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[ Thursday, May 21, 2015 ]

Spanking, Severity, and Real Life

I received a recent email that basically said that I was a douchebag that simply got off on beating defenseless women to tears.  His point was that I was ruining the spanking scene for many people out there as it is hard to get someone to want to be spanked, after they have seen any of my videos.  It is in his opinion, the severity of my videos is quite simply turning off potential women for him to spank. I thought I would run with this idea and further discuss my feelings on spanking and severity.

I fully understand that for many people, spanking is a fun and sexy little game that they like to play with someone close to them, and in a very sexual manner.  I get it, I understand, but there is no part of that which really turns me on.  I guess that is not fully true, as I am a man (an ass man at that), and any sort of access to a woman’s lovely bottom will always be exciting for me.  But fun, playful, pitty pat little spankings fall into the same category as rubbing, touching, and squeezing a lovely bottom.  But none of this plays at all into my fetish.

I have spent many years not only coming to grips with my fetish, but often trying to put this fetish into words for others to read.  It is difficult at best to try and explain all of the little dynamics that make spanking exciting to me, and I often fail miserably trying to put it into words.  To touch on the point the gentleman that wrote me was trying to say, for me it is not always about severity, it is about reality.  It is about the root of spanking, why it exists, and corporal punishment at its core.  When I was in elementary school and realized what a powerful effect spanking had on me, it had nothing to do with fun and playful spankings between consenting partners as a precursor to a sexual act.  It had everything to do with how I felt when I realized the cute little girl next door would get her bottom spanked with a wooden spoon when she was naughty.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/21 at 12:44 PM

[ Tuesday, May 19, 2015 ]

New Model Bobbi

We just shot a new model for both Realspankings and RealSpankingsInstitute.  Her name is Bobbi and I think you all are going to like her.  Here is a preview:

spanking picture

spanking picture

spanking picture
spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 05/19 at 09:19 AM
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