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[ Tuesday, June 30, 2015 ]

Domestic Discipline and cooperation during her punishment

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The other day I was in a discussion in a domestic discipline chat room, in which a few young ladies were discussing, that based on what they have seen from my videos, that there is no way that they could stay still for their punishment.  I tried to explain that I can be very convincing and that they would indeed hold still for the duration of any punishment with me, at least after the first time they could not hold still.

I feel, especially in the context of a domestic discipline relationship, that it is the responsibility of the person being punished to hold still at all times.  Any wiggling or getting out of position only makes the job of the person applying the discipline that much harder.  If my eyes this is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated for even a second.  In a DD relationship, I have made the commitment to you, to your life, to help you in so very many ways.  I am fully committed to helping you grow as a person, to assist you in the areas that you find difficult or struggle with, and to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  Within the relationship we have put forth some structure, some mutually agreed upon rules, and guidelines that we both feel are best for you as a person.  Within this agreement, we have made the decision that there will be consequences for certain behaviors and actions that you engage in.

For most couples that live an active DD relationship, one of the primary consequences is corporal punishment.  So within this relationship, based on everything I just wrote, a spanking is taking place because it has been earned.  I am not spanking you because I am in a bad mood.  I am not spanking you because I think it would be fun and kinky and would be nice foreplay.  I am spanking you as a direct result of your behavior or actions, ones that we have both agreed that are not best for your overall development and who you really want to be. It is all purely cause and effect and has nothing to do with what I want at the given moment.

So now we are talking about YOUR punishment.  It is something you have earned; it is 100% yours and you need to take full ownership of it.  I am willing to take the time out of my day, at any given moment, to give you the correction that is required.  If this correction involves a spanking, you need to own that as well. You are being spanked because at some point in our relationship we agreed that this is a good punishment for you and serves as a good deterrent in stopping the behaviors that you want to change.  As cliché as it may sound, this is being done for your own good.  To make sure that we get the very most out of each and every spanking, I will require your help.

If your behavior actually warrants a spanking, then I need it to be something that you would not want repeated.  I cannot go easy, I cannot provide some type of warm-up, I need to apply each and every smack to your bottom with the goal of teaching you a very real lesson.  I know it is not going to be easy for you; in fact, it is going to be extremely difficult to endure.  But what are we really trying to accomplish?  We are trying to provide a very painful stimulus, to punish you for what you did, and to prevent you from doing it again.  You are a grown woman, no longer a child, so it is going to have to be a pretty intense experience for learning to actually take place.  When it is over, all will be forgiven, but we both know the best learning takes place if we leave your bottom sore for a couple of days.

So you need to be an active part of this process.  I am going to put you in the position that I feel will be best for the implement that I am using.  By best, I mean the position that is going to allow me to apply the appropriate amount of pain to your bottom.  Your job, being that this is YOUR punishment, not mine, is to maintain that position for the duration of your spanking.  I want to hit exactly where I am aiming, and your moving around makes that more difficult.  Also, depending on the implement that I have chosen to punish you with, too much movement can be dangerous. If I am trying to bruise the “sit spot” on your bottom with a hairbrush, and you keep moving, I may hit somewhere I am not trying to.  But it goes well beyond safety issues.  What we are trying to achieve are results, and your constant moving around only interferes with the process.  We want maximum pain, and maximum soreness, applied as effectively as possible and your cooperation allows for us to get the best results.

So to address the women I was chatting with, who said they would not be able to hold still, I would like to suggest that maybe the men that are applying the punishment have not figured out the proper solution to the problem.  I have found many techniques over the years that tend to be very effective in solving this problem.  The first, is always my go to (assuming I am using an implement in which this is an option) and that is the addition of the thighs during the spanking.  If you are squirming around like crazy as a result of the pain you are experiencing, I will simply and quickly show you how much worse it can be.  A quick dozen to the backs of your legs with my hand or a leather implement, offers instant perspective.  I will calmly and politely inform you of why I just spanked your thighs, and go back to the punishment.  Each time that you move out of place, you will get another dozen on the backs of your thighs.  You will learn very quickly that as much as the spanking is hurting your bottom, it is far better target than your thighs.

While spanking the thighs is quite effective, it does not always solve our little problem and sometimes other methods must be employed.  While this one does not solve things immediately, it tends to over time.  If you cannot hold still during your handspanking, then you get the belt.  If you cannot hold still for your strapping, then it becomes a paddling.  If you cannot hold still for your paddling, you will become acquainted with my heavy wooden hairbrush.  No, when I upgraded implements you did not hold still any better, but the next time you are getting spanked with my hand, there is a good chance that you will remember what happened and you will give a concentrated effort to assist me for the duration of your spanking this time.

The next method is that the spanking simply does not end until I feel you are part of the solution and no longer part of the problem.  I care enough about you that I willing to put in whatever time is required to achieve the desired results.  But part of the desired results is you realizing that we are doing this for you, therefore realizing that you need to help me get it done.  If a two minute handspanking needs to become a ten minute handspanking, as a result of you not stopping the wiggling until the last two minutes, then so be it.  I am fully committed to helping you in any way required, so I will expend the extra energy in order for your future spanking to be more efficient and effective.

The final method, which is similar to the previous one, is to repeat the spanking at a designated interval, until you take full ownership and assist me as you should have the first time.  I tend to wait at least a couple hours, as I want your bottom to have cooled down.  A second spanking right away is always easier than the first as your bottom is warmed up and your endorphins are flowing.  I need the repeat spanking to be on a cooled down bottom and for it to feel like it did the first time.  So, since you were unable to assist me during your last spanking, three hours from now I am going to repeat the exact same punishment, still targeted at the original transgression.  I need you to understand that WE are doing this for YOU, and part of this process is you holding still so I can blister your bottom in the exact manner required.  I understand that it hurts; I understand that it is very hard to hold still, but you will indeed learn to help me.  We may not get the exact results that we are looking for three hours from now, but that is OK, don’t feel bad, we will try again three hours later, then three hours later, and then again three hours later.  If our goals were not achieved today, once again please don’t feel bad, we will start again in the morning.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/30 at 03:40 PM

[ Wednesday, June 24, 2015 ]

A Domestic Discipline Society

I have been spending some time recently with the good folks over at A Domestic Discipline Society and am really enjoying the company.  While at first glance, the page is a little busy, once you learn your way around, there is a wealth of good information for anyone that is considering the DD lifestyle.  There are tons of articles for the potential HoH and TiH people out there.  I rarely promote other sites here, but I like to point you all to sites worthy of a look.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/24 at 01:59 PM

[ Monday, June 01, 2015 ]

Implements, severity, and a lesson learned

So with the disclaimer that I am writing about consensual adult spanking, for someone who has actually earned the spanking, let’s talk a little bit about implements and what is required to get the job done.  There will never be a case in which I give a real life spanking in which someone is not taught a lesson.  Yes, there are varying levels of severity, clearly defined by an individual’s behavior, but I am just not one to take the time to spank if it is not going to serve as a real deterrent for behavior.  Basically, either the behavior requires a spanking or it does not, I see no in between.  There is no, “ were only a little naughty, so I will be spanking you, but it will not be that bad”.  If it does not need to be “that bad” then a spanking is probably not required.  That situation might call for a warning, loss of privileges, or something else, but if I need to spank you, it will be “that bad”.

Now obviously, not all spankings are created equal, and there can be a spanking that seems much gentler on the scale, but still teaches a lesson.  Texting while I am trying to have a conversation with you at dinner, and driving drunk are not the same offense, however, each one clearly requires a spanking.  I adjust the severity of my spankings in two ways, implement selection and duration.  Yes, there are other adjustments than can be made such as state of dress, position, time out, etc., but when we are talking about the actual pain of a spanking, implement selection and duration are the primary factors to consider.  I tend to give almost all spankings at about 85% of what I am capable of.  This is enough force to make it unbearable from the very beginning, but always leaves me with a little reserve for situations in which the naughty young lady is not holding still or following directions. Under all circumstances she needs to know that it can indeed get worse.  What this means, that regardless of whether it is my hand or a heavy wooden hairbrush, I am going pretty close to full force. It would be silly to decide that a certain behavior requires a hairbrush to be used, and then apply it at 30%.  I need the person to know, even before we start, based on implement selection alone, exactly how I feel about their behavior.  There can be no thought process like “well he chose the brush, maybe it won’t be that bad”.  She needs to see that brush and know instantly that this is indeed VERY bad, and know exactly what she is in for.


Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/01 at 03:28 PM
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