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Anal Discipline

I have seen a few comments to some of my entries that make me believe that some people have no idea where I am coming from.  There was even a comment that made comparisons to one of my suggested methods of discipline as “rape”.  Let me be very clear in saying that everything that I am talking about is consensual.  Is every spanking, punishment, or method of discipline consented to in advance?  No, this would certainly take a lot of the fun and excitement out of the whole process.  But the dynamics of the relationship and the power exchange that results is something that is agreed upon and the person on the submissive side knows that certain behaviors will result in discipline.  Taking control away from the person in trouble is a large part of the dynamic that we are looking for in relationships such as these.  With this being said, let’s look at anal discipline as a form of punishment.

Anal discipline is a very effective form of punishment.  I am not talking about spanking someone between their ass cheeks, I am talking about the use of butt plugs and related objects as a punishment.  Even for a woman who is very experienced with and loves anal sex, the right butt plug at the right time, can be a very effective way to reduce bad behavior.  Without a good amount of stimulation or being in a sexually excited state, anal insertion generally hurts.  Even those that regularly engage in anal sex require a bit of a warm-up and stimulation before they are ready for penetration.  When considering anal discipline, we capitalize on the fact that without stimulation and warm-up, anal penetration hurts.

Just as with spanking, implement selection is the key.  Butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller than a finger to larger than a fist.  I recommend purchasing a large variety of shapes and sizes, so you will have one for any occasion.  Even better, is to take a permanent marker and assign them all numbers.  Then when your naughty young lady is in trouble, you simply send her for the number plug that you feel best fits the crime.  Small infractions may only call for the number 3 plug, but a very naughty girl might need the number 10.  If you are looking for an effective way to punish someone who likes to be spanked, you can rest assured that a large butt plug will provide them with a disciplinary experience that they will not soon forget.

The key factors for a punishment of this type are size and duration.  How big and how long will be determined by the behavior.  If someone is new to anal sex, you need to go easy at first.  The initial pain of a buttplug for someone who is not experienced can be overwhelming.  Even the smallest of plugs will get the attention of those new to anal insertions.  For the experienced, a large plug is a must.  Once the plug has been inserted, you will know right away if it is the proper size or not.  The first few minutes are the very worst and the expression on their face will let you know if you picked the proper size for this punishment.  While the first few minutes are the worst, the longer it is kept in, the more uncomfortable it will feel.  I have not been able to find any research that suggests that prolonged butt plug use poses any safety risks, so they should be made to keep it in as long as their behavior warrants.

There are various ways to increase the effectiveness of a punishment like this.  One is to play up the humiliation factor.  I see no reason while the person being punished should not be required to strip fully naked and insert the plug themselves, with you watching.  This is an intimate and awkward task and doing it in front of someone else will increase the embarrassment of the punishment.  You could also add a time limit with a larger plug being the penalty for not getting it inserted in the allotted time.  Limited or no lubrication is another way to adjust the severity of the punishment.  A very naughty girl, made to insert a large plug, in less than a minute, with no lubrication, fully naked, in front of you, will be a well punished girl indeed.  Unlike spanking, it is really easy to add a public element to anal discipline.  While no one else will be aware, believe me, the naughty girl will be more than aware.  When you really need to make an impression, why not send the naughty girl off to work for the day with a large butt plug in place.  You can be assured that she will think of her behavior every time she sits down.  The addition of a butt plug harness ( will allow you to lock the plug into place making it impossible to remove the plug without the key.  Just imagine her presentation at the board meeting with a butt plug locked firmly in place.

You can experiment with an anal punishment that is progressive in nature.  The punishment day begins with the number one plug, which is to be upgraded every hour until she reaches the number 10 plug.  I assure you that this is 10 hours that will have her regretting whatever it is that she did wrong.  I think a butt plug goes hand in hand with prolonged and uncomfortable corner time.  After a rough spanking, place a wooden stool in the corner, with a butt plug firmly attached to the seat.  Tell her she has 1 minute to have a seat and begin her corner time or the spanking will be administered again.  Thirty minutes in the corner with a very sore bottom, on a wooden stool, with a large plug in place, will teach anyone a proper lesson.  Some plugs are easier to keep in than others and you should use this to your advantage.  How about a spanking in which a loose fitting plug is placed and they are required to keep it in place (without their hands) throughout their spanking or it starts over?  This goes beyond anal discipline and approaches the realm of anal training.  Many people are able to zone out during their spanking (a.k.a subspace) and mentally get away from the pain.  Forcing them to focus on the muscles of their ass prevents this from happening, so they will mentally aware of their punishment throughout.

Use your creativity to make it a punishment that is unique and that will be remembered.  How about when the young lady does something extremely bad and you just ignore the fact that she is in trouble.  To her surprise you take her to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant at a time that she was expecting the spanking of her life.  During dinner you hand her a wrapped present and tell her to take it to the restroom and to open it in the privacy of a stall.  Inside her gift is a shockingly large buttplug, a small amount of lubricant, and instructions to have it in place before she returns to the table.  The look on her face as she gingerly sits back down at the table will show you that her punishment is working.  How often can you administer an effective punishment over the course of a nice dinner?  Take it a step further and make it an inflatable butt plug (  Several times over the course of dinner, reach under her skirt and pump the bulb a few more times until you get the reaction you are looking for.

Anal discipline serves several purposes.  First, it adds an additional punishment element for those that are finding the typical spanking boring.  This can quickly spice up a disciplinary relationship and bring that little spark back.  It also allows for very effective discipline for those that like to be spanked.  It does not matter how much someone likes ass play, there are enough plug sizes out there that there that you will be able to find one that they will not enjoy.  It also allows for the addition of a public element to discipline, that while public, it is your little secret.  As always, place safe and have fun.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/31 at 02:53 PM


Oh my! Am I sure glad I'm not married to you! gulp cool smile Of course, you failed to mention the possibilities of this being used on a MALE! ~weg~
Posted by Vixen  on  01/31  at  06:03 PM | #
for the really experienced or very bad girl try using vicks or tiger balm as the lube. this will grab her attention very quickly. be careful a little goes a lllooooonnnngggg way. vicks it quite tingly but tiger balm was described to me as vicks on crack. make her squeeze the plug with her anus and see how long she can hold it. another great one is ginger root. the ancient art of figging. look up by the way just found this site and it looks great. keep up the awesome work.
Posted by  on  02/07  at  11:02 PM | #
Is it true that when a butt plug is used on a male, it often produces an instant erection by contact with the prostate gland? According to legend, this is true even if the male takes a long time to get excited in normal life.... but it needs moving the plug in and out to keep him so hard
Posted by  on  02/22  at  03:27 PM | #
While i use butt plugs as an effective part of some spankings I wanted to relate an incident where the spankee retorted.
As I spread her red hot spanked ass cheeks and prepared to insert the butt plug she suddenly tensed her body and blew a fart in my face.
Has this ever happen to you Mr. M?
Posted by  on  03/16  at  02:22 PM | #
Having only been spanked once in my life, I've had to get my enjoyment by watching other lucky girls getting theirs. Just read your article on anal discipline along with spanking, which just so happens to be my most favorite fantasy. Yes, my fantasy is for the ass to be disciplined the entire way. Nice to finally see someone thinks along my lines ...

Wishing to be truly disciplined ...
Posted by  on  03/31  at  10:42 PM | #
ohh great too read this . wonderfull., i,ll try this on my wife. put a butt plug harness in her and send her to work . she ,ll suffer the whole day
Posted by  on  04/13  at  02:18 PM | #

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