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[ Wednesday, March 16, 2005 ]

Enjoying my work

I have been known to complain a bit at the studio that I sometimes get tired of my job.  I know, I am not going to get much sympathy from most of you.  I can hear it now, “poor Michael is overworked and has to spend his days spanking the firm bottoms of hot naked young ladies, get out the violins”.  But you must understand that spanking on a daily basis tends to take some of the thrill out of the whole process.  Take anything that you truly love and make it your career and it looses a bit of its attraction.

But, there are certain days that everything just falls into place, and even if it is the 5000th+ spanking that you have given, it is just as fun as the first.  Anyone that frequents this blog or the world spanking forum knows that there are a few things that I really like in regards to spanking.  First, I like for a scene to be fairly severe.  Whether watching a video or administering it myself, I need a sense of realism.  The whole concept of spanking is to apply pain as a punishment in such a way as to reduce the chance of the behavior occuring again.  If the person being spanked is not having their limits pushed or exceeded, it does not do much for me.  In addition, I like to see spankings administered with a wooden paddle.  Nothing gets to the heart of the mater like a wooden paddle and it will always be my implement of choice when needing to teach a very real lesson.  I also like to administer a punishment that is felt for a few days by the naughty girl.  There is nothing like many well placed strokes on the lowest part of the bottom, so it is felt when sitting the next several days.  My favorite position is to have someone bend at the waist and grab their ankles.  This is a very submissive act and it really presents the bottom nicely.  Whoever is being punished is forced to cooperate during their punishment or they will not be able to keep their balance.  Finally, I have always liked a scene with a school feel to it.  Young ladies grabbing their ankles in a school environment for swats with a large wooden paddle, will always be one of my favorite things to watch.

So, sometimes I am presented with a scene that really does it for me.  The picture below is from Bi Spanking and it was just one of those days.  Based on my descriptions above, you can imagine that this was one day that I did not have compliants about my job!


Full size version of the above pic here

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[ Monday, February 07, 2005 ]

How bizarre is my job?  A funny quote

Obviously, my job is somewhat unusual.  But at times, it is easy to forget that there is anything all that unusual about it.  After all, I employ many of my friends and some of my family, so even the people that I hang out with do not see it as all that different.  Every once in a while I am presented with a situation that puts it all into perspective.

Last weekend I was talking with my wife as we were discussing some sexual fun.  I made a comment that made us both stop talking for a moment and then led to uncontrollable laughter.  The comment was simple:

“Shit, I left our spreader bar at work”

It seemed pretty funny at the time and gave us total perspective as to how different our jobs really are.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/07 at 12:39 PM in Personal

[ Tuesday, January 25, 2005 ]

Further details about my various blog entries

I am finding that some of my blog entries are a little misunderstood at time.  I am used to writing for the World Spanking Forum in which most of the people there are members of my various websites.  They know enough about me that I do not generally have to qualify any of my statements.  I have read comments on other blogs, as well as e-mails sent to me, that demonstrate to me that some people have no idea where I am coming from with my writings.  I thought I would take a minute to help clarify a few things.

First, when it comes to my descriptions of punishing young ladies, there are several situations I am talking about.  For many years, I ran a discipline program for young ladies to help them deal with real infractions in their lives.  In many cases they were being punished for things they got away with when they were younger, in others, it was an attempt to help them set and fulfill personal goals.  In each of these cases, this was a woman traveling to my location for one specific purpose, to receive a very real and very painful spanking.  Limits were discussed ahead of time, and in most cases, how they were to be punished was agreed upon by both of us in advance.  These discipline session were all about being punished and were not erotic in any way.  Not to say that these spanking were not fulfilling their fantasies, most traveled from different states to realize this dream.  Some of my descriptions of spanking I have administered for discipline might come across as cold, distant, and uncaring.  I assure you that the dynamics of their punishment session were exactly what they were looking for.  I found that there are many women who want to be held accountable for their actions and are seeking strict discipline administered from someone who knows what they are doing.  They were not looking for a relationship, nor the sexual overtones that often accompany a meeting such as this.  They simply wanted real discipline for real infractions without any role playing. 

Another situation that I am referring to when talking about disciplinary spankings, is when I work with models that are into the scene.  While not common, we do get models that are into being spanked.  These girls are looking for more than just a paycheck; they are looking to explore thoughts and ideas that previously only existed in their fantasies.  I take these scenes to different level and try to help them find what they are looking for.  They often find themselves in scenes that are a lot stricter than the typical scene we shoot.  These models have less control over their scenes and there is a much more real sense of them being in trouble.  We also shoot a lot of “real disciplineâ€? scenes with several models.  These are scenes in which a girl confesses something that she has done that she really feels she needs to be punished for.  There is nothing fake about any aspects of this scene and the discipline is very real and almost always leads to tears.  While done on camera, and for a website, I handle these scenes exactly how I did with my discipline program.

The final situation is that of the discipline that takes place in my personal relationship.  You must first understand that I have ended up in a situation in which, what is generally a very private thing (being my fetish and sexuality) has become a very public one.  Most people hide their spanking fetish from the world for their entire life, mine is out there for everyone to see.  There are often times that I am making references to my private life, but do not specifically say so.  This is due to the fact that there must be some things that are kept private.  I am afraid while you might get small references, I will never get all that specific about what happens in my home.

A lot of my writings come across as cold and distant with little thought for the feelings of those being punished.  I assure you this could not be farther from the case.  I put a lot of time, effort, and care into really getting into the head of those that I punish.  Their feelings are my number one concern and I am never working off of my own agenda.  My goal is to help them find exactly what they are looking for.  You would be surprised at how many women are actually looking for a real punishment spanking in which they are taken well beyond their comfort zone.  They want to feel like they are really in trouble and not feel like they are doing a “sceneâ€?.  They want to give up control and feel accountable for their actions.  While done in a caring and non-abusive manner, I provide strict discipline and that is clear before we ever get started.  I have yet to punish a woman for real offenses in which she was not the one to initiate the relationship.  When I write, I tend to focus on the physical aspects of the punishments and not the emotional.  I assure you that great thought and care is put into the emotional dynamics of the spankings I administer, but this is generally not what people are looking to read about.

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[ Wednesday, December 22, 2004 ]

Favorite Punishment Position

My favorite position to use when spanking.

Donna from has that look on her face that comes from knowing that the large wooden paddle is about to be applied to her bottom.

Claire and Jasmine from assume the position with Kailee.  Mr. M makes several trips down the line applying severe paddle swats until all three bottoms are black and blue.

When spanking someone, I employ a variety of positions, each serving a different purpose.  There are positions that are assumed due to the embarrassment factor, ones that put the most intimate of parts on display.  There are other positions that I have people assume that are very uncomfortable and create a general soreness in areas beyond that of the bottom.  Some positions are better for severe punishments because they allow me greater control over the person being spanked.  If I was forced to choose only one position that I could use, it would be with the naughty girl bending over with her hands on her knees or ankles.

Tyler from bends over in a schoolgirl uniform for a hard school paddling!

Looking cute in her pigtails, Haley from presents her bottom nicely as she awaits the school paddle.

This position is one that I like the most for a variety of reasons.  There are few positions that leave the person being punished with a feeling of “presenting their bottomâ€? as this one does.  While assuming a wide stance with the bottom high in the air, there is a definite sense of vulnerability.  There is also an added embarrassment, this position allows very little privacy and their goods are on display for the world.  I like the fact that they have nothing to hold onto to make staying in position any easier.  They are forced to concentrate on staying in position, thus reducing the chances that they can just check out mentally during their punishment.  This position also allows them a fairly stable stance which allows for spanking with harder implements like a wooden paddle.  As long as their stance is wide, they should be able to hold their position even through the hardest of swats.  When bent way over, the muscles of the bottom are pulled tight and every stroke is felt as it should be.  This position also allows easy access to the thighs, should extra punishment be required.  Should this punishment have a sexual element to it, the ass, mouth, and vagina are all easily accessible for penetration..  There are very few positions that allow you to switch between penetration and punishment with such ease. 

Sandi from displays the results of the wooden paddle being applied forcefully to her wonderful bottom.

Looking as cute as a schoolgirl can get, Sarah from waits with her skirt raised for the first lick of the paddle to land.

While I will always use a variety of position when spanking, this is by far my favorite.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/22 at 07:11 AM in Personal
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[ Saturday, December 04, 2004 ]

What is the attraction to spanking

Elements of spanking that I find exciting

With the Internet, I think it has become easier for all of us into spanking to feel better about our personal feelings towards spanking.  There seems to be safety in numbers and it is easier to feel less “pervertedâ€? knowing there are so many other people with similar feelings.  We still have conservative politics and religion telling us that anything but the missionary position with our spouse is bad, but hopefully we are moving away from allowing these people to influence our lives.  But what is it specifically that we like about spanking?  For different people it is very different things, so I thought I would spend a moment discussing what it is that I find attractive about the fetish.

For some people it is as simple as the physical sensation of having their bottom smacked.  There are nerve ending that are shared by our butts and our genitals that allow for cross stimulation.  There are many people who are not into the “sceneâ€? that still get turned on by having a few well placed smacks on their bottom during sex.  For me, and many others, the attraction to spanking goes well beyond the physical sensations that accompany it.  One of the biggest attractions is voluntary submission.  I am not talking about someone being tied down and being spanked, I am talking about someone submitting to a situation that they know is going to hurt like hell.  This is a situation that if they chose to, they could tell the person to “F*** Offâ€? and could run away from.  But, the commanding presence of a stern disciplinarian somehow creates a situation that they somehow submit to.  This is made even more powerful when the person about to be spanked is made to assist in their own punishment.  The removing of the clothes, the assuming of the position, the counting of the strokes, and having to hold completely still are elements in which the person being spanked is assisting in their own demise.  These are powerful elements that I find to be the heart and soul of the fetish for me.

I am not a big fan of erotic spanking.  For me spanking is a punishment based activity and without this element it does not do much for me.  The concept of doing something bad that can result in someone’s bare bottom being presented, in often embarrassing positions, and then be spanked well beyond their comfort level, is more than just spanking, it is a punishment.  For me it is a cause an effect situation.  They know that certain behaviors that they engage in will result in them being spanked.  If they choose to engage in these behaviors, the results are a painful spanking.  It is not spanking for spanking’s sake, the spanking has been earned.  I also feel that it needs to be something that is not enjoyed by the person being spanked.  This is often difficult, because as adults our spanking partners are consenting adults who are into being spanked.  To take a spanking to the level of a punishment, for someone who enjoys the process, is often a difficult task.  Creative disciplinarians are able to accomplish this task in various ways, but that is a entirely different discussion.

I like the strict and formal aspects of a spanking as well.  To just grab someone and hold them in place for a spanking eliminates a lot of the thrill for me.  As stated before, there is something seductive about requiring the person being punished to assist in the process.  I like to make the process very formal and take as much time as needed to get the job done.  It is appealing for me to make them assume the state of dress or undress required for their punishment.  The act of sending them to get the implement is quite powerful.  Anything that prolongs the actual spanking is effective in itself.  The mental anguish that precedes the spanking is often a punishment in itself.  If someone knows they are in for a particularly hard spanking, one that they cannot avoid, they often just want to get it over with.  The more drawn out and formal the process, the worse it is for the one in trouble.  I like to have them assume a position that leaves them feeling exposed and vulnerable.  I will often take my time and fine tune their position in any way that I see fit.  The more exposed they feel, the more effective the punishment is.  Once again, I fine tune verbally and make them go through the effort of getting the position right.  There are very few things more submissive than baring your bottom and grabbing your ankles in preparation to have it smacked very hard.  Having them count is also very effective.  Once again, they are helping with their punishment, and the act of counting the strokes is very formal.

I like to have requirements that are hard for them to meet during their spanking.  This further adds to what is required of them during their spanking.  To just spank them hard and fast and get it over with, with them kicking and struggling throughout, is really the easiest way for them to accept their spanking.  But to require them to keep an accurate count as well as maintain the exact position you have placed them, further adds to the difficulty of them getting through it.  This is a punishment and we want to make it as effective as possible.  Having them count and maintain their position keeps them from being able to check out of their spanking mentally.  They are not just required to take it, they are required to actively participate.  Of course, should the requirements that are specified not be met, then the spanking does not end.  The threat of additional punishment is a very powerful tool in making sure you get everything you are looking for from the punishment.

This is a topic that I could write about for a very long time.  I will continue to revisit this theme in the days to come.

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School Corporal Punishment

Thoughts on the use of the paddle in US Schools

Photo from the “School Swats Series” at

As a content producer, I receive so many requests to see school type paddling scenes.  In a future post, I will discuss in detail why I think people’s spanking desires are so closely tied with childhood experiences, but for now I just want to explore the whole school paddling concept.  One of the reasons I feel it is such a requested scene is because for many, this was their only exposure to spanking or corporal punishment.  It is one of the few variations of childhood spankings that has a fairly public aspect to it.  There are many people, while they were never physically punished at home or at school, that were exposed for the first time to spanking in the school environment.  I need to make it clear, that while I will often discuss the childhood ties to spanking and even go as far as describing some, I do not think it is right or an effective form of discipline.  I am a parent and have never once spanked, or even considered spanking, my child.  There are so many other forms of discipline that are far more effective.  But, I do fully understand that a lot of this fetish revolves around childhood experiences, or situations that make one feel like a child.  While I do not recommend spanking children, I will not tiptoe around the topic when relating adult fantasy to childhood experiences or memories.

At the heart of it, it relates a lot to the cause and effect situation that I discussed in a previous post.  With school corporal punishment we have a situation in which if someone chooses to break a rule, the results of their actions will be a painful stimulus applied to their bottom.  In many cases it also done without the emotional involvement that a parent may have with the situation.  A rule has been broken and the school administrator’s job is to paddle the child.  The submission aspect is made even more powerful, in that in many cases they are submitting to a person they hardly know.  On the web, we see many stories and “true accountsâ€? of school paddling.  People are often caught up in the fantasy and if you did not grow up in a paddling state, it is very difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction.

I moved to Texas the summer before I began 7th grade.  Texas is one of the leaders in school paddling, so I found out first hand the reality of school paddling.  In addition, as someone that was interested in spanking from an early age, I asked a lot of questions of my friends that were paddled.  On top of that, as a content producer, I have been able to interview and communicate with hundreds of people in regards to their real life spanking experiences, so I feel I have a good grasp of what really takes place.  Let’s start with the fallacies in regards to school corporal punishment.  I do not know of a single verified case of school corporal punishment, in the United Stated, in which the punishment was applied on the bare bottom.  Even in the 50’s and 60’s when school corporal punishment was more common, with less fear of lawsuits and sexual harassment charges, I do not know of a case.  I have communicated with a couple of people that attended private religious schools, in which they were spanked, paddled, or strapped on their underwear, with skirts up or pants down.  I believe this to have happened in a private school environment, but highly doubt it takes place anymore.  Most schools today, that still use corporal punishment, have very strict guidelines as to how it is to be applied.  Accounts that discuss more than 10 swats being applied, I feel are also generally false.

For the most part (while clearly different depending on the school) I think that the guidelines for paddling a student are similar.  Most schools have an implement specified in their corporal punishment guidelines.  In most cases this is a wooden paddle.  Some religious institutions still use a strap or sometimes a ruler or yardstick, but a wooden paddle seems to be the implement of choice in most public schools.  The reason for this its overall effectiveness in any given situation.  Clothing does very little to protect someone’s bottom when a heavy wooden paddle is being used.  It is easy to vary the degree of severity of a wooden paddle, so it can be used in whatever way the situation requires.  A wooden paddle, especially one with holes, has a huge psychological effect.  There are very few implements that conjure up fear in the eyes of those about to be punished, like that of a wooden paddle.  Most schools specify in their policies the maximum amount of swats that can be applied in a given day.  Most schools also require a witness, which is not another student, to be present for the punishment.  I am sure this greatly cuts down on the amount of lawsuits, due to the fact that there is someone present other than the student and the administrator that can state what happened.  Most school guidelines require the person that is doing the paddling to be the same sex as the student, or at least have the witness be the same sex.  Most schools require that a paddling take place outside of the view of other students.  While most schools require that the punishment be administered by an administrator, often the vice principal who is usually in charge of discipline, there are still many schools in which every teacher has the power to paddle a student.  I know a teacher in Oklahoma who states that hearing a student paddled in the hallway is more than a daily occurrence in her school.  While she rarely paddles, she is called by other teachers into the hallway, to act as a witness, several times a week.

My first exposure to school paddling was something I heard.  I served as an office runner at my junior high, which meant that there was one period a day in which I worked at the office and ran notes to teachers for the administrators.  The first time I heard one, it really caught me off guard and I did not realize it was happening until I heard it.  A student was in the VP’s office with the door closed.  At some point the door opened and the VP came out and said something to the office secretary.  The secretary followed him into his office and the door was closed behind them.  About a minute later I was startled by an unbelievably loud sound.  It was quickly very clear that someone was being paddled.  Words cannot really describe how loud it was, it was so loud I was scared for whoever was in there.  For anyone who thinks that a school paddling is ornamental and not painful, this is not the case.  There was no doubt from the sounds that this paddling was being applied as hard as this very large VP could apply it.  There were a total of three swats, applied around 5 seconds apart.  About 30 seconds after the last swat, the door opened and the secretary came out and went back to her work as if nothing had happened.  This was just a daily part of her job and it seemed to have no effect on her.  It was close to 10 minutes later before the student came out, and while he attempted to put a smile on his face for all of the people that were now looking at him, you could tell from his eyes that he had been crying.  While there was an aspect to the whole thing that was a little bit exciting, it was mostly just scary.

I will revisit this topic again in the future and describe my personal experiences as well as that of close friends of mine.

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Favorite Spanking Implements

Personal favorites when it comes to implement selection

Everyone into spanking seems to have an implement that they prefer.  For many it is the implement they were punished with growing up, or it may just be the like the way it feels when it is used on them.  Those that are the spankers also have their favorites.  There are so many implements out there now, and with the internet it is easy to get just about anything that suits your tastes.  For me, I have different implements that I like for different situations.  For the most part, especially when applying a proper punishment, I like an implement that is the most effective overall.  I also like to use an implement that leaves a long lasting impression.  Especially when punishing someone who likes to be spanked, I think it is important to use an implement that will leave them sore for many days to come.  People into the scene like the feel of being spanked.  During the course of the punishment, their body rages with endorphins which often makes the spanking easier to deal with.  But if we want to make a lasting impression that will be with them beyond the initial excitement of the spanking, we need to choose our implement wisely.

In the situation above, a paddle is always my first choice.  As I have discussed before, very few implements conjure up fear as quickly in the mind of those about to be punished as a large wooden paddle.  In my many years of spanking, there have been very few times that when the person being spanked was allowed to choose the implement, that they chose the paddle.  Paddles hurt, they hurt a lot.  I find it to be a very versatile implement that can be used in any situation.  In does not matter the position, a person’s pain tolerance, or their state of dress, I can apply the paddle as gentle or as severe as I need to.  It can be used moderately for a prolonged punishment or it can achieve the desired results in five swats or less.  To apply a wooden paddle safely, the target area is the very lowest part of the bottom.  This also serves the purpose of making the spot that touches a seat when they sit, the very sorest.  A hard paddling will leave someone’s bottom sore for as many as five days.  The marks from a severe paddling can last for several weeks, further serving as a reminder of their bad behavior.  If I could only choose a single implement to use in all punishment situations, it would be a paddle.

Moving beyond the punishment aspects of an implement and looking more into the sexual and BDSM realm, the implement of choice for me is a riding crop.  I like a long flexible crop, with a leather (not plastic or rubber) tip.  I like the mid sized tips that are not too skinny or too wide for my purposes.  When I have someone tied up and I am doing a prolonged scene intended to excite as well as bring pain, the crop works very well.  The crop can be used so gently that there is really no pain involved.  On the flip side, it can be used like a cane a produce a very painful effect.  There are very few implements that are well suited for use on the entire body, but the crop is one of them.  Because the motion is generated with just the flick of the wrist, it is easy to use very accurately.  In the right situation, I never hesitate to use a riding crop on the clit or nipples.  This can be done in a method that just excites the person, or in such a manner as to produce a large degree of pain.  A crop allows me to spank those areas of the bottom that are often hard to reach with most implements.  In addition, smacks to the inner thigh become easy to administer.  Typically, in a sexual scene I use the crop all over her body in a manner that is erotic.  This continues as I slow build in intensity, in a way that is almost not noticed.  I like to build slowly so they do not even realize at what point the whole process became painful.  By the time I am finished, there is no doubt that it hurts and they will promise anything to make it stop.  The crop is also well suited for sexual based infraction.  If someone has been told that they are not to masturbate or have an orgasm without permission, and they go ahead and do so, then the punishment should fit the crime.  I feel it is well within reason to punish the body part in question.  Masturbating when you are told not to can be a serious offense and it seems perfectly reasonable to tie them up, with their legs spread, and give a nice hard clit spanking.  With the exception of certain whips, there are very few implements that allow you to punish someone’s clit safely. 

Please remember that any implement in the hands of someone who does not have the experience to use it properly can be dangerous, even when only applied to the bottom. 

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[ Thursday, December 02, 2004 ]

How I got here

Introduction to the owner of this blog.

My name is Michael Masterson and I am the owner of AEG. Inc, a company that specializes in the production of spanking content for the web.  Over the years, I have created many spanking based websites, the first of these being .  The site went live in 1996 and was the first spanking site of its kind.  It began with videos of me spanking my beautiful wife and quickly became very popular.  The original goal was not to make money, but to add a fun and public element to a lifestyle we had long enjoyed together.  We started by taking video requests to further enhance some of the discipline sessions that were a regular part of our relationship.  We were quickly overwhelemed with responses and it became clear that we were really onto something.

It took very little time for us to realize that, what started out as a way to add excitment to our current lifestyle, could easily tranform into a decent source of income.  It seemed very appealing to us to turn something that was so much a part of our sexuality, into a full-time job.  When deciding to pursue this full-time we made a personal committment that we have honored to this day, make websites that is about satisfying the customer and exceeding all of their expectations, without trying to scam them out of their money.  While the Internet was fairly new at this point in time, it was already clear that most adult sites were about making money, not making customers happy.  We felt that both were possible.  Not knowing much about successful internet business models, we kept it simple.  I decided our website would be based on identifying all of the things about adult websites I hated and doing the opposite. 

We quickly learned that if you give the customer what you promise, avoid annoying pop-ups and misleading links, and provide exclusive content, you will have happy members.  I also put a lot of time into soliciting and integrating our member’s feedback into our site and the content we produced.  A customer oriented spanking website was well received and we still have members that have been with us since our first year.

It has been a fun ride and we have come a very long way since the first time we hit record on a video camera in our living room.  Seven years later we are a corporation with dozens of websites.  We have employed more than 100 models since inception and currently have more than a dozen full-time employees.  We went from filming on a cheap 8mm camera, to using multiple high-end, state of the art digital video cameras.  We no longer shoot in our house and currently film in a 4000 sq. ft. studio space.  I feel our success is due to putting the members first as well as treating out models with total respect.  In future entries I will further detail the road that brought us to where we are today.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/02 at 03:15 PM in Personal
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