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Holly’s Severe Caning

For those of you who are not aware, Holly from is one of those rare models who actually seems to enjoy pain.  Even more than pain, she likes marks.  There are very few models who want to leave after a day of shooting with their bottoms as black and blue as possible.  Holly was also quite fun in that she loved to show up each day for a few days after each shoot to show us how her marks had progressed.  One day, after a long day of shooting scenes for she expressed an interest to watch herself getting caned.  D and I spent a little time hooking up monitors and different cameras to grant her her wish.  It was quite brave considering how bruised her butt was before the caning ever started.  Her bottom has just about the best bounce I have ever seen during a caning and we may just have to go back and do a few slow motion videos of her various intense canings.

Personally, I hate this scene because it is filmed with far too much of me talking and I hate to hear myself on film.  But it was a very different scene and one that she would have done for free just so she could watch a close up of her poor ass being caned.  I will try and track down some of the old photos that we took of Holly one day when she came in two days after a different severe caning.  But for now, here is a clip from presented to you by the all free Fetish Tube Site. Enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 09:15 PM


Thanks, Michael; that brings back fond memories. Holly was one of your great early models, because she was crazy (in a good way) and ready to try anything. She was definitely a "bad girl" -- with her tatts and piercings and never-the-same-color-twice-in-a-row hair, I never found her convincing as a cheerleader, say -- but she was cheerful and courageous.

I remember this scene well, and the follow-up pictures you mentioned. Until that shoot, I never realized that cane welts turn into bruises the next day, almost as dark as from a paddling.

I also remember the controversy -- silly in retrospect -- when a fan spotted what he was sure were track marks on one of Holly's arms, and accused the studio of hiring a drug addict, and possibly of shooting scenes while she was high, and thus able to endure more punishment. It turned out that Holly had tried to give herself a home-done tattoo, using a ballpoint pen or something, and the "tracks" were the result. (And that really did sound like something she'd have done.) But it gave you an opportunity to make clear your policy against hiring addicts, and against allowing anyone to do a scene while under the influence.

So thank you, Holly, and wherever you are, I hope you're doing well.
Posted by Michael -- but NOT Michael Masterson  on  03/28  at  10:17 PM | #
A question -- my posts are divided into paragraphs when I post them, but the paragraph divisions disappear when the posts are displayed. Is there a special code we should use for paragraph break (besides just two returns)?
Posted by Michael -- but NOT Michael Masterson  on  03/28  at  10:21 PM | #
Yes, this is definitely one of the most interesting canings I have ever witnessed. It was not so much as a punishment but a personal request. Holly has convinced me you can get off on the spanking scene, no matter how intense it gets.

Thank you Michael!

Posted by  on  03/30  at  04:45 PM | #

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