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How I got here

Introduction to the owner of this blog.

My name is Michael Masterson and I am the owner of AEG. Inc, a company that specializes in the production of spanking content for the web.  Over the years, I have created many spanking based websites, the first of these being .  The site went live in 1996 and was the first spanking site of its kind.  It began with videos of me spanking my beautiful wife and quickly became very popular.  The original goal was not to make money, but to add a fun and public element to a lifestyle we had long enjoyed together.  We started by taking video requests to further enhance some of the discipline sessions that were a regular part of our relationship.  We were quickly overwhelemed with responses and it became clear that we were really onto something.

It took very little time for us to realize that, what started out as a way to add excitment to our current lifestyle, could easily tranform into a decent source of income.  It seemed very appealing to us to turn something that was so much a part of our sexuality, into a full-time job.  When deciding to pursue this full-time we made a personal committment that we have honored to this day, make websites that is about satisfying the customer and exceeding all of their expectations, without trying to scam them out of their money.  While the Internet was fairly new at this point in time, it was already clear that most adult sites were about making money, not making customers happy.  We felt that both were possible.  Not knowing much about successful internet business models, we kept it simple.  I decided our website would be based on identifying all of the things about adult websites I hated and doing the opposite. 

We quickly learned that if you give the customer what you promise, avoid annoying pop-ups and misleading links, and provide exclusive content, you will have happy members.  I also put a lot of time into soliciting and integrating our member’s feedback into our site and the content we produced.  A customer oriented spanking website was well received and we still have members that have been with us since our first year.

It has been a fun ride and we have come a very long way since the first time we hit record on a video camera in our living room.  Seven years later we are a corporation with dozens of websites.  We have employed more than 100 models since inception and currently have more than a dozen full-time employees.  We went from filming on a cheap 8mm camera, to using multiple high-end, state of the art digital video cameras.  We no longer shoot in our house and currently film in a 4000 sq. ft. studio space.  I feel our success is due to putting the members first as well as treating out models with total respect.  In future entries I will further detail the road that brought us to where we are today.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/02 at 03:15 PM in Personal


So those "videos of you spanking your beautiful wife" that you mention, are they still available on one of your sites?
Posted by  on  01/16  at  04:58 AM | #
To continue on my previous comment: The reason I ask about this, is that one of my favorite spanking pictures *ever* is called something like "bedroom spank cane 119" (I forgot the exact original name of the file, but this is what it's called in my directories), and I thought that this might be a picture of your "beautiful wife". I hope you know which picture I'm talking about: it shows a woman in a white shirt with her arms folded behind her back, a red bare bottom, and a *very* pissed off look on her face.
Posted by  on  01/16  at  02:22 PM | #
Still a final comment: I didn't put "beautiful wife" in quotes to be ironic (now that I reread my message, I realize that it might be read in such a way). No, I was not ironic at all. I very much agree with you that she *is* beautiful. I just quoted it to show that it were your own words.
Posted by  on  01/17  at  05:11 AM | #

Yes, just about everything ever filmed for still exists on the site in the archives area. Send the picture you are talking about to and I will tell you if it is ours and if we still have the pictures and videos that go with the scene.

Posted by  on  01/17  at  06:44 AM | #
Yes, I must chime in and say what Michael has done is quite faithful to the customer which builds confidence in the business of providing quality content without a "spam a lot" feel to the site or overall experience.

You can see the progressions of the site / concept throughout the years. I've been a member for 3 (total) months over the last 4 years and look forward to more.

I wish to see them more emulate the fantastic magazines that were produced in England during the late 70's throughout the 80's and early 90's. Mags like Janus, Blushes, Uniform Girls should be a "template" for success in the Web-based world.

They still need to further upgrade the "Atmospherics" of the imagery around the "Spank", so higher quality drapes, beds, carpet, etc should be employed. It's better than every, but there is certainly false/cheapness to the sets.

I also see a bit too much of a "formulatic" approach to recent photo sets. Michael would do well to simply buy out collections of Janus, Blushes, Uniform Girls, Rue, and reinact the "Stories" that were told long ago. Just gathering ideas from those magazines would be enough.

All for now, I live in Denver and was surprised to learn a few years ago, this content is produced here. Yeah!

Posted by  on  03/24  at  03:00 PM | #

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