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Spanking, MySpace, You Tube, etc.

When it comes to anything spanking, I have always considered myself somewhat of an innovator.  Believe it or not, we created the first spanking message board back in 1996, but the technology sucked and we gave up on shortly after.  We also created the first spanking top 100 list, had the first spanking webring, and also developed the first all spanking search engine.  Some of these things stayed around, some were written off as bad ideas, or too much work.

As you know I had taken a little break from the spanking world over the last couple of years, but it went much beyond that, I really took a break from technology.  I had a computer that went months before I ever bothered with an Internet connection, I quit carrying a cell phone, decided that we no longer needed cable TV, and I even quit reading or watching the news.  During that time period, clearly a lot has changed on the web as well as the world. 

Luckily, Mr. G is Mr. technology and is always looking forward.  It is his forward thinking that allowed things like Fetish Tube to become a reality.  Now that I am trying to catch up, I am trying to figure out this whole MySpace phenomenon.  I am not quite sure the point or what it is really all about, but a few weeks ago I setup a MySpace page, hoping that at least a few lost spanking souls would track me down.  I am embarrassed to say that my MySpace friend’s list consists of one person, which I was given when I created the account.  So, if you live in this alternate MySpace universe that I am clearly a Martian in, drop by my page and at least invite to be a in your friend’s network.  I feel like a band geek at my first dance every time I check the page.  My my space page is HERE and as far as I can tell, my MySpace username is Michael Masterson.  Now if someone can tell me what the hell I am supposed to be doing with this page it would be greatly appreciated.  Currently it seems to be just a waste of space.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/29 at 04:34 PM


Mr. M, be careful about who you link to on MySpace. I was once on there and some of them carry some really nasty viruses. One of them completely locked down my computer, ate every firewall I had. Fortunately, I have a tech geek brother who was able to recover it, mostly. My wife is still on there and says she doesn't have a problem as long as she knows who she invites or opens links from. Otherwise, I know that Erica Scott used to be on there and may still be. I saw a lot of unknowns into BDSM of all kinds, but they may have been pretenders. I moved over to facebook, which may be no better.
Posted by Raymond  on  03/30  at  07:16 AM | #
The first thought that comes to mind about Myspace is that they are exceedingly uptight about spanking pics and nudity in general. Any pics depicting a nude bottom arched over and sporting a few red marks will be deleted. Two other guys who also shoot for Shadow Lane and FirmHand, along with a number of ladies have had their pics removed because of the "Inherited Violence," that spanking and flogging produces and promotes.
Oh' don't ya just love such a dim witted point of view of one simple aspect of life?...and a bit of a controlling one at that.

I had one of these accounts as well, and my pics from various studios that I've shot for along with personal pics that my girlfriend and I have taken in private have been deleted. So to answer your question about what in the hell to do with this Myspace page???...I'd say close the account and just continue to update your blog here with your pics and thoughts in your own good time as you have been. You can do a helluva' lot more here and on WSF then you'll be able to on Myspace.

Thanks, Razor
Posted by  on  03/30  at  01:29 PM | #

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