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Roots, origins, and mentors


Photo Credit Nu-West Leda

Everyone gets there start somewhere and with our site we get a lot of credit for sort of redefining spanking sites on the web.  When we launched the site in 1997, there was no one creating spanking content exclusively for the web.  There were a few companies like the old Magnum videos that had already begun converting their VHS tapes to online clips, but I do believe we were the first to do it just for the web.  If anyone knows any differently please provide me with the evidence so I can quit making this claim.  I feel that we paved the way for a lot of modern spanking producers such as Spanking Online, Girls Boarding School, and Firm Hand Spanking.

It is not that we redefined a genre, but in the 90’s most sites featured only pirated content and typically were just looking to rip you off.  I feel that we set the standard for true customer service, updates when promised, and exclusive content filmed for the web.  But on that note, everything that we were was clearly due to those that paved the road for us.  The truth is, I had a mentor when it came to producing spanking content.  Traditionally, a mentor is someone who takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes of their particular skill set.  For myself, I never actually met or communicated with my mentor until many years later, but that does not mean this person was still not my mentor.  Quite simply, this person is Ed Lee, of Nu-West Leda.  It was his style of making spanking videos that I decided I wanted to emulate.  A few years back I did a post on Ed, that discusses a lot of his work in detail, which you can view HERE.  But in that post I never really gave as much credit that is certainly due.  There is no doubt that the model for the type of scenes I wanted to produce for was based on the movies from Nu-West.  There is also no doubt that the foundation for Women-Spanking-Men was based on his collection of LEDA titles. 

It goes even beyond that.  Clearly has strong influences from some of Ed’s early works such as “Reform School Girls” and his series of at least seven different videos “Corporal Punishment in Women’s Institutions”, as well as “School for Wayward Girls”.  The “Punishment Profiles” series that we do with each new model at is a very popular feature because everyone gets to watch a candid interview with the model and watch her receive her first spanking without any scripting or acting.  But, I can’t take credit for inventing this whole concept, Ed was doing this with his “Nu-West Screen Tests” probably before I even had a drivers license.  We quickly learned one of the easiest ways to hire reliable employees for full-time employment and office work in our business, was to offer positions to the more educated and reliable models.  Hell, I I am not even sure if there is anyone that works for Ed that didn’t start as a model.  To add realistic discipline scenarios to many of our sites, we actually spanked some employees for things they did wrong at work (obviously consensual, but real spankings for real infractions none the less).  I would love to say that I invented this concept, but once again there are videos out there such as “More Company Discipline” that predate the whole concept of the Internet.

His influences extend far beyond my own work, and I feel had influences on the entire porn industry.  It took traditional sex producers until the 90’s to figure out that you can create an adult film without a storyline.  While Ed has always produced a mixture of both, I know of no other adult related filmmaker, prior to the 90’s that would simply just film the action that everyone wants to see without all of the silly acting.  Now, if you go to an adult video store you have to search long and hard to find any video that has a story to it.  Quite simply, in many ways Ed set the standards that are currently be used, and set them more than 20 years ago.  As I stated above, you can view my previous post with a little more details about his various products and some classic pictures HERE.  You should know that since I made that post Ed now offers PPV Options and Downloadable Videos.  As I recall from a previous post he made (I can no longer find the link), that they were exploring a way for you to download the video, then burn to DVD for use on your standard DVD player connected to your TV.  Seems like a great was to build up your Nu-West collection without having to order through the mail

If you think this link is about revshare, or getting paid for people buying his videos by linking to his sites from here, you are dead wrong.  Ed does not have any profit sharing or revshare programs for webmasters, he is able to do it all himself.  This post is about paying an honest tribute to the person who influenced just about everything I have ever done once the record button was pressed on the camera.

For a few private stories and personal accounts regarding Ed Lee and some of my early uses of his content, click the more link below, for the full version of this blog post with a few extra details.


Just as most early webmasters getting their start, I used content that I did not produce for the galleries on my sites.  But I chose to take a different approach, I actually contacted the producers and asked for permission to use their content, with links back to their sites (if they had a site in those days).  One of the first people to grant me permission (though reluctantly at first) was Ed lee.  The picture above was one of the first I ever used and that scene has pretty much become a classic, and Debbie has achieved somewhat of a cult following in the last 20 years.  Ed now offers a “Best of Debbie” DVD available HERE.  The funniest part, is that his content is so authentic, that days after I posted this picture in a gallery, even with a link attached, I received an e-mail from a woman who was giving me 24 hours to remove the photo or she was going to report me to the FBI for posting real pictures of a child being spanked.  I had to educate her a little bit with a follow up e-mail, but it goes to show that if you like the looks of authentic home style discipline, Ed can deliver.

Now a personal account from Ed that he gave me permission to share with you all that relates to Debbie.  Ed and I have been catching up the last few days and for the first time ever we began to talk about something other than business.  As it turns out we both have a passion for the ocean and specifically sailboats.  He shared a great story and has been gracious enough to let me share it with all of you.  Back in the 80’s Ed decided to make a little ocean crossing and sail his boat from the west coast to Hawaii.  For those of you who are unaware, this is one hell of a trip and actually a voyage that takes you farther from land than almost anywhere else in the world.  Even more bold was the fact that he was doing it in a 28 foot boat, that by today’s standard would be considered a “day sailor” and not a serious “blue water” boat.  All captains need a crew, so Ed choose two models to accompany him on the trip, Debbie from the pictures above and the ever popular Alyse.  It seems that all was well as they headed West, but as you get farther from California and the land begins to disappear, the sometimes shallow water ends and you leave what is considered somewhat of a “coastal ledge”.  The dangers and hazards of sailing become much more apparent when it becomes a true blue water experience and it was far more than Debbie could handle.  Apparently she no longer wanted to go to Hawaii and just wanted to go home.  Her constant complaining became such an annoyance that Alyse finally took her below deck, and in Ed’s words, “spanked her until her teeth shook”.  After her punishment, she came up and began yelling at Ed again, threatened to sue him, and demanded that he call the Coast Guard.  This was too much for Alyse, so she dragged Debbie back below deck and gave her the spanking of her life.  After that, all was well and 27 days later they were in Hawaii.  I guess it goes to show that one spanking is not always enough to eliminated the undesired behavior.  I do not have a picture of Alyse handy, but when I track one down, I will post it to better complete the visual imagery of what sounds like a great little sailing trip.

It seems that Ed Lee was reading my blog and decided to provide a photo of Alyse spanking Debbie to help us with the visual imagery from their little sailing adventure.  Use your imagination and picture both of the women in swimsuits, the bedroom being the cabin of a tiny sailboat, everything leaning 15 degrees to one direction, and all of the supplies being suspended from hammocks attached to the ceiling.  Based on Ed’s description of the events, the facial expressions seem dead on.  Alyse was indeed angry at Debbie, and Debbie was not at all happy about being spanked.  I just love to hear accounts of real discipline between adults, although in this case, I do not get the sense that it was consensual.  It seems more like Debbie was acting like a little brat, wasn’t getting her way, and threw a temper tantrum that earned her not one, but two separate and very real punishment spankings.  Here is a picture of the two women in action.

spanking picture

Thanks Ed for helping to fuel our fantasies from a very real spanking.

A final note for all of you webmasters and bloggers out there.  Do not use Nu-West/Leda’s content without permission.  Ed has a team of lawyers and takes his copyrights very seriously.  Post his stuff and you can count on a phone call from him personally, a letter from his lawyer, and a report being filed with the Justice department for your violation of US 2257.  If you live in the Western half of the US, he may just show up at your door and kick your ass.  You have been warned.

Thanks to Ed and the entire gang at Nu-West/Leda for decades worth of spanking content.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/27 at 12:05 PM


Hmm, that was interesting; I just wrote a 2500 character comment, went to Preview it, and was informed of a 1000 character limit; when I came back to shorten the post or cut it into pieces, it was gone. I'm not going to try to recreate it. 1000 characters, everyone -- be warned.

The gist of my post was, I liked Debbie too. But I went into more detail the first time.
Posted by Michael -- but NOT Michael Masterson  on  03/27  at  04:01 PM | #
Ok, 2500 characters it is, I have update the system settings per your request and you can now write 2500 character comments.
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  03/27  at  04:37 PM | #
After Michael went to that trouble, I feel I should re-create my lost post. Which I can't. But I'll try.

Nu-West's Debbie was the first spanking model I fell in love with when I got online in 1997, from stills such as the ones shown above, on sites full of pirated content (but at the time, I didn't know the difference). It was a treat to find a series of stills from the same scene; once in a great while I'd come across a short video clip from a Debbie scene, and spend hours downloading it on my dial-up connection, only to be frustrated at its brevity.

I bought the Best of Debbie tape (I assume it's the same scenes that are on the DVD), and was disappointed. To be fair, I think Ed Lee issued it only because of incessant requests from people like me who had become Debbie fans on the Internet. I don't think he was happy about the quality either. Her early scenes were on film, and in the transition to tape the sound was lost. Also, the early spankings look very fake (and by the time I bought the tape, I'd seen enough scenes to know the difference, and become pickier than in my early, grateful-for-anything days). I don't know how they got her bottom so red for the stills, but it wasn't from the swats we see on camera. Also, several of her best scenes apparently were "stills only" and are not on the tape (which still happens -- my favorite GBS model, Pony, apparently did only still sets, no video). On the positive side, the spankings became more convincing over time, as videotape took over (with sound!), until the last scene, the famous "Repent" strapping (in which Debbie is barely recognizable because she's not wearing her usual hair extensions) is harrowingly realistic.

Debbie is probably about my age, early to mid 50s. I wonder what the rest of her life has been like. I hope she's been happy; she certainly deserves it for all the enjoyment she brought to others.

As for the yacht story, I would not have guessed, and can barely credit, that Debbie and Alyse (who was one of her two main on-screen spankers) would have had a spanking relationship in real life. But Debbie MUST have been a "real life" spanko, because apparently she did NOT turn Alyse and Ed in to the police as soon as they reached land.

I'm a bit concerned that Ed Lee will read this post and take offense. I DO live in the western half of the US, and do NOT want to get my ass kicked, especially by someone with so much experience at it. No harm intended.
Posted by Michael -- but NOT Michael Masterson  on  03/27  at  10:52 PM | #
Know where I can get some higher res photos of Debbie?
Posted by  on  03/27  at  10:56 PM | #
It was her reactions that made Debbie so popular. It didn't seem to matter if it was a hairbrush or a hand spanking. She always made one hell of a fuss. She reacted like a real girl getting a real spanking. That's still not very common in spanking videos. Even Nu-west had way to many girls who would just lie there like a mannequin.
Posted by ChardT  on  03/28  at  04:12 AM | #
Michael- I would agree that some of the Debbie videos might be a little soft on the strokes, but there are certainly some in which she gets it really good. I do not think there was ever sound for anything that was originally done on 8mm, just music added later. For the record, top picture- there is a video for this, some strokes could be harder, but I would not consider anything about it fake. Second picture, probably the best photo series ever taken, I have not seen a video to with the stills. Bottom picture, sent to me by Ed, I am not sure what video, if there is one to go with it.

We also must remember that a lot of the early work from Nu-West was for magazines and not videos. I am also guilty of taking "promotional pictures" that did not ever really take place as a scene. Although, it is always done after the model's shoots, so any color you see on a butt is the real deal. I think any spanking producer actually appreciates honest reviews of their work, I know I always have.

Posted by Michael Masterson  on  03/28  at  08:03 AM | #
Anon- My suggestion would be to go to the source. Nu-West sells online picture packs at . I have always found that if you click any of their contact e-mail links with questions, you are quite likely to get a response to your question from Ed himself. I believe many of their old publications and catalogs are still available for sale throough their website.

Posted by Michael Masterson  on  03/28  at  08:11 AM | #
Hey Michael,
As another producer who wouldn't be in this biz if it wasn't for Ed Lee, I liked your article. It's funny, but I got hooked on NuWest vids because of Debbie too, but in my case it was because I had bought Debbie's Fantasies. I thought that movie was so hot I must have played it ninety times.
I remember you coming to at least one party at Palm Springs but I don't know if we talked.
I just have one wee comment about the website stuff, I'm pretty sure Shadow Lane was up and running in 1996 and while we didn't shoot video content specifically for the web, we did commission Tarsis illos, post original fiction and got our personals and bulletin board going pretty soon after getting the site up. I'm just saying.
Anyway, hope you make it to another party some day. Good luck!
Posted by Eve Howard  on  03/29  at  07:47 PM | #
Hi Eve,

Even funnier, is that I did not get hooked on Nu-West because of Debbie, it was because of you. Talk about a noisy young lady when having her bottom blistered. Thanks for more info on your early web presence, I try to never make claims that are not true.

Clearly you are very busy at your parties, I think we talked twice. Once when I got into the vendor room before anyone else and claimed the best table, which turned out to be yours grin and was quickly relocated. After the Saturday night party, we ran into each other in the hallway, as you were very lost trying to find the room number of a spanking date you were late for. I pointed you in the right direction, and showed amazing restraint by not just asking you to cancel that date and I would take care of the rest. I did however watch you up close and personal take an otk handspanking, with the same amount of bratiness you showed in the first spanking video I ever watched.

If you get the time, please send me an e-mail to and let me know if I can run a few things by you and the gang. I have a lot of new projects in the works, and you are on my to do list of people to call. Just let me know is this would be ok.

Michael Masterson
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  03/29  at  09:08 PM | #
As an outsider -- but as someone who's had the generous privilege of a fair amount of contact with both Michael and Eve -- AEG and Shadow Lane have always seemed to me like the yin and yang ("two opposing and, at the same time, complementary aspects of any one phenomenon") of spanking. Michael's primarily a top, Eve's primarily a bottom; Michael's primary orientation seems visual, Eve is strongly verbal; AEG scenes are improvised in one take, SL's are scripted with multiple takes; AEG does mostly short productions, SL does exclusively long productions; AEG focuses on asexual mentor-guardian relationships and institutional or quasi-institutional situations, SL stresses romantic or personal relationships; when AEG does a "stretch" away from its usual comfort zone, it's toward a dungeon scene, when SL does the same it's toward more sexual activity.

I don't think I'm the only spanking fan who's familiar with both enterprises and thinks of them as being like oil and water. Oil and water are both wonderful things, but they don't mix.

So any collaboration or cooperation or exchange of ideas between AEG and SL will either be a train wreck, or incredibly creative. I'll hold a good thought for the latter.

Or maybe I'm nuts and the differences are not what they seem to be.
Posted by Michael -- but NOT Michael Masterson  on  03/29  at  09:55 PM | #

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