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Bruised and Marked Butts

A exploration of bottoms that are bruised from a spanking.


In the world of spanking, I find that people are either attracted to, or repulsed by, marked or bruised bottoms.  It is certainly a matter of personal taste, but for me, it does not really matter that much.  I like to see marks in a spanking video because it demonstrates that the spanking was real.  As you know, I am not a big fan of fun little sensual spankings, so when I see a thumbnail of a bruised butt, I am usually interested in the content because I know I am going to see a hard spanking.  When applying a hard spanking for disciplinary purposes, I do not find that a marked butt is a requirement.  Everyone marks differently, so to use how bruised someone’s butt is as a guideline for punishment, is unrealistic.  What leaves one person black and blue, might only leave someone else, very red.  When really trying to apply a disciplinary spanking that will be remembered, marks are certainly an added bonus.  First, a nicely bruised butt will almost always remain sore for many days.  I like the punishment to carry on well beyond the actual spanking and a bruised butt is usually one that adds difficulty when trying to sit down, for at least 24 hours.  A nicely marked butt also serves as a visual reminder of what someone did wrong and the results of their actions.

As a producer of spanking videos, we generally like it when a model marks fairly easy.  What we provide is visual content related to spanking, so anything that better shows the results of a spanking is good for us.  It amazes me the differences in the way different models mark.  We have some girls that will have visible bruises after their first light hand spanking with us.  For others, it takes a long session with a wooden paddle to see any results.  One of the biggest factors that seems to influence how easily someone marks is diet.  I have found that someone who lacks iron in their diet seems to mark very easily.  We have had models that were concerned with how easy they marked that we recommended that they just take a multi-vitamin daily.  The results are immediate, and not only do they not mark as bad, they seem to recover much quicker.  For those of you that are looking to find ways to heal your marks quicker, I would suggest an iron supplement as well as a topical ointment called Arnica gel.  We buy arnica by the case and provide it for all of our models.  Most of our models are single and dating and are not quite at a point in their relationships in which they are ready to explain a bruised butt. 

One model we shot in the past was a topless dancer and she was concerned with dancing with a bruised butt.  She did her best to heal her marks quickly, but on one occasions after a really hard paddling, there was no way for her to conceal her bruised bottom.  She had to dance that night and was concerned at what people would say when she was dancing with marks on her ass that could have only come from being spanked.  I jokingly told her to tell anyone that asked that “she had been naughty and that she had been spanked?.  We all had a good laugh about it and then she left for the day.  The next time she worked for us, she thanked me for the advice.  She had actually said to people exactly what I had told her and she said that it greatly influenced her tips.  I have to give her credit for her courage and I was mostly joking when I told her this.  It seems that the guys were more turned on looking at her butt and imagining her being spanked, than they were just looking at her butt.  From that day forward she generally wanted to leave with a bruised bottom.

Like it or not, a bruised bottom is a sign that a very real spanking has taken place.  Our videos feature bottoms that have often been severely marked, but it is never our goal going in to a shoot.  We simply try and film very real spankings that are administered in a painful way.  When dealing with discipline at this level, a bruised or welted bottom is often the result. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/19 at 05:45 AM


I know two ladies who are into the D&S scene here in Kansas City, who are also topless dancers. They too get alot more attention and make a lot more when they show up on stage with spanking bruises on their little bottoms. Infact, one also enjoys adorning light bruising and minor scratches between her shoulder blades from being flogged. I'll give ya one good guess who does that to her almost on a weekly basis..Lol.

You wouldn't believe some of the questions and other little thoughts that she hears from her clientele. It's simply amazing how much a couple of little bullseyes and bruises can fuel the imagination.
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