J is now reviewing all requests personally and starting to line up new guys to be spanked in the new studio.

In an attempt to keep this page loading faster, more of the pictures that accompany each post will be in the extended version of the post.  Just click the “MORE” link below for a few more pictures of the males being spanked otk by the ladies of Women-Spanking-Men.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/31 at 10:21 AM

[ Saturday, March 29, 2008 ]

Spanking, MySpace, You Tube, etc.

When it comes to anything spanking, I have always considered myself somewhat of an innovator.  Believe it or not, we created the first spanking message board back in 1996, but the technology sucked and we gave up on shortly after.  We also created the first spanking top 100 list, had the first spanking webring, and also developed the first all spanking search engine.  Some of these things stayed around, some were written off as bad ideas, or too much work.

As you know I had taken a little break from the spanking world over the last couple of years, but it went much beyond that, I really took a break from technology.  I had a computer that went months before I ever bothered with an Internet connection, I quit carrying a cell phone, decided that we no longer needed cable TV, and I even quit reading or watching the news.  During that time period, clearly a lot has changed on the web as well as the world. 

Luckily, Mr. G is Mr. technology and is always looking forward.  It is his forward thinking that allowed things like Fetish Tube to become a reality.  Now that I am trying to catch up, I am trying to figure out this whole MySpace phenomenon.  I am not quite sure the point or what it is really all about, but a few weeks ago I setup a MySpace page, hoping that at least a few lost spanking souls would track me down.  I am embarrassed to say that my MySpace friend’s list consists of one person, which I was given when I created the account.  So, if you live in this alternate MySpace universe that I am clearly a Martian in, drop by my page and at least invite to be a in your friend’s network.  I feel like a band geek at my first dance every time I check the page.  My my space page is HERE and as far as I can tell, my MySpace username is Michael Masterson.  Now if someone can tell me what the hell I am supposed to be doing with this page it would be greatly appreciated.  Currently it seems to be just a waste of space.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/29 at 04:34 PM

Unusual marks from a hard school type paddling

I was just posting on a thread at the World Spanking Forum in which Kailee, who has modeled on just about all of our sites was discussing the hardest spankings she has ever received.  One scene in particular she mentioned was a paddling that I gave her, in which I actually had to go and find a bigger paddle because she was being such a wise ass.  You can read the long version of this story HERE.  But I thought I would make a point regarding the pictures that I included and will post again below.  It is really amazing the influence that clothes have on the marks from a spanking.  This scene was as intense of a school type paddling that I have even applied (on camera at least) and from watching the video (members area at you would think that her entire butt would be one giant bruise.  But if you look at the bare bottom pictures taken after the paddling was done, you will see a few strange stripes in which there is no bruising.  If you compare the stripes to the pants she was wearing, you can see that the thickness of the seams that stitch her pockets to her jeans actually provided some extra padding and left that area unmarked.  I have not seen this too much, but the effects were clear after this very severe paddling. 

spanking picture

spanking picture

Both images come from the video “Brandi and Kailee Spanked Pt. 2” in the member’s area of

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/29 at 01:48 PM

[ Friday, March 28, 2008 ]

Caning pics that relate to the post below.

Alright, now you all will be confused.  Read the post directly below this one and then come back up here.  I was mentioning below that Holly from who is the model in the caning video below, really liked to have her butt bruised during a spanking.  On occasion after a real good punishment from one of us, she would come back to the studio for the next couple of days to just show off her marks.  Honestly, I never quite cared for marking anyone quite as much as she liked to be, but it was her thing.  After one particular caning (not the one in the video below) when she came back to show off her bruises we snapped a couple of pictures.  I will include pictures taken during the caning and then pictures from 48 hours later.  Please remember that the intensity and severity of her scenes were always by request.  She is the only model to ask for the “hardest caning I have ever given”...actually I believe I may have heard those words come out of Monica’s mouth as well.  Either way, the pics are a little graphic for my front page, so click the “MORE” link below for the pictures.  For you Realspankings members out there that have not watched the caning video that led to these marks.  It is from the April 18th, 2003 video labeled “Holly’s Severe Caning” which you should easily be able to find in the member’s area.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 09:44 PM

Holly’s Severe Caning

For those of you who are not aware, Holly from is one of those rare models who actually seems to enjoy pain.  Even more than pain, she likes marks.  There are very few models who want to leave after a day of shooting with their bottoms as black and blue as possible.  Holly was also quite fun in that she loved to show up each day for a few days after each shoot to show us how her marks had progressed.  One day, after a long day of shooting scenes for she expressed an interest to watch herself getting caned.  D and I spent a little time hooking up monitors and different cameras to grant her her wish.  It was quite brave considering how bruised her butt was before the caning ever started.  Her bottom has just about the best bounce I have ever seen during a caning and we may just have to go back and do a few slow motion videos of her various intense canings.

Personally, I hate this scene because it is filmed with far too much of me talking and I hate to hear myself on film.  But it was a very different scene and one that she would have done for free just so she could watch a close up of her poor ass being caned.  I will try and track down some of the old photos that we took of Holly one day when she came in two days after a different severe caning.  But for now, here is a clip from presented to you by the all free Fetish Tube Site. Enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 09:15 PM

Crazy looking blog?

As I stated in a previous post, I am learning some new coding that was previously foreign to me.  This blog was built you using basic templates with much of it being defined by CSS.  I am attempting to do some customizing of the blog and will be messing with the style sheets today.  So, if you just logged into the blog and it looks like a drunken webmaster got a hold of it, I am just playing with some settings and in a few hours it will all look normal again.  Everything should still function correctly, but some of the changes can only be viewed live, so bear with me for a few hours.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 01:13 PM

[ Thursday, March 27, 2008 ]

Updated post

The post I did earlier today about Ed Lee included a fun sailing story in which the model Debbie received two separate, and very real disciplinary spankings while sailing with Ed and Alyse to Hawaii.  I did not have a good picture to provide of the two of them together to help us visualize the scene of Debbie getting her bottom blistered by Alyse, but luckily Ed read the post and sent me a picture similar to the event that actually took place.  You can now read the extended version of the “Roots, origins, and mentors” post below with the picture that Ed provided.  Thanks Ed, something tells me I will fall asleep tonight with new ocean fantasies.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/27 at 09:26 PM

Comment issues

I just tried to reply to a comment posted by Razor, in the comments section of the post.  It was my first attempt to reply to a comment and it told me to type the word that I saw below, problem was, there was no word to type.  I have disabled this feature, so if you have had problems posting comments, it should be fixed now.  No membership needed, no e-mail address needs to be provided, you should now just be able to comment.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/27 at 03:34 PM

Roots, origins, and mentors


Photo Credit Nu-West Leda

Everyone gets there start somewhere and with our site we get a lot of credit for sort of redefining spanking sites on the web.  When we launched the site in 1997, there was no one creating spanking content exclusively for the web.  There were a few companies like the old Magnum videos that had already begun converting their VHS tapes to online clips, but I do believe we were the first to do it just for the web.  If anyone knows any differently please provide me with the evidence so I can quit making this claim.  I feel that we paved the way for a lot of modern spanking producers such as Spanking Online, Girls Boarding School, and Firm Hand Spanking.

It is not that we redefined a genre, but in the 90’s most sites featured only pirated content and typically were just looking to rip you off.  I feel that we set the standard for true customer service, updates when promised, and exclusive content filmed for the web.  But on that note, everything that we were was clearly due to those that paved the road for us.  The truth is, I had a mentor when it came to producing spanking content.  Traditionally, a mentor is someone who takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes of their particular skill set.  For myself, I never actually met or communicated with my mentor until many years later, but that does not mean this person was still not my mentor.  Quite simply, this person is Ed Lee, of Nu-West Leda.  It was his style of making spanking videos that I decided I wanted to emulate.  A few years back I did a post on Ed, that discusses a lot of his work in detail, which you can view HERE.  But in that post I never really gave as much credit that is certainly due.  There is no doubt that the model for the type of scenes I wanted to produce for was based on the movies from Nu-West.  There is also no doubt that the foundation for Women-Spanking-Men was based on his collection of LEDA titles. 

It goes even beyond that.  Clearly has strong influences from some of Ed’s early works such as “Reform School Girls” and his series of at least seven different videos “Corporal Punishment in Women’s Institutions”, as well as “School for Wayward Girls”.  The “Punishment Profiles” series that we do with each new model at is a very popular feature because everyone gets to watch a candid interview with the model and watch her receive her first spanking without any scripting or acting.  But, I can’t take credit for inventing this whole concept, Ed was doing this with his “Nu-West Screen Tests” probably before I even had a drivers license.  We quickly learned one of the easiest ways to hire reliable employees for full-time employment and office work in our business, was to offer positions to the more educated and reliable models.  Hell, I I am not even sure if there is anyone that works for Ed that didn’t start as a model.  To add realistic discipline scenarios to many of our sites, we actually spanked some employees for things they did wrong at work (obviously consensual, but real spankings for real infractions none the less).  I would love to say that I invented this concept, but once again there are videos out there such as “More Company Discipline” that predate the whole concept of the Internet.

His influences extend far beyond my own work, and I feel had influences on the entire porn industry.  It took traditional sex producers until the 90’s to figure out that you can create an adult film without a storyline.  While Ed has always produced a mixture of both, I know of no other adult related filmmaker, prior to the 90’s that would simply just film the action that everyone wants to see without all of the silly acting.  Now, if you go to an adult video store you have to search long and hard to find any video that has a story to it.  Quite simply, in many ways Ed set the standards that are currently be used, and set them more than 20 years ago.  As I stated above, you can view my previous post with a little more details about his various products and some classic pictures HERE.  You should know that since I made that post Ed now offers PPV Options and Downloadable Videos.  As I recall from a previous post he made (I can no longer find the link), that they were exploring a way for you to download the video, then burn to DVD for use on your standard DVD player connected to your TV.  Seems like a great was to build up your Nu-West collection without having to order through the mail

If you think this link is about revshare, or getting paid for people buying his videos by linking to his sites from here, you are dead wrong.  Ed does not have any profit sharing or revshare programs for webmasters, he is able to do it all himself.  This post is about paying an honest tribute to the person who influenced just about everything I have ever done once the record button was pressed on the camera.

For a few private stories and personal accounts regarding Ed Lee and some of my early uses of his content, click the more link below, for the full version of this blog post with a few extra details.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/27 at 12:05 PM
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