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[ Monday, August 17, 2015 ]

Bike Seat discipline

Over this past weekend I discovered a new, and very effective, manner in which to increase the discomfort of a punishment spanking and I thought I would share.  On Friday afternoon, a special young lady in my life acted in a manner that required an immediate and very intense punishment.  This was for something that has been a constant source of problems for her, and something that we have dealt with on many occasions before.  THIS was the day in which I had to punish her in a manner with the intention of extinguishing the behavior permanently.  I try not to get too detailed when it comes to the private discipline in my life, but I will say that her bottom was completely worn out and my heavy wooden hairbrush, belt, and wooden paddle.

This punishment led to her bottom being as bruised and sore as she has ever experienced in her life and that is saying quite a bit for this young lady.  As you would expect, while her entire bottom was properly punished, I spent a considerable amount of time on the “sit spot”, as I wanted this lesson to stay with her for several days and needed her attention focused on the issue every time she tried to sit.  Being that this was a very real punishment, for extraordinary offenses, I contemplated following up the next morning with another session with my brush.  I know how effective a punishment, on a recently bruised bottom can be, and I felt strongly that a single spanking was not going to be enough to do the trick.

On Saturday morning, while I was making my morning tea in the kitchen, I made her present her bottom to me for an inspection of my work.  With her pj’s around her ankles, in the middle of my kitchen, I had her grab her ankles so I could see how much progress we had made. Now, I am someone who is quite used to seeing a bruised bottom, but I have to admit I was a little surprised as to the results.  Her entire bottom showed the results of the belt, more so on the right cheek, but it was clear that I had done a good job, with visible bruises covering almost her entire bottom.  With the intensity that I used the heavy wooden brush, I was really limited to the lowest part of her bottom.  As the goal was as much long term soreness as possible, I was layering the swats with the brush on the exact same two spots on her bottom.  It was clear at the time of the spanking that by only hitting these two spots that she went numb pretty quickly.  At one point she almost completely gave up any amount of struggle, which is a clear indication that her endorphins were flying into action.  I see those moments as opportunities to work toward the long term goal of maximum soreness and simply continued spanking those two spots knowing that this was an investment in her future good behavior.  But I was quite surprised as to how very effective it turned out to be as the two spots on her lower butt cheeks were as bruised as I have ever seen the next morning.  Not only were these two spots bruised, they were still very swollen and quite hard to the touch.  As I ran my fingers over these two spots she winced and was clearly in a lot more pain than she had experienced the night before.

With the thought of taking her back over my knee for another session with the brush still on my mind, after seeing how completely sensitive and sore that she was, I decided to capitalize on her current soreness in a different manner than another spanking.  So we started our morning with tea on my deck, which meant that she would start her day sitting on the hard wrought iron patio chairs. When she sat down, after having asked if she could stand instead, it became abundantly clear that she was experiencing a level of soreness that was more intense than she had ever felt before.  She squirmed in her seat for the duration of our tea and I decided at that point, that for the purposes of making sure that this was a lesson that she would never forget, we would have an entire day based on providing painful sensations to her bruised and sore bottom.  As I contemplated how to best achieve this, I was struck with an idea that could not be any more perfect for this lesson.

After completing our morning routine, I told her to go and change for a day in the woods.  She came out of the bedroom in a cute pair of athletic shorts, her hiking shoes, and a tank top.  I went and changed, and as I came out of the bedroom, and she saw that I was wearing my mountain biking shorts, you could see the panic begin to set in.  I did not address the issue and instead went to the garage to begin putting our mountain bikes on the rack on my truck.  I filled our water bottles and we headed out, still without her addressing what was clearly on her mind.  On the drive to one of my favorite trails, we drove in silence, as I know she was contemplating exactly how this was going to go.  Our bikes are light and fast, with very minimal padding on the seats, and there is no doubt that this was going to be an experience that she would never forget.  We arrived at the trailhead and I unloaded the bikes from the truck.  She still had a bit of a panicked look on her face, which was further increased as she watched me lock the rear suspension on her bike.  I wanted her to feel each and every bump on this rocky trail, so rear suspension would not be required.  Before we mounted our bikes and headed out, I told her that while standing for the uphill sections was obviously required as it gets steep in spots, that she would spend 100% of her time on the flats and downhill sections, sitting fully on her seat.  I made her lead so I could make sure that she did not stand the whole time and then the punishment began.

The trail is a 12 mile loop, about 1/3 on a forest road with the rest being rough single track.  While it is not a very technically difficult trail, it is as bumpy as it gets with rocks embedded into a large portion of the route.  From the moment her bruised bottom touched the seat, I could tell that very real learning was taking place.  Even with my full suspension, this was wearing my ass out a little, but for her it was as bad as the spanking the night before.  A bike seat tends to put all of the pressure onto two very specific areas of one’s bottom, and those happen to be the exact spots that were as sore as they possibly could be for her at that moment. I could tell by her movements and body language, as she road ahead of me, that this was an intense struggle for her.  I watched as she negotiated some of the rougher downhill sections, trying her best to stay seated, but not fully being able to do so, as the pain was just far too intense.  I found that this was far better than simply spanking her sore bottom again that morning, as she now had 12 miles to fully reflect on the behavior that she engaged in that lead to her bottom feeling this way in the first place. As I watched her, more and more often, lift her bottom off the seat during the flats and downhill sections, I knew that this had to be addressed.  After all, this was her punishment, it was well earned, and by standing when she should be sitting and fully embracing her discipline, she was diluting the overall effectiveness of the lesson.

When we reached what we have always called “break rock” which is a great spot with amazing views at the top of the hardest climb, we hopped off of our bikes for a much needed break.  I made her sit on the rock, as she clearly wanted to stand at this point.  We drank water and each sucked down a power gel and soaked in the views.  Well, I soaked in the views while she suffered as she tried to find a way to sit on a boulder with a sore bottom.  I told her that she was cheating on the downhill and flats, and clearly that had to be addressed.  I gave her my multi-tool and told her to go into the woods and cut a switch, so we could take care of this problem on the spot.  I was a surprised as she teared up a little, but took the tool and headed into the woods.  Normally, I might start to feel a little bad for her in a situation such as this, but the offense we were dealing with warranted each and everything that I was doing.  If I did not see this completely to the end, then it would be MY fault if this behavior ever occurred again.  I was bound and determined to see this one through and make sure to get the desired results.  A couple of minutes later she emerged from the woods with three different switches in her hand.  I inspected all three, chose the best two, and told her to get to cleaning them.  She spent the next several minutes pulling the various small branches and leaves off of them, and then cleaning up the sharp edges using the knife on the tool.

With two perfect switches, we marched 100 yards or so away from the trail, to get to work.  Her shorts and panties were dropped, and with her feet together, she bent over and grabbed her ankles.  I then spent the next few minutes properly striping her bottom and thighs until both switches were as worn out as her bottom.  When the desired results were achieved, we headed back to the bikes and continued our ride.  For the duration of the ride, and for even a portion of the remaining climbs, her bottom was firmly planted on the saddle. It did indeed take a little reminder, but she eventually went along with the program and fully embraced the punishment ride.  There were some extra tears on a few spots on the ride, but they were well deserved.

Unfortunately for her, when the ride was over, the punishment was not.  We headed to our favorite mountain watering hole, and as you would expect, my decision as to where we would sit was based fully on discomfort.  I went with the tall wooden bar stools on the patio, which had no padding and were tall enough that her feet did not reach the ground.  As we enjoyed an adult beverage, I made sure that her feet hung down, not allowing her to put them on the crossbars on the stool legs.  This forced all of the weight of her upper body onto her sore bottom, and the lesson that was still being learned was very clear on her face. She was also very self-conscious about her recently striped legs, which still showed the thin welts from her switching.  The fact that her legs were striped was not my concern, as this was simply a fact of life from a well-earned switching.

The rest of our day went pretty much the same way.  I went out of my way to make each and every moment of the day something that would add additional discomfort to her poor bottom.  Remember, part of being good disciplinarians is the willingness to go above and beyond to make a punishment memorable and effective.  My entire purpose was to make sure that this behavior was never again to be repeated.  We finished our evening with a Redbox DVD rental, on my super comfortable home theater seating, that is after I cut a piece of plywood to perfectly fit her seat. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 08/17 at 11:26 AM
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