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[ Wednesday, February 19, 2020 ]

Realistic Corporal Punishment in the Home -No Privacy

Now available at Spanking Library. Our very best selling videos are the ones in which corporal punishment is presented in a very realistic manner. The focus of this video is exactly that...young ladies presenting their bottoms for some well-earned discipline, but without the spanking being administered in the comfort of their room. Let’s face it, in the homes in which corporal punishment is utilized, not all spankings are administered in a private manner. It is not uncommon for a behavior to be addressed at the moment, and the location, that it occurs as a further warning for anyone else that happens to be present. This 90-minute video, with 21 different scenes, is all about realistic corporal punishment in the home, administered in a common part of the house. The punishments in this video are not playful in any way and they all feature intense spanking with the goal of changing a young lady’s behavior. These scenes demonstrate how corporal punishment is actually applied in real life, and feature the implements that you would expect to be used in the home environment. You will witness young ladies grabbing their ankles, bending over the couch, and going over the knee for a heavy dose of the hand, paddle, belt, strap, and wooden spoon. If you like realistic scenarios, for real life offenses, without all of the fantasy and role play, then this is the video for you. Each and every one of the young ladies in this video learns a very real lesson, leaving them with bruised and sore bottoms, often leading to tears.

Now available at Spanking Library.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/19 at 03:24 PM
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