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[ Thursday, July 18, 2013 ]

A severe OTK bare bottom hair brush spanking from dad

It seems as though it was a fairly common occurrence in the 50’s, a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.  There are very few implements that really hurt as much, or leave as long lasting of an impression.  The pain is intense and very specific, and if a proper wooden hairbrush is used, every single smack leaves a bruise instantly.  In as few as 20 smacks, a young lady’s entire bottom can be completely marked.  The main benefit to a hairbrush spanking is the long lasting results.  Sure, after a particularly hard strapping the naughty young lady might be a little sore the next morning, but it in no way compares to a severe spanking with a brush.  The naughty girl in question soon realizes when she gets out of bed the morning, after her bottom was spanked with a brush that her punishment is just beginning.  Basic tasks such as sitting, walking, and even standing become quite painful, as any movement of her body causes her poor bottom to ache.  If it was a proper spanking, she will feel the results for as many as five days.

Punishments like this are rare in spanking videos.  Most models cannot handle such an intense punishment and are generally not willing to feel the results for so many days after the video has been filmed.  I do no occasion find the rare model that is willing to endure such a punishment.  Miss Lila and I had talked about giving her the spanking of her life on many occasions and one day we finally decided to make it happen.  She wanted to receive a very traditional hairbrush spanking, just like teen girls received in the 50’s.  She was clear that she wanted a “father/daughter” type of scene and wanted to be OTK.  It is truly as hard as I have ever spanked on camera, and it left her with a very bruised and sore bottom for more than a week.

Below is an animation from that very scene, one in which we filmed without a safeword.  She wanted to give up all control and to know what it was really like in the days when the rod was rarely spared.  This video is available on demand HERE.

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/18 at 02:03 PM

[ Monday, July 08, 2013 ]

Using a switch for real corporal punishment.

The use of a switch for the application of corporal punishment has been used for generations throughout the world.  This traditional is still alive and well in many parts of our country, especially in the Southern states. Part of this time honored tradition involves sending the naughty young man or young lady out to pick their own switch.  It leaves them with a tough decision as they have to look at the bush and choose the exact implement that they know will be used on them.  But it adds a real sense of ownership to their punishment as they become an active participant in their own discipline.  Most have been warned that if they choose a switch that is ineffective, that one will be selected for them.

spanking picture

The next step once they have selected the switch is to clean it.  They get to know their punishment implement very well as they peel off ever little twig and leaf that is still attached to it.  The process of selecting and cleaning a switch, or 2-3 switches for a longer punishment, can take as long as 20-30 minutes, which allows a lot of time to reflect on what they did.  With every leaf peeled off of the switch all they can focus on is how bad it is going to hurt when it hits their bottom.

spanking picture

Because a switch is so thin and light, it is traditionally applied on a bare bottom.  It does not have the weight and thud that a cane does, so it serves very little purpose to be used over clothing.  The last step in the process before a switching takes place is for the pants and panties to come down. 

spanking picture

Once the bottom is bared and she is in the proper position for her switching it begins.  Anyone who has ever felt a switch will tell you that it has a burning sting like no other implement out there.  A switch is small and light enough that it creates very little resistance when traveling through the air, and as a result it travels at a very high velocity.  The sting created is very specific to a small area and the part of the bottom that it makes contact with burns like a bee sting. 

spanking picture

As a result of the small area that is made contact with during a switching, it takes a while to cover an entire bottom.  There are very few parents and disciplinarians that see a spanking as over until the entire bottom has been spanked.  When a switch is used, this can take quite some time, and involve many more strokes that a spanking with a typical implement like a belt, paddle, or wooden spoon.  With a belt, the entire bottom can be covered in less than 20 strokes, but with a switch, it can take as many as 50-60 to stripe the entire bottom of the offending young lady.

spanking picture

Because a switch is such a lightweight implement and creates no safety concerns when it comes to striking muscles or bones, it is quite common for a switching to include the back of the thighs.  For many who are spanked with a switch, it is common for the spanker to start at the top of the butt and stripe all the way down the very bottom of the thighs and then back up again.  The severity of their offense determines how many trips up and down that will be made.  There are many naughty young ladies out there who have bent over for 4-5 such trips to be made. The marks are quite unique and very visible for quite some time.  A switch leaves a nicely raised welt every time it hits.  There are very few implements that leave such a distinct mark.

spanking picture

With it now being summertime, it is switching season again at and I have been sending many young ladies out to pick a switch.  This post is illustrated with the latest switching update to the member’s area of in which Miss Ivy has gotten in trouble at school and as a result, is also in trouble at home.  Her friend is staying with her for the week, so she is present to not only witness the punishment, but to help with the process.  Ivy and Syrena are sent to the yard with a pair of scissors, to select 2 switches to be used for Ivy’s punishment.  After they each clean a switch, he gets to work striping Ivy’s bottom.  He works hard enough with the punishment that he wears the 1st switch completely out.  He moves on to the second switch and gets right back to work.  Every inch of her bottom and the tops of her thighs are set on fire, teaching her a very real lesson.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/08 at 02:51 PM

[ Tuesday, July 02, 2013 ]

A real witnessed spanking

I have spoken on many occasions that I do not think that corporal punishment is an effective form of discipline for children.  Yes, for many of us, our spanking fantasies are deeply rooted in childhood experiences and there is often a childlike dynamic in a lot of spanking fantasies and adult spanking role play (read my long article from the past if you want my full feelings on this subject).  With that in mind, I do need to share a unique experience from this past weekend.

I was at the waterpark with my own kids and we spent the morning riding all the rides and such.  After lunch they wanted to head out on their own and we agreed to meet in two hours.  It was 100 degrees and I was feeling it, so I went to the car and cranked up the AC and turned on NPR.  I had the window cracked to make sure that I had some fresh air and lowered the back of my seat and just relaxed in the cool air.  From across the parking lot I saw a mom with her older teen daughter (I am guessing 16-17 years old) walking across the parking lot and I could tell by their body language that something was up.  As they got closer to my vehicle I could hear the mom, not quite yelling, but using a raised and angry voice.  They ended up two vehicles to the left of me on the same row and stopped at a minivan.  The girl was protesting hard, and what she was basically saying in various ways was “please mom, not here”.  Even though we are not talking about consensual adult spanking, I am a spanko, and as soon as I heard her pleading, my heart rate increased and it seemed to me that a spanking might take place.  Her mom opened the back of the minivan and began to dig around in the back, with the girl still pleading for it to wait until later.  Well my question as to what this was all about was quickly answered as the mom came from the back of the van, with a small plastic hairbrush in her hand.  This was not a typical spanking brush, it was small and plastic, the kind that every one of us probably owns.  She opened the side door of the minivan and sat on the middle bench seat.  She told her daughter to get in and get over.  The girl pleaded yet again, “no mom, not here” in which the mom told her “get in here now or you will get it at home too”.  It was clear the girl was horribly embarrassed, but she did what she was told.

It was not your typical OTK that we all think of in our minds.  The girl half laid over her mom’s lap, with the front half of her body on the bench seat that her mom was sitting on and her legs hanging out of the open door of the van a bit.  At this point, the radio is turned off in my car and the air all the way down so I could hear better.  I lowered the back of my seat more and tried to become invisible, but I still had a decent view through the glass of the car to my left.  The mother pulled the girl’s bikini bottoms up into the girls butt crack and started spanking the girl with the little brush.  For a tiny plastic brush it made a hell of a lot of noise.  She spanked hard and fast and the girl handled it pretty well.  She squirmed a little but I did not hear any sounds other than the brush.  The whole spanking lasted less than a minute and I would guess that the girl got 30-40 smacks with the little brush.  Her mom told her to get up and she hopped out of the van and pulled her bikini bottoms out of her butt crack.  Her mom put away the brush and closed up the van and then they started walking back to the park.  The got about 50 feet from our vehicles and then they turned around and came back.  The mom was once again digging around in the back of the van and I thought for sure they were about to repeat the process.  Instead, her mom produced a pair of shorts from the van and told her daughter to put them on.  I am guessing that her recently spanked bottom was a little too visible in her bikini bottoms and her mom wanted to cover that up.  After she slipped on the shorts they walked back to the park and the whole thing was over.  I did see the girl in the park later that day, still wearing the shorts, and she was splashing and having fun in the wave pool, with a small group of girls, like nothing had happened.

I am sharing this here because I witnessed a very unique thing and I just needed to tell someone, or a million or so someone’s as is the case here on my blog.  Honestly, I have not witnessed a real spanking since I was around 14.  The situation was unique in so many ways.  The first I think was the fact that this is Colorado, not a State in the Deep South where something like this is more common.  Obviously, the fact that this was a semi-public spanking made it also very unusual.  The girl’s age and beauty also added to the dynamic of the situation.  While this girl was not an adult, she was not a child and I would bet that there is a good chance that she had a driver’s license.  This was a fully developed, very pretty girl, and never in a million years, had I seen her an hour before in the water park walking around in her little bikini, would I have ever guessed that she was still spanked at home.  The fact that her mom took the time to find a makeshift implement to spank her daughter with made me wonder what she was actually spanked with at home.  I was left with the thought that the little brush was probably a bit lighter than what she was used to.  The other aspect was the whole OTK thing.  It was clear; this was not a unique experience for the girl.  Her mother did not give her specific details as to what position to get in.  It was clear that she knew exactly what to do and that being spanked over her mom’s knee was not an uncommon occurrence. I liked that it was not abusive, it was not mean, and it seemed like a pretty proper spanking.  I do however wish I knew what she had received a spanking for.

The whole thing did leave me a little conflicted with my thoughts.  I did not eroticize the experience and did not find it sexually exciting in any way. It certainly got my heart racing and there was no way I was going to turn away and not watch.  This was a girl who was probably just under the age of 18 and I did find myself staring at her teen butt with her bikini wedgie while she was being spanked.  I think the main appeal was that this was real and I was there.  This was not role play, this was not adult spanking fun, this was a very real spanking administered by an angry mom.  I have seen the real spankings on the Internet, like the judge, or the black dad beating his daughters with an electrical cord, and that is just pure abuse.  This was a teen girl getting spanked, in a manner that I think we as adults fantasize about and try and bring into our own spanking lives.  At the heart of it all, we have a girl who committed some sort of infraction that warranted a spanking in the eyes of the person charged with such a task.  She was taken to a fairly private place and her little butt was spanked reasonably hard and was left glowing red, but not bruised as a far as I could tell from that distance.  It was a little embarrassing for her, there is no doubt that it hurt, but was administered in an effective and non-abusive manner.  Assuming that the punishment fit the crime, it is as proper of a spanking I have ever witnessed, regardless of the age of the girl being spanked.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/02 at 10:44 AM
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