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[ Tuesday, January 04, 2005 ]

Models who hate to be spanked

A look at the models we hire that have no desire to be spanked

I had a reader send an e-mail that requested that I write a blog entry to explore the opposite of an earlier blog entry, “Models who like to be spankedâ€?.  It is always nice for us when we get a model that is in our studio because of her desire to be spanked.  It is fun to help a girl explore something she has only fantasized about and apply her very first spanking.  It is much easier for us, with the job we have, to know that a model is getting something from her spanking besides unwanted pain.  The reality of the business is that most of the models we hire have no desire to be spanked at all.  It is often the generous paychecks that we provide that motivate them to bare their bottoms and bend over for a hard spanking.

There are several factors involved that not only get them in the door, but keep them coming back.  The first is clearly the money.  We pay very generously and in just two shoots a month (about 5 hours total) they can earn more than they would working 20 hours a week at a part-time job.  Five hours a month for more than they would make putting in 80 hours at a normal job is quite the motivation.  Another factor is professionalism.  We treat our models well and more importantly, with respect.  In an industry that often treats models poorly; most girls recognize what a good thing they have with us.  Something else that we point out often to our models is that the pain is generally very temporary.  After a hard scene that leaves a girl in tears, we ask them ten minutes later how their bottom is and it is generally fine.  Not only has the pain subsided, but they often find that it has been replaced with a warm glow and sometimes even a pleasant tingling sensation in their crotch. 

We have had a few models that came to us and told us that they were not into spanking, but quickly realized that they found it sexually exciting.  They simply had not been exposed to it before to know they might find it enjoyable.  There are many girls that even if they did not like being spanked, they found the whole experience to be arousing.  They found the whole concept of stripping naked, in front of cameras and production people, to be quite stimulating.  Related to this are the girls who have been good their whole life and are just ready to do something kind of naughty.  They find a sense of freedom in doing something that might be considered bad or kinky.  A perfect example is Kathy from  If you have ever seen any of her videos it is very clear that she hates to be spanked.  She is quick to cry and has a great deal of trouble dealing with pain.  She gets so nervous before every shoot that she can barely speak to us.  But after her first spanking of the day, she is almost a different person.  She is all of sudden relaxed and easy going.  At times, she almost seems proud of what she was able to accomplish and the fact that as rough as it was, she did it.  She is also someone who grew up in the most conservative environment you can imagine.  It is clear to us that part of the reason she is doing this is because it is her very first journey into fully realizing the full potential of her sexuality.  She wants to be bad, she wants to be kinky, but she has been told her whole life that this is wrong.  She has finally found an environment in which she can be free to express her sexual thoughts and desires.  While spanking is not her thing, it seems to be a springboard that will allow her to confidently explore other sexual realms without having to feel guilty about it.  While she was always embarrassed to express things that she would like to explore, with a little help she was able to open up to us a little.  You will notice that Kathy often does scenes with other girls.  This is not a coincidence; this is something that Kathy has asked to do.  While she would never come out and say it, I think this was a little bit of sexual exploration for her.  It is a long way from girl/girl sex, but it did allow her to explore new sexual experiences in the presence of, and with, other beautiful and naked girls.  I personally think Kathy is a kinky sexual dynamo that is just now coming out of her shell.

We have had other models, that while not fully converted to spanking, have found certain scenes to be exciting for them.  I can remember one model that clearly hated to be spanked, that really surprised Dee and I after a scene.  She was fully naked and a little slower than usual to put her clothes back on.  She looked confused for a moment and then looked at Dee and said “wow, I think that scene might have made me all wetâ€?.  It took awhile for her to find a scene and a dynamic that did it for her, but when everything was right, her body let her know that this was exciting.  We have had other models that do not enjoy being spanked that have confessed to Dee that after every shoot that they go home and masturbate because their orgasms are always more intense after a day in the studio with us.  We have also had models tell us that their boyfriends love that they are working for us because the night after a shoot the sex seems to be much better for them. 

While money seems to be the main motivation for models who do not like to spanked, a sense of sexual exploration, heightened sensitive in their erogenous zones, and just getting to be naughty all seem to be factors that contribute to them doing what they do for us (and you).

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/04 at 02:14 PM
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Classic Spanking Photo Sets

Corporal Punishment Imagery

I can recall the days in which spanking content was not as easy to find at is it with the Internet.  Any spanking image or video was very hard to find and required a trip to an adult bookstore or ordering through the mail from some of the spanking producers that have been around for years.  My earliest peeks at spanking content came in the form of pictures.  I still hold a special place for some of the classic spanking pictures sets from producers like Kane and Janus.  With only pictures to work with, they were able to create very powerful images that told a story, without words.  Some of my favorite spanking pictures of all time come from these types of sets.  On occasion, we have attempted to create this same style with picture sets on our various sites.  Most of our members are dissapointed when they her updates that do not involve videos, but I personally like to sometimes see picture only sets, they leave more for the imagination.  Below are a couple of pictures from our series “Photo Stories” that appears in the member’s area of

Tiffany waits in dread as she knows that the paddle will soon be applied forcefully to her bottom

No amount of rubbing will take the sting away from her bottom after the hard paddling she received

With the drop seat opened on Tyler's pajamas, she knows that there is no point in arguing, the hairbrush will be aplied to her bottom

Tyler knows from previous punishments that she has just eared extra strokes from the hairbrush for putting her hands in the way and rubbing her bottom

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/04 at 05:45 AM
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[ Monday, January 03, 2005 ]

Firmhand Productions

My thoughts on Firm Hand Productions

Amy Denison grabs her ankles for a hard corporal punishment sessions from the coachAmy grabs her ankles again, this time for a hard school paddling from the Vice Principal
There are very few spanking sites that I have a membership for their member’s area.  One that I tend to join off and on is Firm Hand Productions For me, their content is either hit or miss.  Some of their content I just love, there is a good deal of it that I can do without.  I think the thing that does it for me the most, is the fact that they often feature a position and implement that I tend to love to see the most.  This would be a girl bent over, grabbing her ankles, waiting for hard swats with a paddle.  Because I tend to be attracted to the more realistic scenes, I like the ones in which girls are paddled while retaining clothing.  While the sets they use often distract from the scene (like a “school paddling” done in a living room with a big screen TV in the background), they make up for it with intensity and realism.  Many of the school type paddling scenes are done just like I knew them to be done growing up in Texas.  They also have a considerable amount of research material that details real school paddlings that have taken place over the last several years.  They have even gone as far as recreating the famed Amber Page paddling that took place at Grand Prairie High School.  If you are at all a fan of watching a girl bend over in tight jeans, grab her ankles, and then take a hard paddling with a large school paddle, they have enough content to keep you busy.  I have included some frame grabs from selected scenes, so you can see what I am talking about.

imageAmy Denison shows her amazing long legs as she grabs her ankles for some hard female/female discipline with an extra large school paddle.
Jennifer Johnson learns the hard way.  As a result of breaking the rules of the home, she is forced to bare her bottom in the living room and take many paddle swats on her bare bottomNatasha Peachey has trouble reamaining in position as severe paddle swats are applied over her jeans

You can visit their site at Firm Hand Productions

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/03 at 11:31 AM
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Voyeur Spanking

Voyeur based spanking videos

I have always been a fan of videos that are shot from a voyeur’s perspective.  While crisp video with lots of close-ups is nice, there is something uinque about a view from a fixed camera through a door or window, that looks like something you are not supposed to see.  We introduced a series on that featured videos filmed from a voyeur’s perspective, but it was not as big of a hit as I had hoped it would be.  There have also been a few videos filmed for and  I have included a few pics below of some of the better ones we have done.

Jessica thinks the hairbrush is being applied to her bottom in private, but someone is watching

April from struggles to make it through her severe strapping, while the punishment is secretely watched from the next room

With the door left cracked, Jessica's punishment is not as private as she thinks

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/03 at 11:07 AM
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[ Sunday, January 02, 2005 ]

Growing with spanking in Texas

Getting the girls of my childhood neighborhood to talk about their punishments.

For me, as I suspect is the case with many, my spanking fetish started at a very early age.  I was having spanking related fantasies well before I was at a point in which I was thinking about having sex with girls.  While I was not looking at girls sexually at an early age, that does not mean I did not think about those same girls bending over for a spanking.  Let me be very clear that I do not think the spanking of children is an effective form of discipline and it is a practice that should not take place.  But as a child, I was not aware of the concept of “consensual spankingâ€? between adults.  I did not know that I would grow up and be in a place in which I spank dozens of different girls a month.  The only thing I had to fuel my spanking fantasies was the thought of girls I knew being spanked in their home.

As I have stated in previous posts, I moved from California to Texas the summer before I started Junior High.  While spankings took place in the neighborhood I lived in California, they were not the norm, and if they happened very often to people that I knew, I was not aware of it.  The whole concept was much different in Texas and being spanked or “getting a whuppinâ€? was a common enough occurrence that most kids were not embarrassed by the fact that it happened to them.  It happened enough to all of the kids in the neighborhood that is was just a fact a life and one that they did not hesitate that much to talk about it.  Like most into the fetish I suspect, as a kid I went out of my way to get the various girls in my neighborhood to talk about times that they were spanked.  While always trying to appear uninterested and casual, I pressed them for as many details as I could get without seeming like a pervert.

There was not a single girl in my neighborhood that I talked to, that denied that she was spanked.  While some would not tell me anything about their experiences, they would confirm that they were spanked.  For me, the stuff that childhood spanking fantasies were made of, came from a girl named Traci.  She was a year younger than me, and at the time, I thought she had one of the cutest bottoms I had ever seen.  I was good friends were her older brother, so I had almost daily contact with her.  Her brother loved to embarrass her and would often announce to us that Traci had been spanked the night before.  While it would often make her blush, she would never deny it.  After about a year of getting information about her spankings this way, I began to press Traci in private for more details.  To my surprise, she had no problem not only taking about her punishments, but describing them in detail. 

For Traci, a spanking at home occurred three to four times a month.  Anytime she got in trouble, it involved a spanking.  There were times that extra chores or being grounded were added on top of the punishment, but a spanking was always the first step.  She was most often spanked with a little wooden paddle that her father had made in the garage.  It was really just a wooden stake that her father has sanded the edges for a handle.  The first time I asked her if I could see it, she simply walked up to the mantle in their family room and pulled it down.  As many times that I had been in their house, I had never noticed the little piece of wood that was tucked away behind some family photos on the brick mantle above their fireplace.  It was the first time in my life that I had touched an implement that was designed and used for spanking.  It wasn’t all that big or intimidating, but I had no doubt in my mind that it must have hurt like hell.  Traci told me that it was generally used right there in the family room with her grabbing her knees.  Her mom was the only one that ever paddled her and she stated that she generally got between 5 and 20 swats with it.  I asked her is she cried when she was spanked and her response was “hell yeah, wouldn’t you?â€?. 

Of course I wanted to know if she ever got it on the bare butt and she stated that she had never been paddled that way.  She did explain however, that a couple of times a year when she was in serious trouble, she would be taken to her parent’s bedroom and strapped on her panties, with her pants around her knees.  To me the belt seemed like a step down, not a step up in severity, from the paddle.  She told me that a single paddle swat did hurt more, but that a “session with the beltâ€? was a long and drawn out process that was far worse than any paddling she ever received.  She related that a belt spanking was always for the worst offenses and was generally followed with being grounded for a month or so.  As she described it, she would follow her mom upstairs and be told to lower her pants and bend over the edge of the bed.  She told me that this was not bending over, but more laying over the edge of the bed.  Her mom would then go to the closet and retrieve one of her father’s large Western belts.  While she waited with her pants around her knees her mom would yell at her for several minutes.  After a long lecture the spanking would start.  Unlike the paddle swats which were always spaced out, the belt spanking would be as fast as she could swing and last for more than a minute.  She felt her mom spanked with the belt until she ran out of breath.  Depending on how much trouble she was in, she could expect this process to happen between two and five times.  Her mom would simply catch her breath, lecture a bit more, and then give another painful flurry of strokes with the belt.  She estimated that her worst one had probably involved 4-5 separate applications of the belt, spread out over close to 45 minutes.  She guessed that over the course of that entire punishment that she was probably smacked close to 150 times with the belt.

I am not sure what happened to Traci, she moved away when I was sixteen, but I will always remember the first girl to really fuel my spanking fantasies.  I can only hope that somewhere she is still baring her bottom for a very lucky husband.  While there were many girls in my neighborhood that were spanked, only Traci would give me a blow by blow account of her experience.  If it helps at all, there was never a spanking that she was given that she did not feel she deserved. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/02 at 07:32 AM in True Accounts Descriptions of real life punishments. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. This category is only offered to explore the various forms of spanking that people endured growing up.
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Girl Next Door Spanking

Seeing the girl next door being spanked

There are many girls out there that bare there bottom and get spanked on camera for our enjoyment.  As with mainstream porn, I think many of us are attracted to the scenes that involve girls with a cute “girl next door” look.  There is something extra atractive about seeing girls who look like they have no business being involved in the adult entertainment industry.  A recent addition to that falls into this category is Rachel. 

Rachel from a real girl next door.

She has that look that defines the girl next door.  She does not llok like a super model, nor does she have that “titty dancer” look that you most often see of girls in the adult industry.  She simply has a sweet and innocent face and a beautiful body that leaves an impression on you that lasts.  She is so cute, it is hard not to feel sorry for her as she presents her bottom for punishment.  It took very little time for Rachel to be an instant success with our members and there is no doubt it is her girl next door look that is causing all of her attention.

Beautiful Rachel presents her bottom and waits for her first swat in the

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/02 at 06:23 AM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites
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