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[ Monday, September 30, 2013 ]

A severe mouth soaping and spanking

So clearly I have a bit if a reputation as being a hard spanker.  Much of it is personal preference, but most of it is the fact that I like to film realistic videos.  An on camera spanking, which is depicting an 18-24 year old girl, getting punished, needs to be hard.  The goal has to be tears and her bottom needs to be marked and sore for several days. 

spanking picture

While I have filmed several mouth soaping scenes over the years, I have never really tried to apply a mouth soaping in a severe manner.  So what are the elements that make a mouth soaping “severe”.  Unfortunately for Miss Syrena, she was the girl who found out exactly how severe a mouth soaping can be.  It began with a low stroke of the belt that landed on her thighs and not on her bottom.  Her response was “God Dammit”, followed by “that hit my fucking thighs”.  That was all I needed to hear in order for a “severe” mouth soaping to take place.  I marched her into the bathroom, grabbed a bar of the soap from the sink, and required her stand with her mouth open while I lathered it up.  For a typical mouth soaping, I would simply put the bar in a young lady’s mouth and move it around a bit, making a couple of such trips with the bar.  But Miss Syrena was not that lucky.  With each trip of the bar, I targeted a different part of her mouth. 

For the 1st trip into her mouth with the soap, the goal was to just introduce the bad taste, and I made a quick trip covering the entire area.  For the next trip into her mouth, the goal was to cover the roof of her mouth as much as possible. 

spanking picture

With each trip, and as the water warmed up, the bar of soap began to create much more lather, allowing me to really get to work.  For her next round, I covered what I think to be a very important part of a severe mouth soaping, and that is the teeth. 

spanking picture

I focused on grinding the soap deep into her teeth, so slivers of soap stayed behind.  While I will often pull a bar of soap against a young lady’s front teeth as I pull it out, for Syrena, I grinded the soap deep into the teeth in all areas of the mouth.  I made sure that there was not a spot, in between any two teeth that did not have chunks of soap stuck between them.  Once her mouth and her teeth were properly coated with soap, it was time to focus on her tongue.  As the tongue is responsible for most of the taste in a mouth, I felt it was important that it received its own session with the soap.  She was required to stick her tongue far outside of her mouth, so I could see well enough to rub the soap over 100% of it.

spanking picture

But for a severe mouth soaping, only covering the top is not enough to get the job done, so the bottom side of her tongue also got a full round with the bar.

spanking picture

Once there was no spot in her mouth that did not have complete and total coverage with the soap, she was required to hold it in place, so I could get back to spanking her bare bottom.  I lifted up her PJ’s and got to work.  Part way into the spanking, I could tell she was having difficulty, as she was beginning to choke on the soap.  I allowed her to remove the bar of soap, and to spit a single time, in which time I bent her back over and got back to work.

spanking picture

When her spanking was complete, I moved her back to the sink, but before I told her to do anything, she spit out more soap, without being told to do so.  While her punishment was complete at that point, it was her inability to follow directions that led to her spanking in the 1st place, so I had no choice, but to start again.  With her mouth still foaming from the previous mouth soaping, I literally started the entire process over again.  1st the entire mouth, then the top of the mouth, then the teeth, and both sides of the tongue again…before it was all said and done the bar of soap made 9 separate trips into her mouth.  It all ended with several minutes of standing with the bar in place before she was finally allowed to spit and rinse. 

spanking picture

It is certainly the most severe mouth soaping I have ever administered and it was highly effective.  When the entire scene was over she told me that she would take a wooden paddle on her bare bottom, any day, over the mouth soaping such as she just received.  The 8 minute, HD, mouth soaping video went online last Friday in the member’s area of

Posted by Michael Masterson on 09/30 at 09:43 AM

[ Tuesday, September 17, 2013 ]

What turns me on about spanking and private discipline highlights

While we all love spanking, everyone’s kink is highly specific.  I see this all the time in the many requests and emails I receive on a daily basis.  For everyone that loves hand spanking and OTK, there is another that hates it and wants to only see bare bottom with a girl grabbing her ankles.  I am not exactly sure how our kink evolves, but certainly childhood experience has a lot to do with it.  For those models that I spank, that are truly into spanking, their particular desires tend to be influenced by how they were spanked growing up.  For many of us, our thoughts and desires were shaped by things we experienced, saw growing up, or accounts from friends that were spanked.  I grew up in Texas where the paddle ruled in the schools and the belt was the implement of choice in the home.  I am sure this had a direct effect as to why school paddling scenes and belt over the jeans are two of my very favorite scenes to film.  This was the world I grew up in, this is how I was first exposed to real life spankings that existed outside of my head, and it has had a big influence on what I like to see as an adult.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 09/17 at 01:30 PM
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