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[ Thursday, February 17, 2005 ]

Touching the toes at Spanking Online



While bent over and grabbing the ankles is my favorite position to see someone spanked in, touching their toes finishes a close second.  I especially like to see young ladies touching their toes when they are wearing traditional schoolgirl clothing.  There is something very appealing about seeing a young lady with her skirt lifted, panties lowered, touching her toes, in traditional knee high socks.  Spanking Online is the leader in the online spanking world when it comes to presenting visual imagery of this nature.  Just about all of their wide variety of models are forced to assume this position at some point in their spanking career.  As an English based company, using English models, the whole concept of touching the toes for a hard caning is not foreign to any of these young ladies.  In some of their behind the scenes interviews, you get to hear first hand about these young ladies experiences being punished with the cane while growing up in the UK.  My first choice will always be with a young lady grabbing her ankles for many swats with a paddle, but you will never have to twist my arm to get me to watch someone touch their toes for six of the best with a cane.


Click the more link for additional photos.  Visit their website Spanking Online for additional free pictures and videos.


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[ Thursday, February 10, 2005 ]

More true accounts of school corporal punishment

I thought I would further blog about some accounts of school corporal punishment, that I know to be true.

My wife also grew up in the Texas school system and received corporal punishment at just about all grade levels.  This was a public school in a very rich suburb of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.  This was a K-12 school that was its own school district.  While she believes that there were probably corporal punishment guidelines for her school, they were rarely followed.  While a paddling could only be officially administered by a member of the administration, it seems that most of the coaches used the paddle liberally.  She was paddled enough that a lot of the details blend together for her, but she does remember some very specific instances of being paddled…


Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/10 at 06:49 AM
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Finding a spanking partner

I was asked by a good friend of mine to create a blog entry that addresses finding a spanking play partner.  This is a common request and an article I have thought about writing for some time.  I have always hesitated to do this because there are so many variables involved, that I would hate to give someone a sense of security based on my article alone.  Instead, I will address this in a question and answer format.  Please keep in mind that these are simply guidelines based on my own personal experience and none of this can replace common sense and personal instincts.

Is it safe to pursue a spanking relationship with someone I met online?

With the exception of local clubs and groups, this is one of the only ways to effectively find a partner with interests similar to your own.  With careful screening and a little common sense, I think this can lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Where is the best place to meet for our first play date? 

People may disagree with me on this one, but I feel that the safest place to play is at the spanker’s house.  This is the best way to make sure that the spanker has some accountability.  A first time meeting at the spankee’s house, a hotel room, or anywhere else, allows the spanker to do whatever they want and then just disappear after the session, without any sense of accountability.  If they are looking to just abuse someone, a location that cannot be tied to them is ideal for their purposes.  But a session at their house ties them to a location, should something go different than was agreed upon in advance.  In a worst case scenario, you have some place to send the police. 

Everyone seems to be a “experienced spanker”, how do I know if this is really the case? 

When I was offering discipline programs for various ladies around the country, I always provided references.  If they are experienced as they say they are, then e-mail or phone references should be an easy thing to provide.  I never once had someone I spanked that was not willing to communicate with others about their experiences.  If they have provided “safe and effective discipline” to as many people as they claim, a reference should not be too much to ask.  Keep in mind how easy it is for someone to create a free e-mail account and all of a sudden become their own references.  An “experienced” spanker will also be the one to introduce the use of a safe word.  You should purposely avoid this topic, until they introduce it.  If they never bring it up as a requirement for the first few sessions, this is not the person for you.  An experienced spanker will know that this is needed until they get a sense of how you respond to being spanked.

Should our first meeting involve a spanking?

Every person I ever met for the first time, with the thoughts of eventually spanking them, we met at a restaurant with the purpose of getting to know each other better.  Lunch was the only activity that took place at these meetings, with a spanking taking place later down the road.  Anyone that insists on the first encounter involving a spanking may not be the right person for you.

We have had our initial meeting, things went well, and I am now going to meet this person for a spanking.  What sort of precautions should I take?

The most important thing is to follow your instincts.  If something doesn’t feel right, make it clear that whatever it is, is making you feel uncomfortable.  As an extra security precaution, I feel that a cell phone, charged and ready to go is essential.  When you arrive at your destination, use your cell phone to call a friend and let them know where you are at.  Make this phone call in front of your new spanking partner.  I think a first time spanking with a new partner should only involve handspanking.  If your new partner becomes a little over zealous, they are limited in what they can do with just their hand.  Bondage is definitely out of the question until your trust this person enough to baby-sit your best friend’s children.  Through previous communication you should have established what your expectations were for this spanking.  If at any point things go in a direction differently than you planned, put a stop to it.  When I spanked new people, I used a three part safeword system.  This allowed easy communication without killing the dynamics of the scene.  “Green” was the word that they used to let me know that they expected things to be a little harder.  “Yellow” was the word to let me know that something was wrong, that was not related to the pain of the spanking, such as feeling a little dizzy, sick to their stomach, or maybe just the position was too uncomfortable.  “Red” meant the spanking needed to stop at that very minute.  I never once heard the word “red” in any real discipline spanking I administered.  If you find yourself constantly safe wording, then this person is not as experienced as they led you to believe. 

Do not let everything I have written scare you out of the experience.  Most people that I know that have met someone online for their first spanking have had a good experience.  I am merely trying to prepare you for worst case scenarios.  For the most part, people who are out there looking to spank women want to do it on more than one occasion.  They are generally just as motivated as you are for this to go well and to lead to a long term spanking relationship.  But you must always keep in mind that to a certain degree, this person’s sexual fantasies revolve around the application of pain.  Many people see a true spanking as one that is applied as a punishment and leads to tears.  As a result, communication is the key.  In this communication, you need to look for trends that lead you to believe that this person is honest.  I feel that if you discover at any point that this person has lied to you, then this is not the right person for you.  If they lied about their age or even how they look, then who knows what else they are lying about. 

You want to find someone who has at least a little experience (or is honest about the fact that they are new to the process), have been receptive to your needs, introduced the concept of a safeword themselves, and are willing to take things as slow as you need them to be.  With patience and common sense it is not all that difficult to find someone who will help you fulfill your spanking fantasies. 

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[ Tuesday, February 08, 2005 ]

Spanking, sex, and endorphins

Endorphins play an important role when dealing with spanking at the harder levels.  Let’s take a quick look at what endorphins are and then we will explore the role they play in spanking.  Endorphins are neurotransmitters found in the brain that have pain relieving properties similar to morphine.  Endorphins interact with opiate receptor neurons in the brain and essentially block pain signals sent to the brain by the nervous system.  While research on the topic is still relatively new, studies are showing that endorphins are very beneficial to our bodies.  Recent studies suggest that, among other things, endorphins enhance the immune system, relieve pain, reduce stress, as well counter some of the effects of the aging process. 

Most of us are most familiar with the production of endorphins as a result of heavy exercise, or as the result of physical pain.  The body produces endorphins at high levels in more situations than just these.  Sexual activity produces endorphins and research shows that over the course of a sexual encounter endorphin levels can increase as much as 200%.  It has been suggested that the euphoric feelings that one experiences after sex are the result of high levels of endorphins running through the body.  There are also foods that are tied with the production of endorphins.  Eating hot chili peppers or chocolate can result in the release of endorphins.  This helps to explain why some people eat chocolate during times of stress and find it to be a comfort food.  While released in smaller amounts than during sex, consuming chocolate can produce enough endorphins to create a euphoric feeling.

Endorphins play an important role in spanking and may further explain why those that are not really into spanking find pleasure in having their bottom smacked during sex.  As illustrated above, the production of endorphins can lead to a euphoric feeling, and a little pain mixed in with sex can go a long way to increase the pleasure.  As a producer of spanking videos, endorphins play a very important role in what we do.  For the models that we spank that are really into it, being sexually turned on can carry them through the harder scenes we do.  Models that are not into it do not have the benefits of sexual excitement in a scene and it takes endorphins to allow them to carry on past their limits. 

We are often asked how we are able to find so many young and beautiful models that will take such a hard spanking.  I think one of the main reasons is that we are good at what we do and can guide just about anyone through a very hard scene.  We have learned to use the concept of endorphins to our advantage.  We always start each day slowly and work a model into the harder scenes.  Even a moderate spanking, applied to someone’s bottom who does not like it, will produce endorphins.  When it comes time to do a harder scene, the nervous system is already slightly prepared for what is to come.  In addition, we have learned to recognize when the body steps things up and begins producing endorphins at very high levels.  It takes practice and knowing the person you are spanking, but it is possible to visibly see the signs that let you know that endorphins are kicking in to high gear.  You will often see scenes in which the model struggles hard for the first half, and even though the spanking increases in intensity, she fights the whole process less towards the end.  This is a result of her body finding a way to cope with the pain by producing endorphins.  By recognizing when this happens, we can take a model much farther than she really expected to be able to go.  Endorphins are also responsible for the fact that immediately after an intense spanking, people report that their bottoms do not hurt as much as they expected.  The surprise comes a couple of hours later when they realize that they are very sore, much more so than they expected.  Once the body reduces its level of endorphin production, the true soreness from the spanking is fully realized.

There is still a lot of research to be done in this area, but there is enough of it out there currently to support what I have said.  As a spanker, or a spankee, you can learn to use endorphins to your advantage.  There are many people that have the desire to receive a hard spanking, but find that they can not tolerate anything more than a light spanking.  This is about more than just pain tolerance; it is about being properly guided through a scene that increases in intensity.  Endorphins are the reason that people can take a harder spanking after a warm-up.  I feel confident that I can take anyone into spanking, regardless of their pain tolerance, to a level of intensity that they had no concept that they could achieve.  I have had models work for us that at the beginning, could barely make it through a handspanking, that are now able to take a wooden paddle on the bare.  Nothing happened to increase their pain tolerance, we simply got to know them better and as a result were better able to read their body language to see when the harder spanking could begin.  I think many spanking producers short themselves in a big way with model selection.  They hire anyone cute and then just spank the hell out of them.  The ones that survive are hired again, the ones that don’t are sent packing.  They do not take the time to learn how to guide someone to the level of intensity their audience wants to see.  They simply end up with models who can naturally deal with a lot of pain.  If they would learn more about endorphins and use it to their advantage, they would quickly find the size of their model pool increasing by 500%. 

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest something that I have never seen mentioned before.  First let’s look at some of the current findings in the area of endorphin research.  It has been found that endophins:

- enhance the immune system
- relieve pain
- reduce stress
- counter some of the effects of the aging process
- increase the release of sexual hormones
- cause a euphoric feeling

Now if there was a pill that could do all of the above things, I am pretty sure that doctors would prescribe it to just about everyone.  You do not need a pill, you already have the prescription (your bottom) and you just need to have it filled (a spanking).  If you want to better fight off illness, better deal with pain, reduce the stress of your daily life, look and feel younger, increase your sexual drive, and find a natural high without drugs or alcohol, then spanking is the cure.  I propose that a spanking a day will keep the doctor away.  Hmmm, maybe I need to open the first spanking therapy clinic wink .

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[ Monday, February 07, 2005 ]

How bizarre is my job?  A funny quote

Obviously, my job is somewhat unusual.  But at times, it is easy to forget that there is anything all that unusual about it.  After all, I employ many of my friends and some of my family, so even the people that I hang out with do not see it as all that different.  Every once in a while I am presented with a situation that puts it all into perspective.

Last weekend I was talking with my wife as we were discussing some sexual fun.  I made a comment that made us both stop talking for a moment and then led to uncontrollable laughter.  The comment was simple:

“Shit, I left our spreader bar at work”

It seemed pretty funny at the time and gave us total perspective as to how different our jobs really are.

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Experiencing spanking for the first time through the eyes of new models.

There is a fun aspect to my job that I have not really shared before.  It is based on working with new models that have desires to be spanked.  For the most part, our models are young and do not have much in the way of real life spanking experiences.  Most of them report that they have had boyfriends that have smacked their asses a few times, but nothing that resembles a disciplinary spanking.  Like most with spanking fantasies, they have desires to feel like they are in trouble and are actually being punished for something.  Luckily, we are easily able to accommodate these desires.

The most interesting aspect of this is the fact that, like most of us, they have gone their whole life hiding the fact that they are into spanking.  There are rarely situations as young women where they can discuss their interests in spanking with anyone.  Then they walk through our doors and while somewhat intimidating, it can certainly be liberating.  They find themselves in an environment in which spanking desires are discussed freely.  For the first time in their lives, they are not alone, nor do they feel like perverts, with their spanking desires.  They are surrounded by people that either spank or get spanked on a regular basis and have no problem talking about it.  They see situations in which several people gather around a model after a shoot to look at the marks on her butt.  They hear comments like “wow”, “cool”, and “look at that one”"as we all critique the marks left from the cane on someone’s bottom.  They discover a completely free environment in which no one is judged for things that are often viewed as “kinky"or “perverted”. 

Nothing is more fun than presenting someone into spanking, 100 different implements to choose from for their scene.  They are like a kid in a candy store as they touch items that they previously have only fantasized about.  They often make a pile of things that they “just have to try”.  They love that they can ask questions about how each and every one will feel on their bottom.  They love that they can bend over and take sample swats with any implement of their choosing.  On many occasions, after completing three scenes with us, they find themselves back upstairs asking to be spanked off camera and without any additional pay, just because they are curious about how something will feel.  You should see the look in their eyes as I describe a scene I have scripted that has them playing the role of a naughty school girl in serious trouble.  It is often easy to tell when we have hit the nail on the head in regards to their ultimate spanking fantasy.  In many cases we are providing them with a spanking that pays very well, but that in reality, they probably would have paid money to experience.  I like to open people’s eyes and there is nothing greater than helping someone feel a sense of sexual liberation.  I am glad that we have created an environment, which for some, is something that they have searched for their entire lives.  I love it when someone realizes for the first time that there is nothing wrong with their desires.  I love it when we do a very strict scene that leaves the girl in tears, and when I ask her afterwards how it was she replies, “amazing”.  I love when I have pushed a girl to her limits and beyond and when it is all over she asks if we can do it on the bare next time.

It makes the whole process personally easier for me when someone is just really into it.  We recently hired a new model that was clearly here to explore her unrealized spanking fantasies.  After her first shoot, I asked her how she would feel about doing scenes in which she is spanked in front of a group of people, spanked with other girls, or forced to do naked corner time with others present.  Her response was “oh my God, could we really do that”?  I was just trying to test the waters, but she made it clear that I was pressing all the right buttons.  There are aspects of my job that are difficult at best, but it all seems worth it when I am able to help someone with the exploration of their fantasies.  It is more than worth it when they fully realize that if it is fun, consensual, and between adults, then there is nothing wrong with it.  I think we help to create an environment that allows many women to explore their deepest and darkest fantasies without the guilt that is so often imposed by society.  I am convinced that they will have a healthier and stronger sense of their own sexuality as a result. 

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[ Tuesday, February 01, 2005 ]

Spanking in the real world and the roots of our spanking fantasies

By request, I am reposting this article that explores some of the more diffucult aspects of our fetish.

This is a difficult topic to explore and one that I have always had trouble putting into words.  As many times as I have tried, I have never been able to articulate this point very effectively.  Regardless, I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot as a blog entry.  Let�s start with the difficult questions and see if we can find something resembling an answer. 

Why do so many spanking videos feature situations that feel like a child in trouble getting spanked by a parent?
Why are there so many school scenes with a naughty student and a teacher or principal spanking them?
Why do we see so many people posting their true accounts of childhood spankings on the web?
Why do so many people actively seek these accounts out and read them?
Why do I blog so much about school corporal punishment and why is this one of the most requested scenes on my sites?
Why do many couples participate in �age play� in their spanking scenes?

As you can see, these are tough questions to answers.  At their root, I think these are some of the things that make so many people uncomfortable about their spanking fetish.  It makes them feel weird or “perverted”, so much so that they may go their entire lifetime without ever telling anyone that the concept of spanking is appealing to them.  They feel like they need to just suppress these feelings and hope they go away.  They assume that there must just be something wrong with them, but I would have to disagree.  The Internet has made it easier for many people to realize that they are not alone out there in their “perverted” thoughts, but I think that most of us had difficulties coming to grips with it.  I never once told any of my friends in school, that while they were making comments on how much they would like to have sex with a particular girl, I was thinking about bending her over and smacking her bottom with a paddle.  I am sure that there are many women out there who fantasized about the captain of the football team taking her over his knee and spanking her to tears.


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