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Punished thighs during a spanking

Looking at the inclusion of the thighs as a target area for spanking

Lori learns the hard way what happens to her thighs when she will not hold still for her spanking
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In general, I do not include the thighs when administering a spanking.  I do however find that certain situations call for the addition of the thighs as a target area during a punishment.  The time that I most often include the thighs is when someone refuses to hold still during their punishment.  As I have stated numerous times, I feel that the person being punished should be required to assist in their punishment.  It is one thing to just be grabbed and restrained while someone spanks their bottom, but I feel an important part of the process is for them to not only submit to what they have earned, but to assist in everyway possible.  When someone is not submitting and doing everything they can to make the process more difficult, I find it is important to demonstrate how bad their punishment can really be.  Spankings hurt and holding still can often be difficult to do.  What they really need to help them hold still is perspective.  Several strokes applied to the tops of the thighs gives instant perspective.  On numerous occasions I have had the person being punished moving too much and telling me that there is no way that they can hold still.  Once I show them what will happen when they do not hold still, it is amazing what they can accomplish.  Everyone’s bottom is nicely padded, but the thighs are a much different story.  The contrast between the pain of their bottoms being smacked and the pain on the thighs is tremendous. 

One must be careful when spanking thighs and implement selection is of the utmost importance.  In general, a leather implement is the safest way to go.  There is not as much soft tissue on the backs of the thighs, so hard implements can pose a safety issue.  Certainly I would never want to apply a wooden paddle stroke to the backs of anyone’s thighs.  The hardest implement I would ever choose to use for punishing thighs is a cane.  Once again, you will need to be very careful and have considerable skill when applying a cane to the legs, but it can be accomplished safely.  Something else to consider when spanking the thighs is that the marks will generally be quite pronounced.  I have given many severe canings in which both the ass and the thighs were punished.  The strokes to the thighs always bruise much quicker and the effects last much longer.  I have seen the long term results of some of the canings I have administered, and the thigh marks lasted 2-3 times longer than the ones on the bottom.  If you need to create a long lasting visual reminder of a punishment, a few well placed strokes on the thighs can achieve this easily.

On very rare occasions, I plan a thigh spanking ahead of time.  When a point really needs to be made and when you want to make the naughty girl as nervous as possible, let her know that her next spanking will include her thighs.  Even those that enjoy being spanked will never look forward to a thigh spanking.  The pain is so very specific that it is hard to fantasize about the effects.  As a result, I feel it should be reserved for the very worst offenses, or when you find that cooperation is at a minimum.  I have also found that spanking the front of the thighs can be an effective form of discipline.  The times that I have done this it has been a very spontaneous moment and more of a preview of their punishment to come.  A perfect example is when quick discipline is needed and you are driving in a car.  It is very easy to pull over and have the naughty young lady lift the front of her skirt.  A few hard spanks to the front of the thighs quickly communicates the point.  It is quick and easy and can be done with both people sitting down.

During Brandi's spanking both the fronts and the backs or her thighs are also punished

Outside of the world of consensual spanking between adults, I have heard plenty of evidence to suggest that thigh punishments are not all the uncommon as a method of discipline.  A good friend of mine from college, while on the topic of spanking, told me that she had never once had her bottom spanked.  Knowing she was raised in a very small town in West Texas, I had trouble believing her, and asked her how she managed to grow up in that environment without ever being spanked.  She then stated that she had been spanked plenty of times, just never on the bottom.  Up until her early years of high school, the only way she and her sister were punished was with a switch from her mom.  When they were naughty either the skirt came up or the pants came down and they were punished on the backs of their legs.  This was not limited to the thighs, she stated that her mom would start just below their butts and then work her way down to their calves and then back up again.  She stated that their punishments were never measured by how many strokes they received with the switch, it was based on how many trips up and down the backs of their legs would be made with the switch.  She described as many as 6 trips from her bottom to her ankles and back.

I have seen evidence of this same type of punishment in an Institutional setting.  I have read the testimony of “survivors? of Rev. Mack Ford’s New Bethany Baptist Church in Arcadia, LA. in which they describe some pretty severe punishments.  New Bethany Church was a religious based school that somewhat served as a detention facility for troubled young ladies.  It seems the primary form of discipline was corporal punishment and clearly it was administered in an abusive manner.  Below is a brief recollection from two girls who lived there.

Julie Gertz, 25, and Tracy Zwickle, 35, both spent time as teen-agers behind the barbed wire of New Bethany Baptist Church in Arcadia, La. They mince no words in describing happened there:

“I mean, there were beatings of 80 to 100 licks,” Gertz said. “I mean, you basically stopped counting after 80, and the girls stopped crying. They were called ‘mama whoopings.’ Up your legs, to your back and all the way back down.”

Needless to say this reformatory was closed several years ago by the State, and thankfully, they are no longer beating your ladies into submission. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/24 at 05:25 AM


I received many spankings as a child. The worst was one time receiving lashes up and down my legs once from a switch taken off of a tree outside. The markes lasted for days, and I had to go to PE, wearing the shorts and t-shirts that
were the uniform. I lied to the gym teacher and told her it was from running in the woods.

While I am highly interested in light spanking, because of this memory I find it very difficult to be interested in having my thighs spanked. It's rather hard to separate the two.
Posted by Ginnie  on  01/24  at  10:33 PM | #
Michael said: "There is not as much soft tissue on the backs of the thighs, so hard implements can pose a safety issue. Certainly I would never want to apply a wooden paddle stroke to the backs of anyone's thighs. The hardest implement I would ever choose to use for punishing thighs is a cane. Once again, you will need to be very careful and have considerable skill..."

Amen to that! I'm glad you included these clear warnings, and I sure hope people heed them. People get carried away, and activities can escalate over time, getting more extreme... i.e., at first, bare-hand spankings are exciting, but then the thrill wears off and they take a step up (or down) to using implements, hitting harder, leaving more marks, etc. But there are not an infinite number of steps... sooner or later, if it keeps getting more and more extreme, REAL harm can happen - serious injuries. People, please be careful. Communicate honestly, and don't get so caught up in your "role" that let yourself be pressured into going too far (obviously, that's mostly addressed to all the "bottoms" out there). This safety advice is probably stating the obvious... at least I hope it is. Good job for including the warnings, Michael. (I think the anal article could've used more safety advice like that, but I guess I should go add that comment on that post!)
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