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Enjoying my work

I have been known to complain a bit at the studio that I sometimes get tired of my job.  I know, I am not going to get much sympathy from most of you.  I can hear it now, “poor Michael is overworked and has to spend his days spanking the firm bottoms of hot naked young ladies, get out the violins”.  But you must understand that spanking on a daily basis tends to take some of the thrill out of the whole process.  Take anything that you truly love and make it your career and it looses a bit of its attraction.

But, there are certain days that everything just falls into place, and even if it is the 5000th+ spanking that you have given, it is just as fun as the first.  Anyone that frequents this blog or the world spanking forum knows that there are a few things that I really like in regards to spanking.  First, I like for a scene to be fairly severe.  Whether watching a video or administering it myself, I need a sense of realism.  The whole concept of spanking is to apply pain as a punishment in such a way as to reduce the chance of the behavior occuring again.  If the person being spanked is not having their limits pushed or exceeded, it does not do much for me.  In addition, I like to see spankings administered with a wooden paddle.  Nothing gets to the heart of the mater like a wooden paddle and it will always be my implement of choice when needing to teach a very real lesson.  I also like to administer a punishment that is felt for a few days by the naughty girl.  There is nothing like many well placed strokes on the lowest part of the bottom, so it is felt when sitting the next several days.  My favorite position is to have someone bend at the waist and grab their ankles.  This is a very submissive act and it really presents the bottom nicely.  Whoever is being punished is forced to cooperate during their punishment or they will not be able to keep their balance.  Finally, I have always liked a scene with a school feel to it.  Young ladies grabbing their ankles in a school environment for swats with a large wooden paddle, will always be one of my favorite things to watch.

So, sometimes I am presented with a scene that really does it for me.  The picture below is from Bi Spanking and it was just one of those days.  Based on my descriptions above, you can imagine that this was one day that I did not have compliants about my job!


Full size version of the above pic here

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/16 at 01:59 PM in Personal


I would think that any job or occupation gets old or tiresome after awhile, regardless of how much you love it. one of the best attributes about AEG's sites is that you guys continously build upon and reinvent yourselves in your scenes. With what the administration has planned in the future..I'd think that all kinds of new challenges and opportunities will present themselves. One of my favorite type of CP scenes is when you or your's have a group of ladies lined up for an old fashion board meeting like the one in the above pic. It's enjoyable to view the different reactions that each spankee shows when you shoot a scene like that.
Posted by  on  03/17  at  01:15 PM | #
"The whole concept of spanking is to apply pain as a punishment in such a way as to reduce the chance of the behavior occuring again. If the person being spanked is not having their limits pushed or exceeded, it does not do much for me."

I couldn't agree more! I wonder why more film makers, artists, and photographers don't seem to understand this?

I have seen so many lame spankings in pictures and video where the model isn't willing to really be spanked, so she tries to act the part. It leaves me cold and disappointed.

On the other hand, I happened across one of your video clips the other day (on your Real Spankings sample site) that took my breath away. Wow! If that were the consequence for bad behavior, there sure wouldn't be any from me. Kudos to you and your studio!!

Best Blessings, --Invidia
Posted by Invidia  on  03/18  at  03:01 AM | #
Would you please name the bullseye paddle marked bottoms in the padling photo?

I think I recognize Kailee?


Posted by arthur  on  03/25  at  06:41 PM | #
Hi Arthur,

I just saw your question here..and I figured I'd fill ya in. That's Claire, with Mr. M's board across her butt. The lady in the middle is Jasmine. The 3rd lady with the tattoo at the base of her spine, is Kailee.

You can see this video in action on Pretty hot stuff!

Posted by  on  03/25  at  10:17 PM | #
The pictures of the three young ladies holding their ankles, pants and panties down remind me of the stories my one friend told me about her childhood. Until age 14, she would have to get in a similar position, with her garments also around her ankles. She said that when more than one of her sisters or brother acted up together, their dad would call for a 'line up,' and he would go down the line with his belt until their bottoms were tender for at least a day. She told me this story as an adult, but it did make me feel sorry for her. She still seemed embarrassed as I asked questions looking for even more details.
Posted by John  on  04/01  at  05:59 AM | #
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