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[ Wednesday, January 27, 2016 ]


I never really took Twitter all that seriously, and the Realspankings Twitter page that currently exists is not mine.  I am fully committed to frequent updates to Twitter, and will provide you all with preview pictures of the new models that we have hired every week for the last month, and have just begun to shoot.  In addition, with our new ad campaign, we have more than a dozen interviews scheduled in the next couple of weeks.  I feel fresh faces is what we have been lacking lately, and as you have come to expect from us, fresh faces you will see.  Follow me on Twitter to see what you can expect from our sites.  Follow me at MichaelMasteron on Twitter.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/27 at 10:47 PM

[ Friday, January 22, 2016 ]

Wooden Spoon Spankings

For several generations, moms around the world have relied on an implement that always seems to produce results…the wooden spoon.  There is a very good reason for this, there is always one handy, and it is so very painful when used on a young lady’s bottom.  In this 90 minute video you will witness first hand just how effective a wooden spoon can be when used to apply strict corporal punishment.  You will see 10 different girls, receive 26 separate spankings, in which a wooden spoon is applied in a manner intended to bruise her bottom and teach her a very real lesson.  This is very real and very traditional corporal punishment at its finest.

Now Available at Spanking Library

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/22 at 10:07 AM

[ Monday, January 11, 2016 ]

Girls Paddled at Home

There are certain households in which corporal punishment is taken very seriously.  In these homes, they know that a young lady may indeed require a spanking when her behavior requires it.  But they care enough about directing a young lady down the right path, that they are willing to take the time and the effort to take her discipline very seriously.  They know that not all behavior is corrected with a simple handspanking, or even with the use of a belt, and sometimes something a little more serious is required.  It is in these homes that the person tasked with the discipline of a young lady has made the decision to construct a wooden paddle with the primary purpose of bruising a deserving young lady’s bottom.

In this 80 minute long movie, featuring 26 different scenes, with 11 different young ladies, you will see exactly how effective a wooden paddle can be when used on a young lady’s bottom.  In each and every scene, you will witness very real corporal punishment, administered in the home, all with a heavy wooden paddle.  Each punishment is applied in a manner designed to not only punish the young lady for her transgressions, but to extinguish the undesirable behavior altogether.  You will witness first hand exactly what very real, and very serious, corporal punishment with a paddle is all about.

Available now at Spanking Library

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/11 at 05:45 PM

[ Friday, January 08, 2016 ]

I know when people look at they see a site that has not changed in appearance in many years.  This is something that is currently being worked on, with a brand new content management system, which will allow all sorts of features and functions, including encoding specific to tablets and phones.  While this is still a work in progress and a massive undertaking, as there is more than 15 years of content to reindex, it is in progress as we speak.

While the site has not changed in appearance in many years, that does not mean we have not kept up with the times.  We shoot with HD cameras, and present all current videos in 1280x738 (and smaller for slow connections).  All videos can be viewed full screen without downloading to your device.  The site is searchable by model, spanker, implement, position, date, title, and rating.  In the 17 years we have been online, we have never missed an update, with three full updates a week.  There is not a spanking site in the world that can come anywhere close to the amount of content that a single membership to our site can provide you.  As of this morning, here are the current stats as to what is currently online:

Images- 90,089
Video Files- 11,415
Total Scenes- 2,140
Model- 161

We are hopeful that if you have not given us a try in quite some time that you will sign-up again and see what we currently have to offer.  Also, we have branched out with our current advertisements for hiring models (and a complete update of our site and as of next week, we have almost 15 different new girls coming in for interviews, and there are some super hotties in this group of young ladies. 

To demonstrate the current quality of our product, here is a very recent scene, filmed in our new studio, and is currently ranked by our members as their favorite scene. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/08 at 11:19 AM

[ Thursday, January 07, 2016 ]

A fully naked bare bottom paddling to tears

The young Miss Kiki is sure becoming a star for us.  Here, for no particular reason, is a recent video from the member’s area of  Three updates a week for 13 years in a row.  Current content:
Current Images:89,801
Video Files: 6,687
Total Scenes: 1,984

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/07 at 11:29 AM

[ Wednesday, January 06, 2016 ]

Using Embarrassment to enhance a spanking

spanking picture

As someone that administers frequent real life discipline spankings off camera, I am always looking for ways to enhance the overall value of the punishment.  While I am highly selective as to who I will meet for private discipline, meaning I only spank those who are really looking to make life changes, clearly just about every woman who comes to see me has a spanking fetish.  Yes, they are really looking for a punishment that will not be enjoyed and may actually lead to a change in behavior, but on some level (many really) what they are coming to me for is something that they have and will continue to fantasize about.  I may blister their bottoms in such a way that sitting is quite difficult, but that does not mean that they will not masturbate to the thought of all of this taking place.

spanking picture

Something that I have found to be very effective over the years, and something that I use almost every time to enhance a punishment, is embarrassment.  I need to be very clear that I am not talking about humiliation.  I do not talk down to anyone that I punish, I do not call them whores, I do not make them beg or crawl, and they are generally treated with a greater respect than they are probably even used to.  I am very polite and I use please and thank you throughout every punishment.  I can accomplish all of these things and still utilize embarrassment as a part of the punishment.  While most of the women have fantasized about many aspects of the punishment, they tend to focus on being in trouble, the lecture, being told what to do, and eventually being spanked.  They might even fantasize about baring their bottom for their spanking, but I do not think for many women that they consider the effect that nudity and embarrassing positions can have on the overall punishment experience.

spanking picture

I can honestly say that around 75% of the private punishments I administer, especially if it is her very first time to meet me in person, begin with full nudity.  Yes, there are some women who are exhibitionists and find some excitement with being naked.  But the majority of women out there, are not all that comfortable with their bodies and go well out of their way to not be naked in front of others.  Maybe after some time with a partner they know and love, nudity might become a little more comfortable, but for some women, they do not even get fully naked in the light with their husband.  I know many women who do not get fully naked in a women’s locker room and prefer to change in a stall.  In general, being fully naked in the presence of someone else, especially someone that you are not intimate with can be very uncomfortable…perfect.  Uncomfortable is exactly what I am looking to provide.  I want the spanking to be uncomfortable, the positions to be uncomfortable, her bottom afterword to be uncomfortable, and if I can make just being in the same room with me, prior to any discipline actually taking place, uncomfortable, then I will do that every time.

spanking picture

Typically, as I live somewhat secluded in the mountains, I will meet someone prior to going to my place, and they will ride along with me.  I keep the mood light, I do not try and be all Dom like, as I do want her to feel relatively safe.  There is no talk about her behavior, what is coming, or any of that, we typically talk about how her flight was, or any issues with a rental car, or travel.  But once we get to my home, as soon as we walk into my great room, I politely say “OK, if you could please remove all of your clothing now”.  This is such a very powerful statement and it accomplishes so very much.  First, it shows that we have started and that I am very much the one in charge.  Outside of jail or a doctor’s office, there is no situation in life when someone can demand you strip naked, but once she has entered my house, for the purpose of a consensual adult punishment, reality begins to change a little.  The response is almost always the same, it is generally “what?”, or “I’m sorry?” as if somehow they did not hear me correctly.  I inform them that I know that I spoke very clearly and loudly enough for them to hear me, so if they are somehow, with that response, implying that they did not hear me or do not understand, than I will take that as the same as a lie.  Then once more politely, “you heard exactly what I said, now get it done”. 

spanking picture

All of a sudden their punishment just got very real and something that was probably not part of their fantasy, and something that is about to be horribly uncomfortable and embarrassing, just became reality.  This means, we are off to a good start, as before there is a lecture or a spanking, they are not very happy with the situation and as they go for that first button on their blouse or pants the punishment has begun.  With shaking hands the process eventually begins as she finds herself horrified to be slowly getting naked in front of someone that she talked to in person, for the very first time, less than 30 minutes ago.  When her clothing is all off, generally with her trying to hide her privates behind her hands, I typically take the clothes and move them to another room.  The removal of her clothing helps her feel even more naked and embarrassed as there is not even the security of knowing where they are. I often return with a small wooden stool, only a couple of feet tall, and place it in the middle of the room.  She is then asked to stand on the stool and to fold her arms behind her back.  Being fully naked, becomes FULLY NAKED when she steps up onto the stool and can no longer try to hide herself.  Faces will be flush with embarrassment and she will feel as uncomfortable as she ever really has in her life.

spanking picture

This is how the punishment begins and now we can get on to all of things that she probably imagined.  We discuss her behavior, as detailed in our correspondence, what the punishment should be, changes she will make in her life, etc.  Regardless of how this goes, for the duration of the discussion she is going to be acutely aware of how very naked she is.  It is not going at all like it did in her fantasies and all she wants is to not be naked and on display in front of me.  But the reality is, this is the least naked she is going to feel for the duration of her discipline session with me, as I am going to take full advantage of her insecurities being nude and use them to their fullest.

spanking picture

There will be many positions that I will choose to spank her in because they are very functional and will allow me to apply whatever implement I have chosen in the most effective manner.  But there will also be many positions that I will chose, for the express purpose of making her feel even more naked, vulnerable, and exposed.  I am going to have her vagina and butthole on display in a manner that she has never known.  I will take her to a brand new level of embarrassment when I have her hop off the stool, turn around, spread her legs as wide as she can get them, and then have her grab her ankles.  I will then have her arch her back a little, and bend her legs slightly, so her privates present ever better.  She knows as she assumes this position the view that I now have.  I do not care how comfortable she is with her body and being naked, this position is as embarrassing and uncomfortable for any woman.

spanking picture

There may be positions she is made to assume, that she will not even be spanked in, she will be placed in that position strictly for the embarrassment factor.  I will also spank her in positions in which are not even really the best position to spank someone in, and is being done just for the added exposure.  There is nothing really all that functional about the “diaper position” except that it is very embarrassing to be spanked that way.  In her daily life, the amount of modesty she chooses at any given moment is completely up to her, but here, as a result of her behavior, modesty is no longer a right or a privilege, it is now for me to decide.  My choices are going to be based on what is the least comfortable and most embarrassing for her and visual access to everything that she covers on a daily basis will be a must.

spanking picture

The sky is the limit and there are so many ways to accomplish this goal.  Typically, when her bottom is higher than her head, you will create a more exposed and embarrassing position.  Obviously, the more spread her legs are, the more on display all of her intimate areas will be. Often instead of having a young lady bend over a chair, I will have her straddle the chair.  When you combine the two, with a young lady bent as far as possible, and spread as far as possible, you create a very uncomfortable situation for her.  Just as with a spanking, there are situations in which whatever form of punishment you are using needs to be made more severe.  Take a young lady, which is extremely embarrassed about being naked at all; have her bend over, with her legs spread wide, and then add to the severity by having her reach back and spread her butt cheeks as wide as they will go.  Or we can take the diaper position, with her on her back, legs in the air, and require her to spread her legs.

spanking picture

This added embarrassment does not need to end after the spanking is over, as it is easy to bring the same dynamic to corner time before, during, and after the spanking.  There are many that are almost grateful for corner time, as it means the spanking is finally over.  But if the position is chosen correctly, the punishment just continues along with the embarrassment. I often chose an uncomfortable position for corner time, but exposure adds so very much.  I always make sure that when this takes place, that her most exposed and private areas are pointed directly where I will be sitting for her time for reflection.  I want her to feel my eyes, as her womanhood if on display.

spanking picture

All photos in this post come from recent video shoot in the member’s area of If you like the added embarrassment of fully naked spankings, girls put in exposed and uncomfortable positions, I suggest you take a look at the trailers below from our new, two part, HD PPV movies that deal only with this exact type of punishment.  These movies are available for download at our Spanking Library Store

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/06 at 04:58 PM

[ Tuesday, January 05, 2016 ]

Spanked for behavior on Facebook

It is becoming quite the common thing to now see parents posting videos of them spanking their teen daughters as a result of behavior on Facebook.  These go viral on the web with mixed reactions from the viewing public.  I read many comments that state “this is sick, and this mom should go to jail”.  But the more prevalent comment seems to be that this type of discipline is lacking in society and that more smacked bottoms would result in more respectful teens.  The most recent one I have very mixed feelings about.  It is the one is which a mom is punishing her teen daughter, over her panties, with what appears to be an electrical cord, as a result of her “ho” sort of behavior.  The first issue I have is that the mom is using the worst language possible, which I find it hard to teach a young lady a good lesson about the proper way to act when every other word is fuck.  Secondly, the use of an electrical cord, especially while also holding a cell phone to film, is just dangerous.

While I do not think a spanking is the best method of discipline for children, I decided to play off this video that I just described, and show how I think it would better be handled.  Instead of a mom with an electrical cord screaming “motherfucker” throughout, I went with an angry, but at least respectful dad.  After a quick lecture about her posting half naked pictures of herself on Facebook, she is taken over the knee for a very long and hard bare bottom spanking.  Of course, just as with all of these videos that are popping up on the web, he films it all on his cell phone to post to her FB account.  Here is an animation from the recent video in the member’s area of

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/05 at 02:12 PM

World Spanking Forum

Many of you have noticed that the World Spanking Forum is currently having issues.  We had a major crash of our database just before I left the country for the holidays.  At the moment, I am not sure the best resolution, as the techs are struggling with it all.  I am considering a new and improved relaunch of the site, as the older version is well outdated and is on an older server.  I am now back, please give us a little time as we work out the best solution.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/05 at 02:09 PM

[ Saturday, January 02, 2016 ]


For whatever reason, three years later, 8000+ posts, and 10,000+ followers, Tumblr deleted my account with warning.  Customer service finally answered and stated “misleading links” as the reason for account deletion, which is bullshit, all links went to my sites, or PPV movies.  Either way, I have started again.  It will take a few months but I will get all content back in place.  You can visit the new one here

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/02 at 09:24 AM
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