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[ Monday, January 31, 2005 ]

Anal Discipline

I have seen a few comments to some of my entries that make me believe that some people have no idea where I am coming from.  There was even a comment that made comparisons to one of my suggested methods of discipline as “rape”.  Let me be very clear in saying that everything that I am talking about is consensual.  Is every spanking, punishment, or method of discipline consented to in advance?  No, this would certainly take a lot of the fun and excitement out of the whole process.  But the dynamics of the relationship and the power exchange that results is something that is agreed upon and the person on the submissive side knows that certain behaviors will result in discipline.  Taking control away from the person in trouble is a large part of the dynamic that we are looking for in relationships such as these.  With this being said, let’s look at anal discipline as a form of punishment.

Anal discipline is a very effective form of punishment.  I am not talking about spanking someone between their ass cheeks, I am talking about the use of butt plugs and related objects as a punishment.  Even for a woman who is very experienced with and loves anal sex, the right butt plug at the right time, can be a very effective way to reduce bad behavior.  Without a good amount of stimulation or being in a sexually excited state, anal insertion generally hurts.  Even those that regularly engage in anal sex require a bit of a warm-up and stimulation before they are ready for penetration.  When considering anal discipline, we capitalize on the fact that without stimulation and warm-up, anal penetration hurts.

Just as with spanking, implement selection is the key.  Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller than a finger to larger than a fist.  I recommend purchasing a large variety of shapes and sizes, so you will have one for any occasion.  Even better, is to take a permanent marker and assign them all numbers.  Then when your naughty young lady is in trouble, you simply send her for the number plug that you feel best fits the crime.  Small infractions may only call for the number 3 plug, but a very naughty girl might need the number 10.  If you are looking for an effective way to punish someone who likes to be spanked, you can rest assured that a large butt plug will provide them with a disciplinary experience that they will not soon forget.

The key factors for a punishment of this type are size and duration.  How big and how long will be determined by the behavior.  If someone is new to anal sex, you need to go easy at first.  The initial pain of a buttplug for someone who is not experienced can be overwhelming.  Even the smallest of plugs will get the attention of those new to anal insertions.  For the experienced, a large plug is a must.  Once the plug has been inserted, you will know right away if it is the proper size or not.  The first few minutes are the very worst and the expression on their face will let you know if you picked the proper size for this punishment.  While the first few minutes are the worst, the longer it is kept in, the more uncomfortable it will feel.  I have not been able to find any research that suggests that prolonged butt plug use poses any safety risks, so they should be made to keep it in as long as their behavior warrants.

There are various ways to increase the effectiveness of a punishment like this.  One is to play up the humiliation factor.  I see no reason while the person being punished should not be required to strip fully naked and insert the plug themselves, with you watching.  This is an intimate and awkward task and doing it in front of someone else will increase the embarrassment of the punishment.  You could also add a time limit with a larger plug being the penalty for not getting it inserted in the allotted time.  Limited or no lubrication is another way to adjust the severity of the punishment.  A very naughty girl, made to insert a large plug, in less than a minute, with no lubrication, fully naked, in front of you, will be a well punished girl indeed.  Unlike spanking, it is really easy to add a public element to anal discipline.  While no one else will be aware, believe me, the naughty girl will be more than aware.  When you really need to make an impression, why not send the naughty girl off to work for the day with a large butt plug in place.  You can be assured that she will think of her behavior every time she sits down.  The addition of a butt plug harness ( will allow you to lock the plug into place making it impossible to remove the plug without the key.  Just imagine her presentation at the board meeting with a butt plug locked firmly in place.

You can experiment with an anal punishment that is progressive in nature.  The punishment day begins with the number one plug, which is to be upgraded every hour until she reaches the number 10 plug.  I assure you that this is 10 hours that will have her regretting whatever it is that she did wrong.  I think a butt plug goes hand in hand with prolonged and uncomfortable corner time.  After a rough spanking, place a wooden stool in the corner, with a butt plug firmly attached to the seat.  Tell her she has 1 minute to have a seat and begin her corner time or the spanking will be administered again.  Thirty minutes in the corner with a very sore bottom, on a wooden stool, with a large plug in place, will teach anyone a proper lesson.  Some plugs are easier to keep in than others and you should use this to your advantage.  How about a spanking in which a loose fitting plug is placed and they are required to keep it in place (without their hands) throughout their spanking or it starts over?  This goes beyond anal discipline and approaches the realm of anal training.  Many people are able to zone out during their spanking (a.k.a subspace) and mentally get away from the pain.  Forcing them to focus on the muscles of their ass prevents this from happening, so they will mentally aware of their punishment throughout.

Use your creativity to make it a punishment that is unique and that will be remembered.  How about when the young lady does something extremely bad and you just ignore the fact that she is in trouble.  To her surprise you take her to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant at a time that she was expecting the spanking of her life.  During dinner you hand her a wrapped present and tell her to take it to the restroom and to open it in the privacy of a stall.  Inside her gift is a shockingly large buttplug, a small amount of lubricant, and instructions to have it in place before she returns to the table.  The look on her face as she gingerly sits back down at the table will show you that her punishment is working.  How often can you administer an effective punishment over the course of a nice dinner?  Take it a step further and make it an inflatable butt plug (  Several times over the course of dinner, reach under her skirt and pump the bulb a few more times until you get the reaction you are looking for.

Anal discipline serves several purposes.  First, it adds an additional punishment element for those that are finding the typical spanking boring.  This can quickly spice up a disciplinary relationship and bring that little spark back.  It also allows for very effective discipline for those that like to be spanked.  It does not matter how much someone likes ass play, there are enough plug sizes out there that there that you will be able to find one that they will not enjoy.  It also allows for the addition of a public element to discipline, that while public, it is your little secret.  As always, place safe and have fun.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/31 at 02:53 PM
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Contest Winner

Today we held the random drawing from our current member list and we are proud to announce our winner.  I will not give his details for privacy reasons, but I can tell you this person is from the Netherlands.  The winner of the two free videos of his choice from Realspankings Films will be notified by e-mail.  Congrats! 

I am still working on a seperate page for the blog that is for members only and will include free videos.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/31 at 12:42 PM
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[ Saturday, January 29, 2005 ]

The switch applied to the thighs and a brand new spanking movie.

A few days ago we finished shooting our latest movie.  While smaller in scope than some of our larger productions, I feel we created something very unique.  We ventured out of the studio and shot on location at the same mountain house that we used for “Painful Summer”.  In addition to Jasmine, the star of “Maid for Punishment”, this movie also features Claire and Kailee in their first feature roles.  The three young ladies find themselves in a lot of trouble during a backpacking trip and elect to be punished at my hands instead of going to jail.  The girls quickly learn to be careful what they ask for as they endure a long and grueling punishment.

In trying to provide something a bit different for our videos, this movie features the use of the switch.  We have used a switch in the past, but never at this intensity.  The use of the switch was not limited to their bottoms; the main focus was on the backs of their thighs.  Even with models as tough as these three girls, a switch to the thighs quickly reduced them all to tears.  The pain is very specific and it was clear from the first stroke that a proper switching gets immediate results. 


After the switch was applied thoroughly to their thighs, they endured two additional punishments.  All of them received the belt applied as hard as I could lay on the strokes.  Once again, tears were immediate and I have never seen any of these girls react so emotionally to a punishment.  You will get to see how effective a belt can be when used full force.  After some very painful time kneeling on bricks, the girls were then pulled over my knee, restrained, and then given a very fast and non-stop session with a large wooden hairbrush.  This is close to as hard as I have ever used a hairbrush and their bottoms quickly showed the results of my efforts.  Once the naughty backpackers were taught a very real lesson, I took their pants and panties and sent them back into the woods.  As they hiked away their bottoms and thighs clearly displayed the visible results of their infractions.


The movie has gone into the editing process and will be available in a few months.  This is a short movie that focuses primarily on the spanking, without too much additional dialogue.  It will probably be offered on DVD and pay-per-view, and while very severe, will run on the lower side of our price range.  All three punishments administered were very severe, so this will not be a movie for those looking for the softer side of discipline.  For anyone who has ever wanted to see what a proper switching applied to the thighs is really like, you will be quite happy.  I will keep you posted as we get closer to a release date.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/29 at 06:35 AM

[ Friday, January 28, 2005 ]

Lunge position spanking


When it comes to all of the various positions that someone can be spanked in, all of our models seem to agree that the one that sucks the most is the lunge position.  Even without the spanking, it is uncomfortable as hell, and when done for any length of time it can serve as a punishment in itself.  Very few positions leave the person being spanked feeling as exposed.  The bottom is presented very well in this position and any hope of retaining some modesty during a spanking go right out the window. 

As far as its use in the real world, I have seen a few references that demonstrate that this position has been used in a school setting.  Generally called “the lunge position”, I have also seen it referred to as “the triangle”.  On Jeff Charles’ anti-paddling website (well, more of a “I love to hear about girls being paddled so I will create an anti CP website"), he includes many accounts of high school girl?s corporal punishment experiences.  More than one of these accounts includes references to the lunge position:

“Mr. Tidwell had me pull up my shirt any time he thought it was a long tail tucked down the back. If the woman was witnessing she ALWAYS had me and my friends pull out even a T-shirt. I had shirts slide down when I was touching toes or in lunge position. You can’t stop it and you jerk when the paddle hits so it makes it come down more. I had my breasts bounce out twice when I wasn’t wearing a bra. That time the woman had pulled my shirt right up my back when I was in lunge position and when he hits hard you kinda lurch forward and then my tits popped out. I stood up and pulled my shirt down while he lectured but when I went back down she pulled up my shirt again so the same thing happened. He said maybe it was better she didn’t pull up my shirt as it was “immodest.” (his word!!)”

“I was in the “triangle,” which the Principal called the “lunge position,” with my ass up top. That guy always said, “untuck your top and push it up” (for guys too). Like you said, they knew I had no bra (that was the dress code violation I was being punished for) and they knew my shirt would slide forward. I folded the shirt up before I bent over but 1st lick and it went loose. I swayed forward as the paddle stung a lot, and my shirt slide half way up. My hands were flat on the floor, which forced me to arch my back as I jerked, so the shirt slid more. I figured after the 2nd lick the shirt was maybe high enough up that they could see my tits. The witness was at first standing just to the right in front of me, but when the paddling started and my shirt slipped up he walked around behind me after the 2nd or 3rd lick. Maybe he looked down my T-shirt, I don’t know. The paddle was laid on hard, and my jerking made my breasts bounce more and nearly come out. They must have seen them with me bent over upside down. After the 3rd lick I could feel my shirt get caught on my breasts, so I tried to pull it back with one hand, but the principal said, “Assume the Position!” The shirt moved up even more after the 4th lick, and I figure they could see more than I realized, both breasts. I had to hold that position for a minute after the paddling too.”


“Tiffany: Depends on principal. One guy has you put your hands flat on the floor and like walk them forward so your ass is up in the air. Another one has you hold your ankles with feet together not bending your legs. And the third one always told me bend over his desk (short end on the right) and had me lie flat over the top and stretch out on my toes, feet apart so I could hold the sides.
Jeff: Did you ever have to “hold the position” while he lectured or did other things?
Tiffany: Yes, most times”

“His name is Mr. Frank. He normally had me assume the position hands on the floor and walk forward. He calls it the “lunge” position, and he says, “Assume the lunge,” or “Assume the position,” which means bend over and touch your toes, feet together. He likes to tell you off and talk about why you’re being punished.”


“Feet together, legs straight, bend down with palms on the floor, and “walk” hands forward so I made a triangle, ass at the top. He said it was safer than holding my ankles.”

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/28 at 08:03 AM
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[ Tuesday, January 25, 2005 ]

Further details about my various blog entries

I am finding that some of my blog entries are a little misunderstood at time.  I am used to writing for the World Spanking Forum in which most of the people there are members of my various websites.  They know enough about me that I do not generally have to qualify any of my statements.  I have read comments on other blogs, as well as e-mails sent to me, that demonstrate to me that some people have no idea where I am coming from with my writings.  I thought I would take a minute to help clarify a few things.

First, when it comes to my descriptions of punishing young ladies, there are several situations I am talking about.  For many years, I ran a discipline program for young ladies to help them deal with real infractions in their lives.  In many cases they were being punished for things they got away with when they were younger, in others, it was an attempt to help them set and fulfill personal goals.  In each of these cases, this was a woman traveling to my location for one specific purpose, to receive a very real and very painful spanking.  Limits were discussed ahead of time, and in most cases, how they were to be punished was agreed upon by both of us in advance.  These discipline session were all about being punished and were not erotic in any way.  Not to say that these spanking were not fulfilling their fantasies, most traveled from different states to realize this dream.  Some of my descriptions of spanking I have administered for discipline might come across as cold, distant, and uncaring.  I assure you that the dynamics of their punishment session were exactly what they were looking for.  I found that there are many women who want to be held accountable for their actions and are seeking strict discipline administered from someone who knows what they are doing.  They were not looking for a relationship, nor the sexual overtones that often accompany a meeting such as this.  They simply wanted real discipline for real infractions without any role playing. 

Another situation that I am referring to when talking about disciplinary spankings, is when I work with models that are into the scene.  While not common, we do get models that are into being spanked.  These girls are looking for more than just a paycheck; they are looking to explore thoughts and ideas that previously only existed in their fantasies.  I take these scenes to different level and try to help them find what they are looking for.  They often find themselves in scenes that are a lot stricter than the typical scene we shoot.  These models have less control over their scenes and there is a much more real sense of them being in trouble.  We also shoot a lot of “real disciplineâ€? scenes with several models.  These are scenes in which a girl confesses something that she has done that she really feels she needs to be punished for.  There is nothing fake about any aspects of this scene and the discipline is very real and almost always leads to tears.  While done on camera, and for a website, I handle these scenes exactly how I did with my discipline program.

The final situation is that of the discipline that takes place in my personal relationship.  You must first understand that I have ended up in a situation in which, what is generally a very private thing (being my fetish and sexuality) has become a very public one.  Most people hide their spanking fetish from the world for their entire life, mine is out there for everyone to see.  There are often times that I am making references to my private life, but do not specifically say so.  This is due to the fact that there must be some things that are kept private.  I am afraid while you might get small references, I will never get all that specific about what happens in my home.

A lot of my writings come across as cold and distant with little thought for the feelings of those being punished.  I assure you this could not be farther from the case.  I put a lot of time, effort, and care into really getting into the head of those that I punish.  Their feelings are my number one concern and I am never working off of my own agenda.  My goal is to help them find exactly what they are looking for.  You would be surprised at how many women are actually looking for a real punishment spanking in which they are taken well beyond their comfort zone.  They want to feel like they are really in trouble and not feel like they are doing a “sceneâ€?.  They want to give up control and feel accountable for their actions.  While done in a caring and non-abusive manner, I provide strict discipline and that is clear before we ever get started.  I have yet to punish a woman for real offenses in which she was not the one to initiate the relationship.  When I write, I tend to focus on the physical aspects of the punishments and not the emotional.  I assure you that great thought and care is put into the emotional dynamics of the spankings I administer, but this is generally not what people are looking to read about.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/25 at 09:30 AM in Personal
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[ Monday, January 24, 2005 ]

Punished thighs during a spanking

Looking at the inclusion of the thighs as a target area for spanking

Lori learns the hard way what happens to her thighs when she will not hold still for her spanking
Picture from

In general, I do not include the thighs when administering a spanking.  I do however find that certain situations call for the addition of the thighs as a target area during a punishment.  The time that I most often include the thighs is when someone refuses to hold still during their punishment.  As I have stated numerous times, I feel that the person being punished should be required to assist in their punishment.  It is one thing to just be grabbed and restrained while someone spanks their bottom, but I feel an important part of the process is for them to not only submit to what they have earned, but to assist in everyway possible.  When someone is not submitting and doing everything they can to make the process more difficult, I find it is important to demonstrate how bad their punishment can really be.  Spankings hurt and holding still can often be difficult to do.  What they really need to help them hold still is perspective.  Several strokes applied to the tops of the thighs gives instant perspective.  On numerous occasions I have had the person being punished moving too much and telling me that there is no way that they can hold still.  Once I show them what will happen when they do not hold still, it is amazing what they can accomplish.  Everyone’s bottom is nicely padded, but the thighs are a much different story.  The contrast between the pain of their bottoms being smacked and the pain on the thighs is tremendous. 

One must be careful when spanking thighs and implement selection is of the utmost importance.  In general, a leather implement is the safest way to go.  There is not as much soft tissue on the backs of the thighs, so hard implements can pose a safety issue.  Certainly I would never want to apply a wooden paddle stroke to the backs of anyone’s thighs.  The hardest implement I would ever choose to use for punishing thighs is a cane.  Once again, you will need to be very careful and have considerable skill when applying a cane to the legs, but it can be accomplished safely.  Something else to consider when spanking the thighs is that the marks will generally be quite pronounced.  I have given many severe canings in which both the ass and the thighs were punished.  The strokes to the thighs always bruise much quicker and the effects last much longer.  I have seen the long term results of some of the canings I have administered, and the thigh marks lasted 2-3 times longer than the ones on the bottom.  If you need to create a long lasting visual reminder of a punishment, a few well placed strokes on the thighs can achieve this easily.

On very rare occasions, I plan a thigh spanking ahead of time.  When a point really needs to be made and when you want to make the naughty girl as nervous as possible, let her know that her next spanking will include her thighs.  Even those that enjoy being spanked will never look forward to a thigh spanking.  The pain is so very specific that it is hard to fantasize about the effects.  As a result, I feel it should be reserved for the very worst offenses, or when you find that cooperation is at a minimum.  I have also found that spanking the front of the thighs can be an effective form of discipline.  The times that I have done this it has been a very spontaneous moment and more of a preview of their punishment to come.  A perfect example is when quick discipline is needed and you are driving in a car.  It is very easy to pull over and have the naughty young lady lift the front of her skirt.  A few hard spanks to the front of the thighs quickly communicates the point.  It is quick and easy and can be done with both people sitting down.

During Brandi's spanking both the fronts and the backs or her thighs are also punished

Outside of the world of consensual spanking between adults, I have heard plenty of evidence to suggest that thigh punishments are not all the uncommon as a method of discipline.  A good friend of mine from college, while on the topic of spanking, told me that she had never once had her bottom spanked.  Knowing she was raised in a very small town in West Texas, I had trouble believing her, and asked her how she managed to grow up in that environment without ever being spanked.  She then stated that she had been spanked plenty of times, just never on the bottom.  Up until her early years of high school, the only way she and her sister were punished was with a switch from her mom.  When they were naughty either the skirt came up or the pants came down and they were punished on the backs of their legs.  This was not limited to the thighs, she stated that her mom would start just below their butts and then work her way down to their calves and then back up again.  She stated that their punishments were never measured by how many strokes they received with the switch, it was based on how many trips up and down the backs of their legs would be made with the switch.  She described as many as 6 trips from her bottom to her ankles and back.

I have seen evidence of this same type of punishment in an Institutional setting.  I have read the testimony of “survivorsâ€? of Rev. Mack Ford’s New Bethany Baptist Church in Arcadia, LA. in which they describe some pretty severe punishments.  New Bethany Church was a religious based school that somewhat served as a detention facility for troubled young ladies.  It seems the primary form of discipline was corporal punishment and clearly it was administered in an abusive manner.  Below is a brief recollection from two girls who lived there.

Julie Gertz, 25, and Tracy Zwickle, 35, both spent time as teen-agers behind the barbed wire of New Bethany Baptist Church in Arcadia, La. They mince no words in describing happened there:

“I mean, there were beatings of 80 to 100 licks,” Gertz said. “I mean, you basically stopped counting after 80, and the girls stopped crying. They were called ‘mama whoopings.’ Up your legs, to your back and all the way back down.”

Needless to say this reformatory was closed several years ago by the State, and thankfully, they are no longer beating your ladies into submission. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/24 at 05:25 AM
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[ Sunday, January 23, 2005 ]

True Account, M/ff, Severe

A couple of years ago a girl named Andrea posted a true account on The World Spanking Forum that I have always found to be one of the best I have read.  It recounts a very strict strapping she witnessed as a teen and then details her six year search in trying to find out what it would be like to endure a punishment equal in severity.  Needless to say, she finally finds the discipline she was looking for and learns the hard way to be careful what you ask for. 

From Andrea at the World Spanking Forum

This is account is the result of a 6 year search to try and recreate and receive a very severe strapping I saw a good friend of mine receive.

The event that affected my life in such a deep way happened when I was 15 years old. A good friend of mine, Gina, had very strict parents and her dad was a Pastor at our local church. On several occasions, I had seen her well-marked bottom after a strapping from her father. Already very curious (and excited) about the whole concept of spanking, I often asked her about her punishments. While she was not shy about letting me view the results, she would not give me the details that I craved about her punishments. About as much as I could get out of her was that they were applied very forcefully on her bare bottom with a strap. She was always too embarrassed (and I think thought I was pretty weird to ask) to give me a blow-by-blow account. One Wednesday afternoon, this all changed.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/23 at 06:20 AM in True Accounts Descriptions of real life punishments. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. This category is only offered to explore the various forms of spanking that people endured growing up.
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Exposed at Spanking Online

Embarassment as a spanking supplement


When I blog about other spanking sites, I like to focus on the things that I like about the site that I find to be unique.  There are now many sites that produce content for the web, but one really has to stand out for me to comment on it.  I have not covered Spanking Online yet and being one of my favorite spanking sites, it is worth a mention.  I am not one to cover just any site with the hopes of making some money from sending them hits.  You will never read a blog entry about a site that I do not have a membership to.  Being a spanking producer, my standards are pretty high and very few sites make the grade.

Spanking Online regularly features an aspect of a punishment, that at first I was not a big fan of, but have grown to like.  In a lot of their spankings, they require the naughty girl to expose her privates.  I have become somewhat of a fan of their scenes in which the girl lowers her panties and raises her skirt to show herself to the world.  The whole process is more than just getting her naked, it is the added humiliation of actually presenting her vagina to be viewed.  They have many pictures that clearly demonstrate that some of the girls they hire like to be spanked.  During a spanking I do my best to make sure the girl never feels humiliated.  I find a little embarrassment goes a long way, but make sure that I never require them to do anything that feels degrading.  I think Spanking Online has found a nice balance between the two.  I would say the way they are required to present themselves goes a little beyond embarrassing, but without crossing the line into full on humiliation.  Most of their models are amazing, so getting a peek at their privates is really just an added bonus.  For additional photos click the “moreâ€? link below.  Please note that I will never post a deceptive link on this blog.  All of the “moreâ€? links in my posts lead to a page on this blog that really just provides more photos.  There are no pop-ups, nor will you be taken to a different site, I just need to get some of the images off of the main page so it will load quicker for you.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/23 at 05:39 AM
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[ Wednesday, January 19, 2005 ]

Outdoor Spanking

A look at outdoor spanking from Spanked Cutie


It took me a little while to warm up to the website Spanked Cutie .  The featured girl is the orginal model for Girls Boarding School and now has her own site.  It took them a little while to build up enough content, but the site is now quite large.  The one thing that they consistenly do on this site, that no one else seems to do, is outdoor spanking.  There have been a few companies over the years to shoot some outdoor spanking scenes, but I do not think anyone has as much outdoor spanking content as Spanked Cutie

I am not sure what the atraction is for me, but the outdoor scenes are really hot.  It may the additional public aspects of the punishment, or it might be the voyeur feelings I get when watching these scenes.  Click the “more” link below to see some pictures that I have selected that highlight some of the various outdoor spanking this young lady receives.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/19 at 05:59 AM
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Bruised and Marked Butts

A exploration of bottoms that are bruised from a spanking.


In the world of spanking, I find that people are either attracted to, or repulsed by, marked or bruised bottoms.  It is certainly a matter of personal taste, but for me, it does not really matter that much.  I like to see marks in a spanking video because it demonstrates that the spanking was real.  As you know, I am not a big fan of fun little sensual spankings, so when I see a thumbnail of a bruised butt, I am usually interested in the content because I know I am going to see a hard spanking.  When applying a hard spanking for disciplinary purposes, I do not find that a marked butt is a requirement.  Everyone marks differently, so to use how bruised someone’s butt is as a guideline for punishment, is unrealistic.  What leaves one person black and blue, might only leave someone else, very red.  When really trying to apply a disciplinary spanking that will be remembered, marks are certainly an added bonus.  First, a nicely bruised butt will almost always remain sore for many days.  I like the punishment to carry on well beyond the actual spanking and a bruised butt is usually one that adds difficulty when trying to sit down, for at least 24 hours.  A nicely marked butt also serves as a visual reminder of what someone did wrong and the results of their actions.

As a producer of spanking videos, we generally like it when a model marks fairly easy.  What we provide is visual content related to spanking, so anything that better shows the results of a spanking is good for us.  It amazes me the differences in the way different models mark.  We have some girls that will have visible bruises after their first light hand spanking with us.  For others, it takes a long session with a wooden paddle to see any results.  One of the biggest factors that seems to influence how easily someone marks is diet.  I have found that someone who lacks iron in their diet seems to mark very easily.  We have had models that were concerned with how easy they marked that we recommended that they just take a multi-vitamin daily.  The results are immediate, and not only do they not mark as bad, they seem to recover much quicker.  For those of you that are looking to find ways to heal your marks quicker, I would suggest an iron supplement as well as a topical ointment called Arnica gel.  We buy arnica by the case and provide it for all of our models.  Most of our models are single and dating and are not quite at a point in their relationships in which they are ready to explain a bruised butt. 

One model we shot in the past was a topless dancer and she was concerned with dancing with a bruised butt.  She did her best to heal her marks quickly, but on one occasions after a really hard paddling, there was no way for her to conceal her bruised bottom.  She had to dance that night and was concerned at what people would say when she was dancing with marks on her ass that could have only come from being spanked.  I jokingly told her to tell anyone that asked that “she had been naughty and that she had been spankedâ€?.  We all had a good laugh about it and then she left for the day.  The next time she worked for us, she thanked me for the advice.  She had actually said to people exactly what I had told her and she said that it greatly influenced her tips.  I have to give her credit for her courage and I was mostly joking when I told her this.  It seems that the guys were more turned on looking at her butt and imagining her being spanked, than they were just looking at her butt.  From that day forward she generally wanted to leave with a bruised bottom.

Like it or not, a bruised bottom is a sign that a very real spanking has taken place.  Our videos feature bottoms that have often been severely marked, but it is never our goal going in to a shoot.  We simply try and film very real spankings that are administered in a painful way.  When dealing with discipline at this level, a bruised or welted bottom is often the result. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/19 at 05:45 AM
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