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[ Saturday, October 19, 2013 ]

Confessions of a young spanko

This is a detailed exploration beginning with my 1st spanking thought and leads to the 1st spanking I ever gave.  There are detailed accounts of childhood spankings that I witnessed, if you do not care for such things, stop reading.  Every word is 100% true, with no embellishment.

There is often the debate of nature vs. nurture and how we become the kinky little spankos which we have all grown to be.  There is no doubt that this is something I was born with, as I was into spanking before I ever saw one administered or felt one myself.  I thought I would try a blog post that revisits my history as a horny little Michael Masterson, running around as a kid, exploring my spanking thoughts.

My childhood memories are always grouped based on where I lived, and what grades I was in at that home.  This makes it difficult to give an exact age of any given early memory and tends to put things into 3-4 year blocks.  I know my earliest childhood spanking thoughts came to me around the 2nd or 3rd grade.  This was the early 70’s, in California, not too far from Stanford University.  Many of the kids my age were born to hippie parents, and being in the bay area in the early 70’s, spanking was not all that prevalent in my neighborhood.  There were a brother and sister that lived on my street that I knew were spanked, but only because the girl once told me, with a big smile on her face, that her mom had broken a wooden spoon on her brother’s butt.  I was not personally spanked by my parents, with the exception of maybe 3-4 times I can think of in which I got a single swat to the bottom for doing something that seemed dangerous, like walking into the street without looking.

But at this same age, with no personal experience with spanking, having never witnessed a spanking, and having never had anyone really describe a spanking to me, there was no doubt the idea excited me.  It was not a sexual thing at such an early age, but I was certainly interested.  I used to have punishment based “fantasies” which I know occurred in the 3rd grade or maybe a year before.  I would picture a girl that annoyed the hell out of me, in my school, having her dress lifted and then spanked by a teacher, on the playground, in front of everyone.  I do believe these thoughts were responsible for my earliest erections that came about as a result of something in my mind.  There were many variations of this fantasy, but it was always a public spanking of a girl, she was always spanked to tears, and there were generally kids watching the whole thing take place with smiles and giggles.

The next big event to hit me regarding spanking occurred a few years later, when I was in around the 5th grade.  My dad always had playboy and penthouse magazines in his room and as a curious boy; I visited these magazines whenever I had the house to myself.  On one such occasion I came across an old school spanking picture that showed three girls in a classroom, bottoms bared, two looking as though they had just been spanked, and one bent over waiting to be spanked (this picture was a central feature in the newspaper cover story that was done about me years ago  A teacher sat before them with a yardstick in her hand prepared to spank the last girl.  This was my Holy Shit moment regarding spanking as I realized that I was not alone in this world.  If this old black and white picture depicting spanking existed in an adult magazine, then others must feel the same as I do.  In addition, the picture seemed very old, so not only must other people feel the same as I do, this must have been the case for a very long time.  This picture became such a central focus of my life that I did not wait for my parents to be out of the house and would sneak in and look at it as often as possible.  As I dug deeper into the magazines, I started reading Penthouse Forum and discovered that couples seemed to sometimes integrate sex with spanking.  I could barely wait for a new issue to arrive and now I always started with Forum, well before I ever looked at the naked girls.

Fast forward a couple of years, to 1981, the year we moved to Texas, a place that would really open my eyes to how spanking exists in the real world.  This would also lead to me witnessing my 1st spanking ever.  I had lived in Texas for less than 2 months and had not yet started my 1st year of junior high.  A younger boy in the neighborhood invited me to go with his family to a local lake for the weekend, for RV camping and waterskiing.  It sounded like fun, my parents said yes, so off we went.  We stayed in a group campground, with close to a dozen other families, that all seemed to do this together on a regular basis.  We had a fun weekend, I learned to waterski, and it is pretty much what you would expect from a large social gathering in the woods with a bunch of Texans.  On Sunday morning, we were cleaning up the campsite, as the adults were taking down pop-up campers, and trailering boats.  A boy came up from the beach and said that someone fishing had caught a water moccasin on his line.  We ran down to see it and he really had hooked a huge snake and we were excited to see it.  Several minutes later my friends little sister came down and said “dad is looking for you…and he is mad”.  We had been forbidden, on day one, to go to the water without an adult present, but we had not been swimming, simply looking, so I figured it was not a big deal.  When we walked back up to the campsite, I figured out very quickly it was a big deal.  His dad, a big hulking truck driver, grabbed his son by his shoulder and dragged him over to a big concrete picnic table in the center of the group camp site and bent him over the end of the bench.  He then pulled off his sandal, ones that I had noticed earlier in the trip, as the bottom was made from a tire tread.  He then proceeded to apply the 1st spanking I had ever witnessed.  This was a good old boy Texas style spanking and I have to admit it was pretty bad.  With at least 20 men, women, and children watching he proceeded to give the kind of spanking that was very clearly designed to completely eliminate any future bad behavior.  He spanked hard and fast and it lasted more than a minute.  My friend was screaming and crying from the 1st swat, but it did not matter.  This seemed common enough in this group that no one pretended not to watch, people simply stopped what they were doing to watch a good old fashioned butt blistering take place.  I was less than ten feet away and just started picking up cigarette butts off the ground and putting them in the trash.  I wondered if I was next, but I was not, and I was very thankful.  When it was over my friend bounced up and down, screaming and hollering, and rubbing his butt and I have no doubt that his butt was black and blue from the experience.

That was my introduction to what a real spanking was all about and I knew that I wanted nothing to do with being on the receiving end.  The next big shocker to me came a few weeks later on the 1st day of 7th grade.  As was the tradition, the day starts with all the girls going to the gym to meet with the female VP and the boys go to the cafeteria to meet with the male VP.  It is basically a discussion about doing your best, school rules, and eventually about discipline.  At some point the male VP produced a large wooden paddle and said, as of this year it is back.  It turns out that due to a lawsuit a few years before, this school had been paddle free, but with it all behind them and no wrong doing having been found, it was policy again.  When he 1st held up the paddle, I honestly did not know what he meant as I had never attended a school in which there was corporal punishment, nor did I know that this happened in any school, anywhere.  As he was holding it up to the cafeteria full of boys, I asked the kid next to me, “What does he do with that”?  He kind of laughed at me and said, “He busts your ass good”.  My heart started racing as a realized that getting in trouble in school could not only result in being spanked, but spanked with a big ass board.  Texas was indeed was quite a different place.  That paddle scared me enough that I managed to avoid it, all three years of middle school.  I once had a ten day on campus suspension, which left me in a room, next to the VP’s office and I was able to hear several paddlings take place.  They sounded like gunshots going off and there was nothing ornamental about them.  He really did “bust their butts good”, and on a couple of occasions I could hear boys crying on the other side of the wall.

But at this point in my life, my focus was still about girls being spanked.  My fantasies had still not really gotten to the point of wanting to spank a girl; I wanted to see a girl get spanked.  When I fantasized in my head, I was always a witness, or a voyeur to a teen girl getting a spanking.  I would take that instance at the lake and replace it with a girl from my neighborhood, always a cute one, with a perfect little butt.  Or I would imagine those same school paddlings, but with a girl in his office, in her tight little Texas style jeans getting paddled.

I had quickly realized in the new small Texas town that I lived in that spanking was a way of life.  It seemed every kid my age, or younger was still spanked.  Although no one really called it a spanking, it was always a “whuppin”.  As far as I could tell, there was not a single kid in the neighborhood, male or female, that did not get their butts spanked with a belt from mom, dad, or both on occasion.  It was simply a fact of life and while it was often hard to get the details I so wanted to hear, they were not all that embarrassed to mention that they got a whuppin the night before.  It became fuel for my fantasies as I realized all of the neighbor girls, at some point or another, had to bend over for a session with the belt.

Later in my 7th grade year, I made friend with a kid in the neighborhood and we became best friends.  From 7th grade until I finished high school, there was not a day I did not spend at his house.  His very cute sister was one year younger than me, and it was her frequent bad behavior that allowed me my first experience with a girl getting spanked.  It happened just a few weeks into the friendship, when on one Saturday night, I knocked on the door, and after close to a minute, my friend and his sister finally opened the door.  I said the standard “can you come out and play” and he had a very concerned look on his face.  She said, with a big smile on her face “we are about to get our whuppins, but he can probably come out after, just come back in 15 minutes”.  It was clear that she was trying to play it up to him that she did not care at all that she was about to be spanked.  The spanking was going to be a result of them always fighting and arguing, so she was still trying to get the best of him by acting like it was no big deal.  He told me that he did not think he would come back out that night and that he would see me in the morning. 

My heart was racing when they closed the door and I was not sure what to do, but I knew what I had to do was see her get spanked.  His bedroom window faced the front of the house and hers the side.  I ran over to the side of the house, but she had her blinds closed.  There were those types of bamboo blinds that rolled down, but they were made of individual bamboo slats, to there was a little room to see between them.  It was not the best view in the world, but it would have to do.  I saw her sitting on the edge of her bed and the smile was clearly gone.  Her little act was over now that she was alone and she just sat there and waited.  I was startled when I heard the cracks of the belt and the crying coming from the front of the house.  I was so nervous and my hands were trembling.  When the spanking started in the other room, her body language changed in a very big way, and she sat up straight on the bed and looked around nervously.  Less than 30 seconds later her bedroom door opened and her step dad walked in with a heavy leather belt in his hand.  She started to plead with him a little and he said what sounded like “just turn around”.  She stood up, turned around, and as soon as her hands touched the edge of the bed he started swinging.  It was not a slow and deliberate strapping; he swung hard and a little wildly, smacking her ass and the back of her legs, over her tight jeans.  He only gave her seven strokes with the belt, but it was enough to do the job.  She was screaming and crying just as loud as her brother had, and after the last stroke, he just left the room and closed the door.  She collapsed onto the bed, crying hard, and I ran as fast as I could towards my house.  I finally stopped running as it seemed my heart was going to explode.  It was a lot of information to process and my mind was racing with various emotions.  For a 7th grade boy, having just watched a fairly severe strapping of a girl he had a bit of a crush on, it was a lot to process.

Over the next couple of years, I would hear her getting spanked several more times, but I never got to see another one.  As I became pretty much a fixture in their home, I was just part of the family.  If my friend was in trouble, or they were both in trouble, I would be sent home so the issues could be dealt with.  But there were occasions, in which she was the only one in trouble, and I would be sitting in the family room when her whuppin took place.  The first time this happened, it also led to a discovery, something that had been right under my nose, all of this time, which I never noticed.  It was late one night, I was spending the night, and my friend, his mom, step-dad, and I were watching a movie on HBO.  It was clear from a few words exchanged by the parents that his sister was quite late in getting home.  Eventually the front door opened, and she walked right past the family room and went right to her bedroom.  The step dad asked the mom “want me to get in there with the belt”, to which she replied “yep”.  It was at this point that the new discovery was made.  He stood up, and walked over to a stand that held a set of old school TV trays, which I had walked by 100’s of times.  From that stand, he grabbed that same heavy leather belt that I had watched her get her butt torn up with and then he walked down the hall.  I listened as what sounded like the same process I had watched before, took place just feet away from me through the walls.  She took 4-5 strokes, the crying could be heard, there was a bit of a pause and a little garbled talking, then I heard her receive another 10.  Her door opened and closed, he came back into the room, hung the belt on one of the trays, sat down and we continued with the movie as if nothing had happened.  We did not see her again that night.

From this day forward, this belt hanging on a tray that I had never noticed before became quite the focus for me.  Every chance I had, when someone was not in the room with me, I would grab the belt and hold it.  It was a very heavy belt, and seemed to have some sort of inner leather to it, meaning it bulged out in spot like it was filled.  It was a traditional Texas belt that had marking and carving in it.  There was no buckle on it and it had a heavy crease in the middle.  This belt had a single purpose and it had nothing to do with holding up pants.  There was no doubt that it was effective and could only imagine what that must have felt like on her butt and thighs.  Over my many years of friendship with both of them, I heard several whuppins taking place, the last one when I was a senior in high school, so she had to have been 16 or 17 at the time.

There was another girl in the neighborhood, who we hung out with on occasion during the summers, and she was also spanked.  She was not embarrassed to talk about it and I pushed her for more information than I typically would someone else.  As a young spanko, I always tried to get whatever details I could, but it had to come across as casual, like it was no big deal, like I really did not care.  But in my head, I was screaming out dozens of questions, “how bad did it hurt”, “how many did you get”, “have you ever been spanked on the bare”, “did you cry”, “what did your butt look like”, “what position did you have to assume”, “did anyone else see it take place”, “how often does this happen”?  But as someone who was nowhere close to telling anyone what I really thought about spanking, I had to remain casual.  But with this one girl, who on one occasion gave me details when I had not really asked, I pushed my limits a little.  It started one day, sitting in her living room, when her friend started teasing her about being spanked the night before.  I said “no shit, what did she spank you with”?  She simply pointed to the mantle above the fireplace, in which there were a dozen framed family photos.  I asked her what she meant and she told me to look.  Behind the framed photos that were propped up, there was a small piece of wood.  It was nothing like a paddle; it was more the type of wood you would use for a yard sign.  It was the same thickness as width and maybe 20 inches long.  Written on it, with a ballpoint pen, it said “board of education”, I read it aloud and she said “yeaaa, my dad thought he was being clever”.  I smacked it on my hand and said “ouch” in which she replied “yep”.  I told her that I had never really been spanked and asked what it was like.  She told me her mom always spanked her and that is sucked, but was better than being grounded.  This conversation alone, sort of established an in, and I would ask her jokingly on occasion if the “board of education” had seen much use lately.  It would get bits and pieces, here and there from her, enough to continue to fuel my fantasies.

I would have to guess that is was in my early years of high school that the thought of actually spanking a girl started to come into play.  I can remember walking through the school halls, looking at the tight butts of the lovely girls, and starting to wonder what it would be like to spank them.  While there was certainly a sexual element and excitement that went with these fantasies, my thoughts were strictly about spanking, and never combined sex and spanking.  My fantasies began to change into a direction in which these girls I went to school with, were somehow really in trouble, and I was tasked with the job of punishing them.  A general theme was one of them doing something very bad, that only I knew about, and for their dad or the police not to know, I had to take care of it.  All of my fantasies, from the earliest ones, involved very real discipline, with much pain and crying, and always with a very sore butt for days.  It has also always been very cause and effect related spanking and discipline.  All my fantasies were based on a girl being in a lot of trouble, needing a very hard, but more importantly well-deserved punishment.  It was important to me that the spanking she received she had fully earned.

It was around this point in my life that sex came into play for me.  I was shy and was certainly not yet in a place in my life in which I was going to ask a girl to spank her.  Plus, that was not really what I was looking for, just to administer a spanking; my fetish was not grounded in simply slapping a woman’s bottom, the spanking needed to be as a result of her actions.  In the late 80’s in Texas there were not too many situations in which an 18 year old guy was punishing a young lady for her behavior.  In college I had my 1st real long term relationship, which lasted 2 years.  She was as vanilla as they come, but we did explore sexuality together.  At her urging, one weekend when we had my parents’ house to ourselves, she suggested we buy some rope.  We tied each other up and had much fun, but there was nothing all that dominant or submissive about it, it was more about teasing each other with lots of pleasure when the other person was restrained.  After that relationship, I went onto a four year university, and kind of sewed my wild oats.  I joined alternative type fraternity, made up of a sort of combination of hippy and biker type dudes, which also had a little sister organization.  This was my party year indeed and for the 1st time in my life sex with many different women was quite easy to obtain. 

It was during this time period that I had my first sort of sexually dominant experience.  It was with a girl that I had been sleeping with on and off for a few weeks, nothing exclusive, but whenever we found ourselves at the same party, she tended to come home with me.  She was a very fun girl, and one of the most sexually open-minded girls I had had the pleasure to be with up until that point.  She was the first girl that would openly masturbate in front of me, just to get me excited, or just because she felt the need.  She had flirted and teased with the thought of me tying her up, until one night it was pretty much a full on dare.  While she was in the shower of my little apartment, I gathered a couple of neck ties, and whatever I could find to make four restraints and tied them to the wheels on the frame of my bed.  She joined me in bed and I gently pulled one of her arms above her head, and surprised her with starting to tie her wrist.  I was surprised when she started fighting it and was clearly not going to let it happen.  I was confused, so I stopped, and she then told me not to stop.  I pulled her wrist again and she began to struggle hard, so as strange as it was at the time, I literally wrestled with her until I managed to get the hand tied into place.  She was not offering passive resistance; she was working hard to not be tied up.  It probably took me 20 minutes to get her fully tied down and it was a lot of work.  But for the very first time in my life, I was feeling a D&S vibe in the bedroom.  There was nothing submissive about how she had ended up in that position, but the power exchange we were feeling was pretty amazing.  This was the 1st time in my life in which I was able to do whatever I wanted to a woman, without her having any say in it, and she loved it.  It made me feel strong and it made me feel powerful, and it made the sex the most spectacular I had ever experienced.  We had many more fun nights over the course of a few months, and she expected for me to subdue her in some manner, every time after that first experience.  Had I known what I know now, she would have been my 1st spanking experience.  But even then, I was still shy and embarrassed about my spanking fetish, as I am sure she was hiding more than she shared as well.

After my fun semester and a half of feeling like a stud and having as much sex as I wanted, I met Miss J, at that very same frat house.  She was friends with one of the sisters and showed up to a party.  We went home that night from the party together, as she needed a place to stay, and we shared a bed.  She was a confusing girl at first, as she completely undressed and folded the clothes that she knew she would be putting back on in the morning, and got into bed with me.  We made out, but it was clear that there would be no touching below the waist.  She had just been fully nude with the lights on, and was sharing a bed with me, but only kissing.  This stood out on my mind, as this had never happened before to me, but she was a strong woman and nothing would ever go at a pace that she was not comfortable with.  It was quite an attractive feature for a girl who had just turned 18.  The next morning, I woke up and she was standing naked in my kitchen making us coffee.  After coffee I drove her back to her friend’s dorm and I thought that was the end of it.  A few weeks later, my phone rang and it was that girl.  She had tracked down my number and asked if I wanted to see her again.  Six weeks later she moved into my apartment and we were quickly falling in love.  We spent every waking moment outside of school together, and she was the most sexual person I had ever met.

Fast forward to about 5 months later and I will finally get to the spanking part of this relationship.  Before I had met her, we had done a fraternity prank, as pledges, in which we wallpapered every square inch of the frat house with pages of dirty magazines.  Everyone was told to meet and bring every porn magazine they could find, which for 17 college dudes, was a lot.  As we are grabbing magazines and tearing out pages, I came across a spanking magazine, the first I had ever seen.  I did not know who had brought it, but I knew I needed it and managed to sneak it into my backpack without having torn a page from it.  This magazine received a lot of attention from me in the later weeks, as I had never really seen a picture of a butt that had actually been spanked.  It was another big part of my spanking life as I was introduced to the visuals of spanking.  Anyway, after J had lived with me for about 5 months, she had decided to clean out the little broom closet that I stored everything in.  Of course, that was also where the box that I had stashed my limited porn collection had been, and inside that box was the spanking magazine.  I came home from my campus job that afternoon and sitting on the coffee table was that magazine.  My heart sank, as I realized how very busted I was.  This was the very first time, in the history of my world that someone else knew.  I checked the now very organized closet, and all of the rest of my magazines were still in it.  She had not gone on a rampage, had not thrown anything away, but had clearly looked at all of the magazines and pulled out this one.  She was working her evening job at Dillard’s, and this is well before cell phones, so I simply had to wait until she got home.

After I had put down a six pack, trying to calm my nerves, she finally came home.  I had left the magazine out as I did not know what else to do.  She smiled, kissed me, grabbed a beer and joined me on the couch.  She picked up the magazine and asked me what I thought of it.  I went through the excuse of it being left over from the prank, and was just in with my other magazines.  She asked me what I thought about it, regardless of where it had come from.  I told her that there seemed to be some cute girls in there and that the pink butts were a little cute.  She then opened the magazine and said, “Let me show you the things I want to try”.  Nervousness, turned to relief, and then to paradise.  Over the next couple of days we discussed the concept of spanking in more detail, and one night after way too many beers, I came clean.  I told her the fantasy had existed since at least the 3rd grade and that I think about it often.  After pouring out my heart, sharing every detail, many of which have been included in this account, including how much I liked to see the neighbor girls spanked, a weight had been lifted like I have never felt before.  Almost before I could finish confessing all of my pent up spanking guilt, she looked at me and said “Thank God”.  Needless to say, our spanking relationship went very far.  Less than a month after that conversation, she started keeping a little journal of things she had done wrong that she needed to be punished for, and punished she was.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/19 at 06:36 PM

[ Wednesday, October 16, 2013 ]

Where did that picture come from?

spanking picture

It is simply the picture of a young lady, with a cute bottom, that is being well punished with a wooden spoon.  It seems like a fairly real scenario, has the domestic feel of a mom punishing her older teen daughter, and there is no doubt that the spanking she received clearly did the job.  The copyrights are from 2004, which was nine years ago, from a well-known spanking producer and everyone must know who produced this picture.  So, I will use the photo software that came with my computer and go ahead and crop out the copyrights and put this picture on my blog.  But where did this photo really come from and what was the journey that it took before it ended up on a random blog with the copyrights removed?

Based on a discussion that took place yesterday on Fetlife, in which Fetlife contacted me to tell me that someone was using one of my pictures, and asked me if I would like it taken down.  This person, with more than 500 pictures associated with his profile, none of which are his, had indeed posted a photo of mine, but the copyrights were still in place.  I wrote Fetlife and told them no big deal, as at least people know where the picture came from.  I understand that the Internet has changed, and what used to be mine, that people had to pay to see, now seems to be everyone’s for free.  I am trying hard to be a realist and not get my panties in a bunch anymore about my content being so readily available, outside of my member’s areas. 

But I want to take you back to the picture above, taken in November of 2004 and tell you the full story of what it took to produce it.  As many of you know, my wife and I started spanking each other on film, in the late 90’s to help pay for graduate school.  When we finished grad school the sites had really taken off and we decided to go full-time with them.  We spanked out of our house for a couple of years and eventually opened up our 1st studio.  We quickly added Lady D, and a webmaster, and took on Jessica and Brandi as full-time models with their own sites.  This allowed for extra revenue and expansion, which led us to our 1st real production studio, a 4400 sq. ft. building that had all the space we required for many years.

It was at this point in our lives, around 2002, that we decided that we were going to make this a very real business and not just a couple that happens to film spanking videos.  After countless meetings, legal consolations, and business plans we put a large scale plan into action.  Over the next year we hired an office manager, a network technician, a video editor, a full-time accountant, a full-time tape and DVD duplicator who also handled our mailroom, and a graphic artist.  We also hired Kailee, Cindy Baker, and Betty as full time production staff members/extras and brought on Coach as a full-time spanker.  All three models were sent to 2 weeks of digital production training, to better learn the cameras and lighting.  We did a full upgrade of all of the equipment and spent 10’s of thousands of dollars to make sure we had the best equipment money could buy for Internet based productions.

When we set this large scale plan into action, we wanted happy and secure employees.  Every staff member had full medical, dental, and vision insurance with the ability to add family members.  There was a 401k in place for everyone as well as an investment consultant that came twice a year to speak with the employees about their options within the company.  Our initial work schedule was four days a week with Fridays off for everyone accept the person who ran our customer service.  We recognized 15 paid holidays a year, gave two weeks paid vacation to all employees, as well as 10 paid “personal” days a year.  We kept our staff kitchen fully stocked with every beverage known to man and healthy snacks that anyone could help themselves to.

We had decided from day one that how we would stand out in the industry was by how we treated our models.  We created a model handbook and power point presentation so that any girl that walked through our doors would know exactly what she was getting herself into.  We created a very detailed pay scale, so there was no confusion about what she would be paid for each scene.  This pay scale was far beyond what we needed to pay any model for the work she was doing and was clearly the highest in the industry.  We also had an all-female production team, so they were able to work in an environment in which there were always more women than men present.  We took great pride in how we treated our models and this really allowed us to have more models than any spanking site had ever even considered hiring.  At the time the above picture was taken, we had more than 50 models working for us.

In order to hire a model, we needed to advertise, which is not the cheapest thing in the world when it comes to adult advertising.  But we took out a ¼ page add in a local paper, popular on college campuses, and it worked out well for us.  We also put into place a model referral system in which any model that referred another, received money for the 1st two shoots of her friend.  How well we paid our models, and how well we treated them, led to a 95% retention rate for all of our models.  Once a girl shot with us once, she always wanted to come back.

So let’s dive into what it took to create that picture above.  With a full staff in place and a proper studio to shoot the content, it begins.  We pay for the advertising and then wait for our phone to ring.  After an initial phone consultation the model is scheduled for an interview with our office manager/model coordinator.  Her interview lasts close to an hour in which everything about what we do is explained. If it seems like a good fit for everyone involved, she is scheduled for a shoot.  On the day of her shoot, before we film anything, the new model sits down with Lady D and I for 30 minutes as we discuss the reality of a shoot, what we are looking for, the legal aspects, the fact that we do report earning to the IRS and she will be receiving a 1099, etc. She also fills out all the form required by 18 USC 2257 as far as Federal laws documenting her age, with two forms of ID. During this time the production staff carried the equipment from the upstairs to the room we will be shooting in.  Light and cameras are setup and the production begins.  Lady d and I script the three scenes that the model will be doing and we get started.  Each model films three scenes, all of which are filmed on digital video.  In addition to the video, professional strobes are used with a high end digital camera to capture stills of the whole event. Over the next 2-3 hours, I, Lady D, the model, and 2-3 production people do what we can to create the best possible content.  The goal is to film the hardest spankings possible without exceeding the model’s personal limits.

When the shoot is over, the model waits as our accountant cuts her a company check.  As the check is being written the production team is busy preparing for the next shoot.  The pictures that were taken from that shoot are loaded onto a large RAID array, which is shared on the network, so the graphic designer can take the photos, color correct them, resize them, and add copyrights.  These photos are then put into a database, designed by our network admin, and are scheduled for updates to a site.  The mini-DV video tapes are taken to the video editor and where he captures them onto another high capacity computer and begins the process of editing the clips.  Once they have been color corrected, watermarks added, edited into clips that are the right size for download, and then compressed into various formats, these clips are indexed and put into the database for future updates.

At this point, the network admin takes charge of the content and is responsible for getting it online to our various servers.  Being that we wanted the best and fastest sites out there, we chose to purchase several high end servers that were maintained and managed by a well-respected company.  We went with OC3 connection, directly to the backbone, with multiple redundancies so that is any given server had an issue, it would automatically kick over to a backup box.  To assure that content was never lost; we had the crew do nightly backups of our content and store those drives offsite.  The servers were monitored 24 hours a day to assure that there was never a second that any of our sites went offline.  Through the LAMP based database system designed by our network admin, he is able to upload all of the content where it sits on a server until the day that it is designated to update.

Now the content sits online where we hope that people will sign-up and view it.  To get new members, we use various forms of marketing, mostly done by myself and the webmaster.  Banner ads, both static and flash based are designed by our graphic artist.  If we were successful, members come to our site and want to sign up.  We pay various companies to allow us various options for billing.  As an adult company we are considered “high risk” so the percentages paid to the processors are quite high.  For our DVD sales and such, in which tangible goods are actually shipped, we have a “high risk” merchant account as well.  But it is not just as easy as signing up for a credit card processor if you want to use VISA.  VISA has a staff of people that go through each and every page of a website that want to bill through them and evaluate the content.  In every case this is happened for my sites, I am given a list of content that is unacceptable that I have to remove.  This is content that I have already filmed and paid for, that has to be removed, never to be seen…just the price of doing business with VISA.

Once a customer has finally signed up, they are free to enjoy the site and download whatever they want.  Since we are looking at November 2004, this is back when bandwidth was very expensive.  I am billed based on the Mbps that flow through the OC3 connections to the Internet that my servers experience.  More than 20% of my membership sales each month go towards only the cost of bandwidth.  To assure that all of our customers have a good experience, can report site problems, and most of all to make cancelling their membership as easy as possible, I have a customer service representative available during working hours, five days a week. 

Once again, this is 2004, in which we had an administration running the country, which was not all that friendly to adult websites.  To make sure that I not only met the Federal standards regarding record keeping requirement, but that I set the bar, I needed to have good legal representation.  I needed a professional that could look at every detail of our sites and documentation.  We went with the firm and the lawyer that represented Larry Flynt before the US Supreme Court.  With a growing company that had full-time staff, part-time staff, and contract based models, we also needed consolation regarding taxes, so we also had a tax attorney.  As people try to piggy back off the popularity of large websites such as mine, we also needed to go through the Federal process of registering our trademark, so none of the names of our sites could be used by other websites. 

So this is a brief look at the money out of my pocket to make that picture possible.  In addition to the talented staff that I could have done none of this without, there is my time.  I poured my heart and soul into these sites to provide the best possible content that I felt I could produce.  Before 2003, every job listed above, I did myself.  People often comment that I have the best job in the world, and while I do get to spank cute girls on a regular basis, I worked my ass off to build a full scale corporation, and there was nothing easy at all about it. 

So, that picture above, from 2004 that you are thinking about putting on your blog with the copyrights removed is the result of the work of so very many talented and dedicated individuals.  I did not snap the picture on my phone and click “share” and it then appeared on some random website.  Before that picture ever made it to your computer, at least a dozen people were paid in some part to make it happen.  That picture puts food on my table and will help put my kids through college.  In 2004 there was only one way to see that picture and that was to sign up to and view it.  I know a lot has changed since then and the Internet is all about file sharing, piracy, tube sites, and how you can get whatever you want for no charge.  I am coming to grips with it and it certainly is helping to kill an industry.  So, if you are going to take one of my pictures and put it on your blog, please do me the courtesy of understanding what really went into the production of that picture and leave the copyright in place.  Maybe someone will view your blog and want to see the video that goes with that scene.  Maybe they will actually come to my site and signup and like what they see.  Maybe they will not try to find a pirated version of that video , which will allow me to film so many more just like the ones they love.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/16 at 09:30 AM

[ Tuesday, October 08, 2013 ]

Bare bottom switching

After sending Miss Ivy out to cut and prepare three separate switches, I wore out her bottom and her thighs with all three. Filmed today for a future HD video update for the member’s area of

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/08 at 12:23 PM

[ Monday, October 07, 2013 ]

Severe bare bottom paddling video

Sometimes a handspanking is just not enough.  Sometimes even a hard paddling is not enough to get the job done.  On those occasions, only a severe paddling will do the trick.  Here is a good example of what is sometimes required to teach a proper lesson.

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/07 at 12:17 PM

A hard bare bottom strapping in front of her sister and friend

Most spanking take place in private, but there are those situations in which a more public punishment is called for. In a recent update at Miss Harlan found herself in trouble with both her sister and her best friend.  All three girls learned that those who play together, pay together.  This animation shows a small taste of the severe bare bottom strapping that Harlan received for her transgressions.  Before it was all done, there were bruised bottoms and teary eyes for all three girls.

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/07 at 11:18 AM

Realistic school paddling Video

What happens when a young lady tries to push the boundaries of the school dress code, on the last week of school?  In many schools, that young lady is made to grab her ankles and have her bottom paddled until she is crying.  Last week in the member’s area of I explored this very concept and paddled 19 year old Abigail until her bottom was bruised and the tears were flowing.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/07 at 11:12 AM

A hard paddling is best for long term learning

Spanking serves many different purposes on different people’s lives.  For most of us, spanking was something that took place in childhood, and its primary purpose was to serve as a punishment and as a deterrent.  For many adults, the act of spanking serves a fun and sexy purpose and is used to spice up there love life.  Other adult couples have taken it back to its roots and use it as a form of discipline within their relationship.  At the very root of spanking, the goal is to provide the recipient with a stimulus painful enough to change their behavior.  This process can be accomplished in two ways, the pain of the initial spanking and the sting that it provides, and then the long term pain and soreness that can accompany a well spanked bottom.

spanking picture

If the purpose of a spanking is for it to really be a punishment, then I feel the long term effects are just as important as the primary act of spanking itself.  A proper spanking can indeed be a painful experience, as the implement is applied and creates a very painful stimulus.  But the human body has a way of helping to cope with pain and very quickly into a spanking, the production of endorphins occur.  This allows the naughty young lady to better deal with the pain she is experiencing.  This also helps to sooth the soreness after a spanking, and the pain very quickly becomes sort of a warm glow that is not all that unpleasant.  But if the overall goal of the spanking is long term learning, then a three minute process that ends with sensations that are not all that unpleasant will not suffice.

spanking picture

In my private life, when I apply a disciplinary spanking, my focus is that of long term learning, and not simply just a short and painful experience.  Over the years I have learned that nothing achieves the desired long term results as much as a paddle.  A hard paddling hurts very much while it is being applied and has the tendency to produce tears very quickly.  But I am looking to provide her an experience that lasts well after the tears have dried.  Just about any paddle, when used properly, has the potential for long term learning and growth.  I have found that long term learning and growth are best achieved by bruising a bottom.  Hard paddle swats, applied forcefully to the lowest part of the bottom, can leave a bottom bruised and sore for many days.

spanking picture

The long term soreness is an important part of the learning process.  This allows the naughty young lady who has been punished to be forced to reflect on her behavior for many days.  There are many hours a day spent sitting, and after a hard paddling, the simple act of sitting becomes a punishment in itself.  A paddling does not just affect the skin when it hits a bottom; it compresses the skin and allows the muscles to feel the full weight of the paddle.  This muscle soreness is the desired goal and assures that a young lady not only remains on her best behavior for many days, but that she is reminded of her past behavior. 

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/07 at 10:41 AM
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