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[ Monday, December 18, 2006 ]

Spanking hairbrush


We have always bought our hairbrushes for spanking from the Vermont country store.  Recently I received a catalogue in the mail that featured classic hairbrushes from Kent, an English company that has been making traditional hairbrushes for more than 200 years.  They seem to have three that are well suited for spanking purposes, the “firm bristle”, the “extra soft”, and the “bath bat”.  All seem to be solid wood and thick, making them ideal for a bottom blistering that will be remembered for days to come.  You can visit the site HERE. I have placed an order for all three, so I will let you know their effectiveness as disciplinary implements in the future.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/18 at 10:46 AM

[ Sunday, December 17, 2006 ]

More big paddles and little butts




Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/17 at 05:30 PM

Blog Upgrades

I have spent the last week upgrading the blog software in preparation for some new features.  In addition, I have moved the blog to one of my higher speed and larger capacity servers.  While the transition should be seamless to all of you, there may be a bug here and there while we finish things up.  Thanks for your patience as we prepare to take the blog to the next level.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/17 at 04:32 PM

[ Thursday, December 07, 2006 ]

Japanese Face Slapping

Honestly, I am not sure what I think about this video.  It quickly caught my attention, but may be a little much...I haven’t decided yet.  Either way, it is the most serious face slapping I have ever seen applied to females.  The first Japanese schoolgirl is just so young and too cute, that the punishment aspect is exciting, but it really makes me want to kick the crap out of the guy slapping her face so hard.  Either way, this is the most authentic slapping punishment video I have ever seen so I felt I had to share.  Does anyone know where this clip comes from?

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/07 at 12:29 PM

Lined up for the paddle

Does anyone have any more pictures that match this one?  The caption read “at some point during the night, we thought it might be fun to get paddled”.  Unfortunately, this was the only one that really showed anything.  There are at least five sorority girls waiting for the board and I find it extra exciting that most of them are holding hands.  I am hoping the action was caught by a different camera and someone may have these pictures.  If you think you have a match, please e-mail me and I will trade you a site membership for an action photo of these young ladies feeling the sting of the paddle.



Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/07 at 12:21 PM

Big Paddle, Little Butt

This may be the largest sorority paddle I have ever seen.  No wonder someone is holding her in place for her paddling, her tiny ass in those tight jeans is going to be feeling those swats for a very long time.



Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/07 at 12:11 PM

School corporal punishment and the use of the paddle.



Clearly, I have somewhat of a fascination with school corporal punishment, especially the use of the paddle.  But, I still do not believe that children should be spanked under any circumstances.  I have dealt with the conflict of my attraction to this type of content and my opposition to its use in a previous post.  As a result of this fascination, I created the “School Swats” series on  Previously I discussed this series in detail in an older post.

It has been a while since I discussed it so I thought I would bring you up to date.  School swats is a series in which we do a candid interview with models and discuss any previous experience they have with being paddled at school.  While most did not grow up in a state that allowed it, there are certainly some surprising and very detailed accounts of young ladies presenting their bottoms to a school administrator for a hard paddling.  After their interview the model bends over, fully clothed, and takes ten swats from a school type paddle.  The paddlings are given in a very realistic manner, trying to recreate actual school paddlings as they are actually given.  We have done our best to recreate the most common positions, with the young ladies bending over a desk, hands on a chair, hands on knees, and grabbing their ankles.  We have also explored various states of dress with paddlings administered over jeans, thin cotton pants, dresses, and skirts.  After their paddling, the young lady bares her bottom while we see the results of a real school type paddling.  After the paddling and inspection of her bottom, the model speaks candidly about how much it hurt, how she would have felt about receiving that type of punishment in school, as well as if she feels that it would have served as a deterrent for bad behavior.  For the models who received school corporal punishment growing up, they discuss how realistically they feel our paddling was and how it compared to what they actually endured.

The most common thread between all of the paddlings that we administered for this series is the marks.  Keep in mind that for most of the scenes we use a paddle that I feel is a bit small by school standards.  The paddles that I saw in the schools I attended were a little longer and quite a bit thicker.  Knowing how common school paddling was, and still is in many states, I am not surprised at the amount of lawsuits we read about in the news regarding school paddlings.  Our scenes demonstrate that even with a moderately sized paddle, applied at a similar severity to that of schools, leaves very deep bruising.  Only a couple of girls in the history of the series have walked away with anything less than giant purple bruises on both of their bottom cheeks.  As of today, there are 25 school swats videos on  In addition, we took it a little farther and began a “Bare School Swats” series that is exactly like the “School Swats” but the pants and panties some down.  We have also added a “school strokes” series that currently has 17 different scenes.  This is the exact same concept except a cane is used.  Some of the scenes it is applied over jeans and in others it is bare.  I enjoy the scenes in which a model has participated in both series and is able to compare the effectiveness of the cane vs. the school paddle.

Today I will be adding a “School Swats Results” gallery to my Free Galleries where you can see the results of all of the school paddlings we have administered in this series.  Warning- this is about as hard of videos that we do and the results are often not pretty.  Please only visit this gallery is you are prepared to see bottoms as bruised and blistered as they get.  An interesting point to notice when viewing these results pics is the effect of clothing on the marks.  Clearly, the more layers, the less marks.  In almost all the pictures in which the girl was paddled while wearing jeans, you can see a diagonal line that crosses her bottom in which she is not bruised.  This is a result of the extra protection from the seam of her back pockets.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/07 at 10:03 AM

Spanking Model Profile- Macey



Occasionally, the spanking world is blessed with a woman of true beauty and for my sites we are lucky to have Macey.  For me she is the definition of natural beauty.  Her smile makes you melt, her breasts are naturally amazing, and did I mention her bottom...oh my!  As a man who likes a woman fully shaved, I must admit that she even makes full growth look more attractive than I thought possible.

Macey is a rare find in the online spanking world and she came to us a spanking virgin.  In her punishment profile on you will see her get naked and go over the knee for her first spanking ever.  She currently has two scenes with pictures and video on and additional four scenes on  You can access all of her scenes with one membership through  Click the “MORE” link below to view more images of amazing Macey.  One thing to note when looking at the pictures that I find amusing, is that her body is so amazing that in just about every picture in which whe is made to get naked, even the lady spankers can’t help but check out her body. 


Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/07 at 09:00 AM

[ Wednesday, December 06, 2006 ]

Classic Spanking Teen Jessica



When we first took our spanking productions out of the home and into our first studio it was quite exciting.  We finally had the resources to begin to produce the type of quality content I had always envisioned.  In the early days our models were limited, so it allowed a lot more time for each production.  In those days it was common to have a model for most of the day as we took our time really trying to set a tone for each production.  One the first models that we ever hired was clearly perfect for the job.  She came to us two days after her 18th birthday and was eager to help us produce the best content possible.  After just a couple of shoots it was clear that she needed to be hired full-time, which allowed us to begin producing content for

Jessica was a natural, and while her interests in spanking were limited at the time, her experience was not.  She grew up under very strict rules both at home and at school and corporal punishment was always used when she misbehaved.  While she had not explored spanking much as an adult, she knew that her tolerance to the harder stuff was already there.  Those early days with Jessica were a lot of fun, and we all spent a great deal of time trying to produce some of our best work.  Her insight and personal experience with being spanked added a lot to the scenes and helped us to create content with a very real domestic feel.

From those early days, some of my favorite pictures of all time were taken.  Even though we had limited equipment, limited skills with the camera, we had a lot of fresh ideas for how we thought scenes should look.  The pictures from this time period are not technically as good in quality or composition as our later work, but the pictures really told a story.  For me, some of my favorite spanking photos of all time come from the early works of Janus and Kane.  I have always found the best spanking photos to be ones that can stand entirely on their own.  While we always shoot large sets of photos to take the viewer through a scene, I feel some of the best pictures I have ever taken can be presented by themselves and still tell most of the story.  Anything that is not told through the picture is often best left to the imagination of the viewer.

So today I present to you a sample of some classic pictures from that, for one reason or another, represent some of my favorites.  A final little tidbit that I do not know if I have shared before that adds a little to picture number six, is that this is one of the few spanking Jessica received in her own bedroom.  This shoot was taken in her first apartment, just a few months after leaving her parents house.  So if you ever imagined poor Jessica getting her bottom spanked in her real bedroom, here you go.  All pictures and the videos to go with each scene can be viewed at

Click the “MORE? link for the complete classic Jessica gallery.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/06 at 04:43 PM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites

[ Monday, December 04, 2006 ]

Schoolgirl Paddling

I have always liked the spanking pictures that lend themselves to a realistic scenario.  While I took this picture many years ago, it has always been one of my favorites.  There is no bare butt, the camera is not all zoomed in, and you cannot see the expression on poor Tiffany’s face.  Instead, it has more of a voyeur quality in which you simply get a glimpse of how a paddling in the school setting is really administered.  I also like the intense look on Dee’s face as she puts everything she has into the swing.  From



Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/04 at 06:47 AM
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