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[ Monday, March 28, 2005 ]

Spanking becoming mainstream

Ten years ago before everyone was online, being into spanking was something that people generally hid from others.  We were all “in the closet” so to speak.  Certainly the Internet has helped us all to realize that we are not alone and that there are millions of others with the same desires as us. 

In addition to the whole concept of “safety in numbers”, the attention that spanking is getting through mainstream television, is also making it easier to be “out” about our feelings.  While I have seen dozens of references to spanking on TV over the last five years, twice in the last couple of weeks I have heard spanking references on two of the most popular sit-coms on TV.

One happened on “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  Ray’s brother Robert was telling him how lucky he is to have a family and all the committments that go with it.  Ray took his brother’s comments the wrong way and felt Robert was giving him a hard time due to the fact that Robert is single and lives alone in an apartment complex with a bunch of hot women.  Ray’s response was “why don’t you just bring a supermodel over and spank her in front of me”.  This phrase would be used three times over the course of the show.  The show ended with Ray and his wife sitting in bed and his wife began to tease him.  She said, “you are right,I am lucky to have you… not every woman has a husband that wants to spank a supermodel”.  Ray’s response was, “It is not that I want to spank a supermodel.....but sometimes they are just naughty”.  This may have been the best closing line of a sit-com ever.

While “Friends” is over, it certainly lives on in syndication.  While the have been a few spanking references on “Friends”, I caught one the other day that I had not heard before.  Everyone is on vacation at some exotic island to hear Ross give some sort of presentation at a conference.  It rains pretty much the whole time, so Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and her new boyfriend all go to the gameroom to play some ping-pong.  Chandler and Phoebe will not play with Monica because she is too competitive.  Phoebe’s boyfriend agrres to play Monica and he turns out to be just as competitive as her.  As the game progresses, Chandler is frightened by Monica’s crazy competitive behavior.  Phoebe’s boyfriend exhibits the same behavior as Monica, but Phoebe finds his competitive nature to be a turn on.  She leans in during the game and tells him that they are bringing the paddle back to the room. 

I would speculate that in 10 years, being into spanking will just be part of life and nothing that we will ever have to apologize for, or hide from others.  I certainly see this trend happening within our studio.  As little as four years ago, we rarely had a model that had been spanked by anyone other than her parents.  Now just about every model we hire, even if they are not into spanking at all, admit that they have had boyfriends give them playful little spankings before sex.  I look forward to the day when something that is consensual, between adults, and brings both pleasure is something that the government and conservative religious organizations will no longer look down upon when deciding what they deem as “obscene”.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 11:49 AM in General

Lovely Michelle


This year has certainly been going our way with the return of some of our favorite models.  As I discussed before, beautiful Sarah has returned and is currently doing a shoot a week with us.  We were also pleasently suprised when one of our all time favorite models, Michelle, moved back and jumped right back into a regular shooting schedule with us.


Michelle is truly gorgeous and one of our favorite models to work with.  Her body is the type that fuels most men’s fantasies.  Everyone in the studio is in agreement that she has the most wonderful breasts that we have ever seen.  For someone who gains no enjoyment from being spanked, she sure can take a hard one.  She is one of the first models ever to constantly request that her spankings be administered harder.  It is always nice when such a young and hot model leaves the studio with a bruised bottom and a smile on her face.

We have filmed 6 new scenes with Michelle for both and the RS Institute.  She will be in the studio again today to shoot another 3 scenes.  You will begin to see her on a regular basis in a few weeks, as her new scenes begin to get into the update schedule.


If you are a big fan of Michelle or Sarah, be sure to consider the Realspankings Pass which gives you access to all of our spanking sites.

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[ Tuesday, March 22, 2005 ]

Bottoms that need a spanking

I generally do not post non-spanking pictures here, but I figure that most of you out there that like spanking, also love to see beautiful bottoms.  When surfing the web, I occasionally come across pictures of bottoms that you just know need a good spanking.  Recently, I came across these pictures that fit this category nicely.  I always credit the source of the pictures and in this case, while the source is credited, I cannot vouch for the quality of the sites, I know nothing about them.

This first one certainly conjures up the thought of school girls prepared to be paddled as a group.  This image has a copyright for TiffanyTeen, but in researching the source, it looks as though TiffanyTeen has been merged under the website Phil Flash


Click for full sized image

The next pic comes from Abby Winters and is just a bunch of wonderful young bottoms.


Click for full sized image

Just for fun, post what you think is a good spanking caption for these pics, in the comments section.  Enjoy!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/22 at 05:46 AM in General

[ Wednesday, March 16, 2005 ]

Enjoying my work

I have been known to complain a bit at the studio that I sometimes get tired of my job.  I know, I am not going to get much sympathy from most of you.  I can hear it now, “poor Michael is overworked and has to spend his days spanking the firm bottoms of hot naked young ladies, get out the violins”.  But you must understand that spanking on a daily basis tends to take some of the thrill out of the whole process.  Take anything that you truly love and make it your career and it looses a bit of its attraction.

But, there are certain days that everything just falls into place, and even if it is the 5000th+ spanking that you have given, it is just as fun as the first.  Anyone that frequents this blog or the world spanking forum knows that there are a few things that I really like in regards to spanking.  First, I like for a scene to be fairly severe.  Whether watching a video or administering it myself, I need a sense of realism.  The whole concept of spanking is to apply pain as a punishment in such a way as to reduce the chance of the behavior occuring again.  If the person being spanked is not having their limits pushed or exceeded, it does not do much for me.  In addition, I like to see spankings administered with a wooden paddle.  Nothing gets to the heart of the mater like a wooden paddle and it will always be my implement of choice when needing to teach a very real lesson.  I also like to administer a punishment that is felt for a few days by the naughty girl.  There is nothing like many well placed strokes on the lowest part of the bottom, so it is felt when sitting the next several days.  My favorite position is to have someone bend at the waist and grab their ankles.  This is a very submissive act and it really presents the bottom nicely.  Whoever is being punished is forced to cooperate during their punishment or they will not be able to keep their balance.  Finally, I have always liked a scene with a school feel to it.  Young ladies grabbing their ankles in a school environment for swats with a large wooden paddle, will always be one of my favorite things to watch.

So, sometimes I am presented with a scene that really does it for me.  The picture below is from Bi Spanking and it was just one of those days.  Based on my descriptions above, you can imagine that this was one day that I did not have compliants about my job!


Full size version of the above pic here

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/16 at 01:59 PM in Personal

[ Tuesday, March 15, 2005 ]

Sarah is getting kinky

Last week I posted to let you know that our wonderful model Sarah is back.  I thought I would share some additional fun information.  As I stated before, Sarah returned after a long time away.  We were suprised to see her back because we knew that she is enjoying great success with her own business and the money has become very good for her.  As someone who had previously been somewhat of a reluctant model, we have been blown away by her new enthusiasm.  You must understand that Sarah is a model who does not enjoy being spanked.  In addition, she has a fairly low pain tolerance so even our lighter scenes really have an effect on her.  As I stated in my last post, with her return she mentioned that she would really like to do some girl/girl sex scenes.  Last week when she came in for her shoot she asked if we could do a scene that kind of plays on the “rape fantasies” that she has. 


She told us specifically that she wanted to do a scene in which she was over powered by two women and stripped of all her clothes.  There was some additional stuff that she wanted done to her, but that did not really fall within the theme of spanking, so we were not able to accomodate that request.  We did however script a scene in which she could be overpowered and stripped by two women.  The scene was shot for the RS Institute and she was overpowered by Betty and Kailee when she refused to undress for her spanking.



We are not sure what has gotten into Sarah, but we are very happy with the transformation.  When she was just doing this for the money, she never seemed all that thrilled to be here.  Now that she does not need the money, she seems to be using our shoots as a venue to explore her sexual fantasies.  For whatever reason she seems as into this as one can get.  When she returned for a shoot after being away, we filmed a scene in which we had a new male member of our production staff behind the camera.  On the next shoot she asked if we would use him behind the camera again because “I like getting naked with strangers in the room”.  At the end of the day she told me that she has no problem with having multiple people in the room for her shoots and that she would be willing to do a scene in front of an audience because “being forced to strip in front of a bunch of people really gets me hot”.  Wow!  Where were girls like this when I was 18?  You should all look forward to her future updates on and RS Institute, she has brought a new level of enthusiasm with her and it shows in the videos.  It is also wonderful to watch a scene in which you know the model is getting all hot and bothered throughout the process. 

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Cuitespankee update


Last week I posted about the new Japanese discipline site  I thought I would give you an update and let you know that there is a page that features 36 high resolution pictures and 6 of some of their best videos.  All of this content is free, and thankfully, there are no pop ups or banners.  You can check out the free content at
Spanking Japan.  Enjoy!!!

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/15 at 09:03 AM
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[ Monday, March 14, 2005 ]

Cute new model


We recently shot a new model for, which is nothing new for us, but due to the way she was hired, I thought I would share it with you.  We held our company Christmas party at my house this year, and had a very full house with more than a dozen employees and their significant others.  A new employee of ours who runs our shipping department, brought a girl with him to the party.  The funny thing is that this was a first date and they had met at an online personals site.  Being that this was not an ordinary company Christmas party, on the drive up to the mountains, he explained to her what it was that we did.  Surprisingly, she thought that it sounded like fun and was excited to be at the party.

While the pictures that I will post with this do not do her justice, all of the guys (and a few of the girls) were completely blown away by this girl.  Having just turned 18, she obviously had a young look about her.  What I think really did it for all of us was the way that she carried herself.  You could tell that this was a very fun, dynamic, and sexually confident girl.  I am someone that sees naked, gorgeous, 18 year old girls every day at work and even I could not help checking her out every chance I got.

I did my best to contain myself and made a point of not trying to hire her.  I did not want someone feeling pressured at my party, in my house, so as much as I wanted to pitch a job to her, I did not.  Later in the evening we did one of those crazy gift exchanges in which people can steal other’s gifts.  Being that she is not an employee, she did not bring a gift, nor did she receive one.  The gift that I provided for the party was the “rub my duckie” vibrator.  It is basically a rubber duck for the bath, but when you squeeze him just right, it turns on and becomes a waterproof vibrator.  When Dee ended up with this gift, the girl began to complain in a playful way.  She told us “Damn, I wish I would have been part of all of this, I just broke my vibrator and I desperately need a new one”.  You must understand that this is a girl that turned 18 a few months before, in a room full of people that for the most part have at least 10 years on her.  She had known all but one of us for less than 2 hours and here she was discussing her masturbation habits.  I do not know about you, but when I was 18 I did not discuss my masturbation habits with my friends or girlfriends, much less a room full of strangers.  It was very clear that she was a sexually open girl and probably a whole lot of fun.

The night progressed and as I was making the rounds visiting all of the groups, as a good host should, and I saw that her and Dee were having a conversation.  I sat down and realized that this girl was asking Dee about becoming a model for us.  Since the girl had broke the ice, I got involved and answered all of her questions.  I made it clear to her that we gave real spankings in our studio and that this was not acting.  She was very excited to give it a try, but I felt she needed to make more of an informed decision.  When she left that night I sent her away with a list of our websites and passwords to access them.  I told to her to look long and hard at the videos before she decided to come in and give it a try.  She e-mailed me a few days later and told me that she was still interested, but that she was now a little nervous having seen our content.  I wrote her a long e-mail and helped her to fully understand the process.  After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, she wrote me back and stated that she was ready to be spanked.  She stated that while very nervous about the pain involved, the thought of the whole shoot had begun to turn her on.  It was not so much the spanking that was getting her excited, it was the thought of being naked in front of the cameras and the people involved in the shoot.  Into spanking or not, it was clear that she was our kind of girl.


She has now finished her first shoot and it went very well.  She surprised us and herself, by being able to take much harder spankings than our typical model can on her first day.  She took three very hard spankings that left her wonderful bottom black and blue.  She did so well that I even sent her home with a brand new vibrator to help her release the sexual energy that she had clearly built up over the course of the shoot.  When I handed it to her, her eyes lit up and she told me that she would put it right to the test the second she walked in the door of her house (in the privacy of her room of course, she still lives with her parents).  She is scheduled for her second shoot next week and I am confident that you will be seeing a lot of her.  Now if we can just get her to go back to the hair color she had when she came to the party, it suited her much better.  I do not feel the pictures from her first shoot do her justice, but we will make an effort during her next shoot to capture the innocent beauty she displayed at the party.


Her first few scenes will be featured at in the weeks to come and you can hear her tell her version of being at our party during her interview for her “Punishment Profile”.  We are glad to have Tanya as a new addition to our shoots.

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Model Profile- Nicky Montford- Firmhand Productions


Well, I have to give Firm Hand Spanking credit for finding a fantastic spanking model with a pain tolerance rarely seen in this industry.  Her name is Nicky Montford and she is helping Firm Hand Spanking
redifine what a severe spanking is all about.  I must warn you in advance that her videos are not for the faint of heart.  She is mainly featured in their “Severe Discipline Series” and Nicky currently has 26 videos in the series.  The ones that stand out for me are the punishments in which the wooden paddle is featured.


There is a series of five videos that features some very hard paddling.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I would have to say that this series of videos may be the hardest paddling ever filmed for the web.  The video begins with her being questioned by a school official about some trouble she got into.  While she maintains that she committed the offenses alone, he points out that there were two young ladies captured on the security video.  When she refuses to give up her friend, he decides that he will paddle her until she gives him the information he needs.


This very lengthy punishment is divided into five different videos.  In the first video she is given 5 full force swats on her bare bottom.  When this does not achieve the desired results, he then gives her 10 hard swats.  This pattern continues and in the third video she is given 15, the fourth video 20, and the fifth video she receives the final 25 swats.  Never before have I seen such hard swats applied to the bare, with such a large wooden paddle.  In addition, there are no pauses between the swats.  He lays on the full force strokes as quickly as he can possibly swing.  She can barely keep up with her count due the rapid nature of the paddling.  As someone who likes to see hard spanking in videos, I am not exaggerating when I say this is as hard and fast of a paddling as you will ever see in a spanking video, with more swats from a wooden paddle than I have ever seen in a single punishment.  If anyone knows of a video that features a single punishment with more than 75 full force swats with a wooden paddle, please let me know.

There is another series with Nicky in their severe section that is similar, but features the cane.  This would be a fantastic video, but I disagree a little with the caners style of discipline.  He does not control his cane very well and every stroke wraps around to the side of her hips.  While clearly as painful as hell, and as intense of a caning as you will ever see, I think he needs to work a little on his accuracy.  As with the paddling, she is given many strokes of the cane as fast as they can be applied.  Each set of cane strokes grows in number with the first being the traditional 6 strokes.  He then moves on to apply 12, then 18, then 25, then finishes her off with 50 in a row without stopping.  This is not the type of caning in which there are long pauses for lecturing and bottom rubbing.  Every stroke is clearly laid on as hard and fast as he can swing.  When it is all over, her bottom and the sides of her hips are a big mess of angry welts and bruises.


While these two series stand out the most for me, there are more than a dozen other videos with her in them and they all feature discipline on the high end of the severity scale.  I had never really thought of the slipper as a punishment implement that was all that effective.  After watching the results of a very severe slippering, I have chnaged my mind.  I also like the video that features the “clothes brush”.  Picture a large wooden hairbrush, then double its size, and add a pound of weight and you have the clothes brush she is punished with. 

While Nicky is not your classic beauty, she is very cute and fits the role of a traditional English schoolgirl very well.  If you like your punishments as hard as they come, check out the “Severe Discipline” series with Nicky Montford at Firm Hand Spanking

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/14 at 12:57 PM
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Realspankings Pass

I noticed that I have not made any mention of our new site Realspankings Pass.  I thought I would let those of you that are not aware that it does exist and provides you with a large discount to many of our sites.  With the pass, you have full access to,,,, and  All of these sites are produced by me and feature exclusive content that does not exist anywhere else on the web.  All of the sites combined have more than 20 GB of content and more than 100 hours of hard punishment video.  If you belong to two or more of my sites, you will find the Realspankings Pass to be a very good discount.

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[ Friday, March 11, 2005 ]

Lovely Sarah is back


Many months ago we were quite dissapointed to learn that one of our most popular models, Sarah, would no longer be doing shoots for us.  But now it seems that she is back.  She returned to us a few weeks ago and is enthusiastic as ever.  She surpirsed us all by bringing some extra excitement with her.  First, she brought a good friend of hers that wants to give mdeling for us a shot.  After doing her friend’s new model orientation, we discovered that her friend has fantasized her whole life about being spanked hard, but is still a spanking virgin.  She had great trouble concealing her excitement as I explained to her the various scenes we do.  She is gorgeous and I am sure that our members are going to be quite impressed.


Sarah also revealed some new information to us that we were completely unaware of.  She asked if it would be possible to do some scenes with other models in which their was sexual contact.  It appears as though Sarah is very bisexual and never hesitates to engage in some hot girl/girl action.  She has been looking over our model list and asking about certain girls that she wants to have an encounter with.  Looks like Sarah might have to make a couple of guest appearances at so she can satisfy her cravings. 


We are very excited to have Sarah back and look forward to the addition of her hippie/model friend.  Look for them both this summer, I am confident that we will be seeing a lot of both of them.

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