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How bizarre is my job?  A funny quote

Obviously, my job is somewhat unusual.  But at times, it is easy to forget that there is anything all that unusual about it.  After all, I employ many of my friends and some of my family, so even the people that I hang out with do not see it as all that different.  Every once in a while I am presented with a situation that puts it all into perspective.

Last weekend I was talking with my wife as we were discussing some sexual fun.  I made a comment that made us both stop talking for a moment and then led to uncontrollable laughter.  The comment was simple:

“Shit, I left our spreader bar at work”

It seemed pretty funny at the time and gave us total perspective as to how different our jobs really are.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/07 at 12:39 PM in Personal


Cute story. smile
Posted by Peri  on  02/07  at  03:25 PM | #
Crap, I hate when I leave MY spreader-bars at work! grin

Seriously, who wouldn't love to have Mr. M's job?! It's funny, though, because sometimes in RS videos, I DO think he has this "business as usual" look about him. "Yep, time to go spank another girl until she cries. Never done THAT before. Maybe after that I'll get a donut, fill out some TPS reports. . ."
Posted by  on  02/07  at  08:29 PM | #
So, I assume you were punished properly for your thoughtlessness? wink
Posted by Vixen  on  02/08  at  09:49 AM | #

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