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[ Friday, March 20, 2015 ]

What is the attraction to school corporal punishment?

I have written in the past about where I think my overall desires regarding spanking come from.  I think there are many common themes amongst all of us into spanking, and I do believe for the most part that the majority of this comes from childhood experiences.  These experiences may not be tied directly into being spanked ourselves growing up, but it is most common for everyone’s initial exposure to spanking to have occurred during childhood.  As kids and teens, at least when I was that age, we had no idea that consensual spanking between adults even existed.  What we found exciting, and what most of us probably thought made us a little weird, was the concept of someone getting in trouble, and as a result, having pain applied to their bottom.  The concept really is as simple as that.  As we have grown older, we have learned that there are other opportunities out there to explore our desires for spanking, but these new opportunities leave much of the initial attraction to spanking a little diluted.

Consensual spanking between adults will always be exactly that…consensual.  Do not get me wrong, I am not at all advocating any spanking between adults to be non-consensual, but with consent, some of the original attraction to spanking is lost for me.  There are many couples that live in a domestic discipline type relationship, in which some of the “cause and effect” aspects of discipline that I find so attractive, are in place.  One person is quite aware that certain behaviors or transgressions will indeed lead to a punishment that involves the physical application of pain.  While the punishment may be intense, and indeed disciplinary in nature, on some level it is not only desired, but also a source of sexual excitement.  The fact that both consenting parties find some form of pleasure from it, once again dilutes the original attraction to spanking for me.  In my mind, and where all of this started for me, is someone getting in trouble, breaking a clearly defined rule, and receiving corporal punishment for it.  At no time in this equation, is anyone receiving any type of pleasure as a result of the spanking. 

spanking picture

The factors above, and the points below, so clearly define everything that I find attractive about school corporal punishment.  First and foremost, in the schools that still allow corporal punishment, its use and guidelines are clearly defined in the school board’s policies as well as the student handbook.  There is no mystery surrounding it, and no student will ever find themselves in a situation of being in the school office and being surprised that their bottom being paddled is an option.  They know from day one at the school that they are attending that if they CHOOSE to engage in a behavior that is considered undesirable, or against school policy, that they may be paddled.  Here is an exact quote from a 2014-15 “Student Code of Conduct” book from a Texas high school:

A student who is tardy to school/class by more than 10 minutes may be assigned to detention. Repeated instances of tardiness will result in more severe disciplinary action, in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Students that are 20 minutes late to class will be marked as an unexcused absence. Repeated instances of tardiness will result in more severe disciplinary action, in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.

EHS Tardy Policy:

• 1ST Tardy – Warning (send to office on first tardy)
• 2ND Tardy – Lunch Detention
• 3RD Tardy – 1 day of After School Detention and 1 swat
• 4TH Tardy – 2 days of After School Detention and 2 swats
• 5TH Tardy – 3 days of ISS and 2 swats per day (6 total)
• 6TH Tardy – 5 days of ISS and 2 swats per day (10 total)

There is nothing at all confusing about this and it is very clear, you can be tardy a couple of times, after that your bottom will be paddled. If you have a continual problem with this particular part of the school rules, your bottom will be paddled frequently.  It is very clear that this school has very little tolerance for students being tardy, and after six tardies, the student will not only get five days of in school suspension, that will also be paddled on each of those five days.  I would imagine that getting paddled five days in a row would be quite the learning experience.

spanking picture

This is corporal punishment defined as far as I am concerned and emphasizes my original attraction to spanking in general.  The rules are clearly spelled out and it you cannot follow the rules, a large wooden paddle will be swung forcefully and applied to your bottom in a manner intended to change your behavior.  Another important component to this is that no one is finding any part of it fun, sexy, or exciting.  The young lady that is reporting to her first day of ISS, also knowing that she is going to be paddled, is probably quite nervous and not happy at all.  She knows at some point during the day, an administrator at the school is going to require her to bend over for her paddling.  Chances are she barely knows this person the she is going to be presenting her bottom to, and she knows that it is probably going to hurt quite a bit.  The person tasked with providing her with her paddling is not receiving any joy from this process.  This person simply works at a school in which corporal punishment is as effective form of discipline and is administered frequently.  They are not mad at the student, there is no emotion involved, and their job is to apply the punishment in an effective and forceful manner with the hopes of discouraging similar behavior in the future.

spanking picture

Also important in this process for me is that there is nothing abusive about it AND the punishment has been earned.  When it comes to childhood spanking in the home environment, I wish I could say that they are not abusive, but I know that in many cases they are.  In addition, there are many instances of parents just having a shitty day, or being in a bad mood, and that is taken out on the child.  In most cases of school corporal punishment, there are very clear guidelines in place to make sure that a school paddling is done only while following the appropriate guidelines.  Most schools have specified when it can be administered, who can administer it, maximum amount of swats, in what environment, who needs to witness it…all the way down to the size and shape of the paddle.  There is rarely going to be a case in which a paddling is administered that was not earned as a result of a student’s behavior.  The process typically starts at the classroom level in which a teacher refers a student to the office for a disciplinary problem.  There is a bit of a “checks and balances” in place as a school administrator then reviews the disciplinary issue, while also allowing the student to offer their version of events.  If the behavior is deemed contrary to the student code of conduct, and school policy allows for a paddling under these circumstances, then someone’s bottom has the potential to be worn out with the paddle. 

While I am still a firm believer that spanking is not an effective form of discipline for children, in the above school policies that we explored this is being done at the high school level.  So now we are talking about students around 15-19 years of age, with most of the seniors being legal adults.  This adds a lot for me on a few different levels.  The concept that all of this can apply to an 18 year old girl, does a lot to serve my spanking fetish.  It is one of the very few situations in this entire world that a legal adult can find herself engaging in a behavior in which her bottom can be spanked.  There are a few others such as Judicial corporal punishment, but I will never find anything sexy about someone being strapped down and having the flesh stripped from their ass with a cane. But with school corporal punishment, someone old enough to hold a job, join the military, and even vote can still find themselves in a situation of being spanked for bad behavior.  It might be the pervert in me, but I find that as an overall concept to be quite exciting.

spanking picture

There are a few other concepts that really add to the whole excitement of school corporal punishment for me, which I have always found to be important factors in all aspects of spanking.  Consider an 18 year old girl, a senior in high school, preparing herself for her school day and putting on those pants that she knows just makes her ass look amazing.  She is purposely dressing to get the attention she seeks and she knows that with this outfit that heads will turn.  Now, the thought that this young lady, who has dressed to impress and to draw attention to her bottom, having to present it to be paddled, I find quite appealing.  Even more appealing, as far as my general attraction to spanking, is her presenting her bottom to be paddled.  Outside of spanking, there are not very many instances in the world in which someone can demand someone else to bend over and present their bottom.  The bottom is an intimate area of the body and it is not an area anyone is allowed access to without consent.  But back to the cause and effect process of spanking, by her engaging in behavior that she knows is against the rules or inappropriate, she is creating consent as the school guidelines allow for her to be paddled under the circumstances.  It does not matter how she feels about it, or even what her opinion is, her behavior requires her to bend over for a paddling. 

spanking picture

Within all of this is the fact that the person that will be administering the paddling is not at all emotionally tied to the situation.  This is not this young lady’s parents; this is someone whose job is to administer discipline as required in order for a school to function at its highest levels.  In almost all cases of school corporal punishment, the person administering the paddling was not even present when the offense occurred.  Their education and training have led them to a place in which they have a job that requires them to do their very best to assure that discipline is maintained in the school.  If they are good at their job, they will do whatever it required to make sure that each and every student that comes through their office returns to class having learned in a manner that will discourage them from repeating the behavior.  In the schools that allow corporal punishment, “good at their job” may indeed include them paddling someone in an effective enough manner that the student would never want to feel such pain to their bottom again.  It is not personal, there is no joy that comes from the process, but they know that a light paddling does nothing at all to change behavior.  The effective administrator knows that when it comes to the application of corporal punishment, especially when limited by policy as to how many swats can be given, that a hard paddling has the best chance of leading to a change of attitude and behavior.

spanking picture

All of these things combined will lead me to another topic that I find appealing to all aspects of spanking, but also to school corporal punishment, and that is submission.  We take all of the above factors combined and we have an 18 year old girl, dressed to impress in her skin tight pants, having committed an infractions at the classroom level, and having been sent to the school office.  Her transgressions are analyzed by the school administrator, who she may be meeting for the very first time, and she is then allowed to offer her version of events.  All of the factors are considered and it is clear that the behavior that she has engaged in forbidden in the student code of conduct.  In addition, the school discipline policy calls for corporal punishment to be applied under the given circumstances.  The administrator is not mad at this girl, he or she has no personal ties to the infraction, and their job is simply to administer discipline under school policy.  The young lady is informed that this infraction requires that she be paddled and that this is exactly what will be happening.  She may or may not have grown up being spanked, but it really does not matter, under these circumstances, as a result of her actions, she has EARNED a spanking. 

spanking picture

She sees the paddle for the first time as it is pulled from a desk drawer, and just like most school paddles, it seems quite intimidating.  A school paddle is designed to get results regardless of what a student is wearing.  They are generally thick enough to create a substantial amount of pain over pants and panties and are constructed to be wide enough that a single swat covers most of a student’s bottom.  The proceedings are quite formal as paperwork is produced to document the events that are about to take place.  As the forms are filled out, she has a moment to contemplate exactly what is about to happen and to consider exactly how that large wooden paddle is going to feel on her bottom.  Everything is being handled in a very calm matter, and while the concept of a school paddling might be brand new to her, for the administrator this is just another day at work.  Even before the paddling begins, the punishment has started for her.  She is nervous, her palms are probably beginning to sweat, her heart rate has increased considerably, and most importantly, she is considering exactly what she did to put herself in this situation.  This situation is uncomfortable, she wants nothing to do with it, and would do anything in her power to not be there.  Already we have all of the factors for an effective punishment and she has yet to feel the paddle.

spanking picture

The next step in the process I see to be the most important part or school corporal punishment and all spankings in general.  He grabs the paddle and stands up and asks her to do the same.  The chair she was sitting in is probably moved out of the way and then she is asked to either bend over the desk, put her hands on her knees, or to grab her ankles.  This step is fundamentally the most important part in the entire process.  She is not five years old and is not going to be held in place for a spanking from mommy.  She is 18 years old and her actions and behaviors led her to this moment.  She knows it is going to hurt, she knows she may actually end up in tears, and she wants nothing more than to run out his office door at this very moment.  But this is HER punishment, she earned every bit of it, and it is now up to her to submit to what she has coming.  No one is going to hold her down, and she not only is required to submit to it, she is going to have to assist during the whole process.  By assuming the position, and presenting her bottom, she is acknowledging his authority to punish her.  The cute little bottom that she squeezed in those way too tight pants with her little thong showing above the waistline, is now about to get the last kind of attention that she wanted.  It is now her job to do her very best to keep in the position so he can apply the paddle as effectively as possible.  She is more than just a participant; this is HER paddling…not his.

spanking picture

As with any proper punishment, pain is a very important factor.  While all of the dynamics combined help to create an environment that promotes good behavior, as a whole they are only effective in that the end product is going to be a young lady experiencing pain.  While she will certainly do whatever she can to avoid the situation in the future, it is the application of the pain to her bottom that is the biggest persuader.  With all of the formalities out of the way, the situation is reduced to two things…her bottom and the paddle.  A paddling in which a young lady leaves and says to herself “that was not so bad” does nothing to promote good behavior, so a good administrator will do their very best to assure this is not the case.  Most administrators are limited to six swats or less, so they tend to work as hard as they can to make sure the punishment was effective.  A proper paddling will hurt tremendously, and ideally will leave the young lady sore for quite some time after.

spanking picture

There are additional factors that I find that add to my attraction to school corporal punishment.  A paddling, even with as few as 3-4 swats can be a very productive corporal punishment experience.  Unlike a hand spanking, or even a short session with a belt, a paddling is a punishment that tends to last well beyond the punishment itself.  Someone who receives a handspanking feels very little discomfort as soon as 30 minutes after.  But with a proper paddling, the punishment tends to be longer lasting.  Consider the school policy above and a young lady that has been sent to the office for her 6th tardy.  She will receive two swats to start her day, a day that she will spend sitting at a hardwood school desk.  This will not be a comfortable day, and she will be very aware of not only her bottom, but her offense that made it that way.  There is always discomfort the day after a paddling, imagine the young lady who will be getting paddled the next four days in a row.  This is long term learning that often leads to permanent changes in behavior.  The purpose of school corporal punishment is to make someone’s bottom hurt, and as far as I am concerned, the more it hurts the better the lesson.

spanking picture

I also like that with the concept of school paddling, it tends to help a young lady realize that she is not as grown up as she may think.  It demonstrates to her that as long as she thinks, acts, and behaves in a manner that is unacceptable, that there are still consequences.  Her last spanking might have been a few swats as a toddler, but in this environment, a spanking is still a very real option.  My personal experience in school is that when someone ends up getting paddled, the news travels pretty quickly. Even behind closed doors in the principal’s office, there are always students around.  It may be student workers in the office, or the random student that was in the office for some other reason that heard the whole thing take place.  When the news traveled about this high school girl getting her little bottom paddled for being naughty, it tends to add to the punishment.  I do not care how confident a student is, it is quite embarrassing to be paddled at school.  For the rest of the day, those young man that like to check out her pretty little bottom in the hallway, are now only thinking about how red and sore it must be.  Kids can be mean and the comments will be endless for her for a couple of days.  Regardless of how cool she is or what circle of friends she runs with, she is still THAT girl who got a spanking at school.  There is also the issue of sports, locker rooms, and marks.  A well paddled bottom certainly presents itself well for the rest of the day.  Any young lady, who way paddled at school and finds herself in a gym environment later in the day, is going to have to make an effort to hide the results or face further embarrassment.

spanking picture

For me, school paddling almost defines every aspect that I find most attractive about spanking.  It is a cause and effect punishment that someone knows that may happen as a result of their behavior.  There is no sexual element, nor does anyone find any part of it appealing.  It is done in a manner that is designed to produce significant pain to someone’s bottom, with the goal of teaching a lesson.  If done properly, it will lead to tears and long term soreness, and the punishment will continue well after the paddling is over.  During the process the person is required to submit to, and assist in, their punishment, thus allowing it to be as effective as possible.  And most importantly, this is a punishment that was well earned.  Yes, I am still talking about spanking and corporal punishment in a non-consensual manner to those that are approaching legal age, for which I will make no apologies.  If it was earned, provided in a well structured environment, and done effectively it falls into the scope of things that I like to read about and often try and recreate.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/20 at 02:02 PM

[ Thursday, March 19, 2015 ]

Highlights from 2015

Things are going full swing with our new studio and we are producing some of the best content we ever have.  Today I added two new galleries that highlight some of the shoots from the last 10 weeks.  To see highlights click here and for RealspankingsInstitute click here.  As you will see in these previews, we are still providing very realistic spankings to hot young ladies.

spanking picture

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/19 at 10:25 AM

[ Wednesday, March 18, 2015 ]

Girls Getting a Good Whoopin’

If you follow this blog or are a member to any of my websites, it should be no surprise that what I like the most is very realistic corporal punishment.  For the most part, real corporal punishment generally takes place in the home.  If we want to watch videos that show what real corporal punishment is like, then it will often include the belt.  Most young ladies, who grew up in the South and were spanked by their parents, typically received the belt. In the South, these girls did not get a spanking, they got a whoopin’.  A proper whoopin is always something to remember, and any young lady who received this growing up has very clear memories of it.  I recently put together a 1 hour and 30 minute video that shows what I think is some of my best, and most recent work, in this area.  These are very serious punishments, applied full force with the belt, with tears as the goal from the first stroke.  You will see first hand exactly how effective this type of punishment can be, as each and every girl ends up with a sore and marked bottom, with many left in tears.  There are both bare bottom whoopins as well as whoopins over skin tight jeans, but in all cases I feel it is as realistic as corporal punishment in the home gets.  The preview is below and the movie can be downloaded for $12 at Girls Getting a Good Whoopin at Spanking Library

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/18 at 11:59 AM
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