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[ Thursday, January 31, 2013 ]

Please go get my paddle

Maybe it is a life long spanking fetish that brings these thoughts into my mind, but this girl assumes this position just a little too naturally.  Maybe it is the position she assumes in a Deep South school when she is sent to the principal’s office, maybe she still assumes it at home for a dose of dad’s paddle on her bottom.  Maybe she has lacked a good spanking her entire life and presenting her bottom this way, to the 1000 people watching her, helps fill a little spanking void in her life. Maybe her perfect little ass, in those tight little shorts, presenting her bottom so wonderfully, just brings out the perverted spanker in me...nahh that could not be it.

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/31 at 01:09 PM

How to provide an effective punishment to someone who enjoys being spanked.

As disciplinarians we are often faced with the problem of trying to teach someone, who enjoys being spanked, a proper lesson. Let’s face it, the majority of people that are actively involved in spanking, are consenting adults who gain some degree of pleasure from being spanked. In essence, this is like giving a child candy for being naughty. Now I do understand that even those that like to be spanked generally do not enjoy it at the time. But, while they might not enjoy it at the time, they may find themselves looking forward to their next spanking. If we really want to apply a punishment that will teach a lesson as well as decrease the chances of that behavior occurring again, we need to be creative in our ways to make sure we achieve good results. This essay will explore the ways we can maximize the effectiveness of a punishment, knowing that a spanking is what the person in trouble wants.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/31 at 10:47 AM

[ Tuesday, January 29, 2013 ]

Brand new spanking models

We are always trying to keep our sites fresh at and and the best way to do that is new models.  We have added more than a dozen new models in the last 8 months, and I wanted to show you some of the most recent.  The girls below are helping to add wonderful content to our sites.  The majority of them are into the scene, spankos at heart, and love/hate a good bottom blistering.  They all now have multiple scenes on our sites and a few just turned 18.  Here is a peek at our newest girls:

teen girl getting a spanking picture

teen girl spanking

teen girl spanking picture

spanking picture of real teen

teen girl spanking picture

spanked teen

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/29 at 12:02 PM

Teen girl spanked in front of friends

There are many homes throughout the world that when a spanking is required, it is administered on the spot.  It does not matter if siblings are around, relatives, friends, or even strangers.  Sometime a spanking is needed then and there and nothing will stop it from taking place.  We have been exploring this theme quite a bit at and over the last few weeks, have produced some great videos that highlight the full on embarrassment a young lady must feel when her bottoms is bared and she is spanked in front of her closest friends.  Here are some pictures from videos currently in the member’s area, and a free video from a recent update to the member’s area.  Enjoy!

dad spanks teen girls bottom

spanking picture

otk spanking from mom

getting spanked by her parent

girl gets the strap from dad

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/29 at 11:42 AM

Another four girl paddling

We have been filming tons of group spanking scenes recently, so I thought I would give you a peek at a recent update to our member’s area.  These naughty young ladies are caught smoking at school and elect to take a very real school paddling.  They each receive 3 on their jeans, 3 on their panties, and then three on their bare bottoms.  We added a little something extra for this shoot by interviewing all four girls before their paddling to see how they felt about the paddling they were about to receive.  After the shoot I sat down with them and asked them about the experience.  They talk about how it actually felt, show us their very bruised bottoms, and then they inspect each others butts and comment on the various marks.  The video below is just a small taste of the paddling the received.  From a recent update in the member’s area of REALSPANKINGS.COM

four girls bruised butts from a real school paddling

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/29 at 11:32 AM

Four girl, nude school paddling

From a wonderful scene filmed last week, four young ladies are all brought to the Dean for repeated dress code violations.  He decides that if they cannot wear their full uniform, then they will not any uniform at all.  They are all stripped naked, given a hard strapping, then made to each choose a heavy wooden school paddle, for ten hard links to their bare bottoms.  Very uncomfortable and very long corner time follows.  From this week’s updates in the member’s area of

spanking picture

spanking picture

spanking picture


spanking picture

spanking picture

Visit the site HERE

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/29 at 11:08 AM

[ Friday, January 11, 2013 ]

Severe Hairbrush Spanking PPV

Back in the 50’s when a young lady found herself in a lot of trouble, it was quite common for her to go over dad’s knee for a long and hard session with a large wooden hairbrush.  I decided to explore this concept and apply a hard hairbrush spanking to Miss Lila.  No warm up, just a hard spanking with my biggest wooden brush.  This is real discipline like it used to be applied.  Her poor bottom was bruised and sore for close to a week.  Below is a preview.  This video is available as a PPV clip at Spanking Library

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/11 at 12:28 PM
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