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Favorite Punishment Position

My favorite position to use when spanking.

Donna from has that look on her face that comes from knowing that the large wooden paddle is about to be applied to her bottom.

Claire and Jasmine from assume the position with Kailee.  Mr. M makes several trips down the line applying severe paddle swats until all three bottoms are black and blue.

When spanking someone, I employ a variety of positions, each serving a different purpose.  There are positions that are assumed due to the embarrassment factor, ones that put the most intimate of parts on display.  There are other positions that I have people assume that are very uncomfortable and create a general soreness in areas beyond that of the bottom.  Some positions are better for severe punishments because they allow me greater control over the person being spanked.  If I was forced to choose only one position that I could use, it would be with the naughty girl bending over with her hands on her knees or ankles.

Tyler from bends over in a schoolgirl uniform for a hard school paddling!

Looking cute in her pigtails, Haley from presents her bottom nicely as she awaits the school paddle.

This position is one that I like the most for a variety of reasons.  There are few positions that leave the person being punished with a feeling of “presenting their bottomâ€? as this one does.  While assuming a wide stance with the bottom high in the air, there is a definite sense of vulnerability.  There is also an added embarrassment, this position allows very little privacy and their goods are on display for the world.  I like the fact that they have nothing to hold onto to make staying in position any easier.  They are forced to concentrate on staying in position, thus reducing the chances that they can just check out mentally during their punishment.  This position also allows them a fairly stable stance which allows for spanking with harder implements like a wooden paddle.  As long as their stance is wide, they should be able to hold their position even through the hardest of swats.  When bent way over, the muscles of the bottom are pulled tight and every stroke is felt as it should be.  This position also allows easy access to the thighs, should extra punishment be required.  Should this punishment have a sexual element to it, the ass, mouth, and vagina are all easily accessible for penetration..  There are very few positions that allow you to switch between penetration and punishment with such ease. 

Sandi from displays the results of the wooden paddle being applied forcefully to her wonderful bottom.

Looking as cute as a schoolgirl can get, Sarah from waits with her skirt raised for the first lick of the paddle to land.

While I will always use a variety of position when spanking, this is by far my favorite.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/22 at 07:11 AM in Personal


The Hair...If I'm disciplining a woman in this position, I like for her hair to be pulled forward while her head is bowed. The second pic from the bottom is a good example of this. In the middle and toward the end of a punishment which employs this position, I generally like to grab and hold a thick lock of hair while listening to and discussing how she's feeling throughout the pleasure and/or punishment. This increases the physical control and adds a little more emotional closness between the subbe and myself.
Posted by  on  12/22  at  11:56 PM | #
So what's the source of this second picture? I can't just make out what it says. Something like "B Spanking"? So what site is it from?
Posted by  on  01/16  at  03:33 AM | #
The site is There are many more free samples from this this site in my free picture galleries. Click on the link at the top left of the main blog page to view the free galleries. This was an amazing scene to film. Three beautiful butts, presented in a wonderful way, paddled until they were all black and blue.
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  01/16  at  08:20 AM | #
i agree bent over hands on knees is the best. a mirror can be used also in two ways. one is in front for the spanker to see her expressions only downside is she can see the swat commin. second is to put it one the floor so she can look down and see her reflection. adds to the humilation. when i have someone in the hands on knees position there are two rules. if she moves from position or loses count i am forced to start all over again. those rules get broken quite a bit.
Posted by assluvr6969  on  02/07  at  11:35 PM | #
Favourite position: My favourite position is the bottom getting the caning standing erect.This was the way we received our canings in the school.The House master would hold our one hand in his and cane our bottoms while we lounged forwarsd with each stroke and even move a step or two further. By the end of a severe caning we found ourselves at the end of the room.This shows the full bottoms and the clenching makes iot perfect. Besides the whole bottom is well caned.
Posted by raj  on  04/11  at  12:09 PM | #
only hard fetish bondage tools & bondage position
Posted by  on  06/06  at  09:59 AM | #
Posted by  on  11/13  at  01:24 AM | #
I love OTK spankings its more personal
Posted by Will  on  11/20  at  10:59 PM | #

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