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[ Monday, January 03, 2005 ]

Voyeur Spanking

Voyeur based spanking videos

I have always been a fan of videos that are shot from a voyeur’s perspective.  While crisp video with lots of close-ups is nice, there is something uinque about a view from a fixed camera through a door or window, that looks like something you are not supposed to see.  We introduced a series on that featured videos filmed from a voyeur’s perspective, but it was not as big of a hit as I had hoped it would be.  There have also been a few videos filmed for and  I have included a few pics below of some of the better ones we have done.

Jessica thinks the hairbrush is being applied to her bottom in private, but someone is watching

April from struggles to make it through her severe strapping, while the punishment is secretely watched from the next room

With the door left cracked, Jessica's punishment is not as private as she thinks

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/03 at 11:07 AM
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[ Sunday, January 02, 2005 ]

Growing with spanking in Texas

Getting the girls of my childhood neighborhood to talk about their punishments.

For me, as I suspect is the case with many, my spanking fetish started at a very early age.  I was having spanking related fantasies well before I was at a point in which I was thinking about having sex with girls.  While I was not looking at girls sexually at an early age, that does not mean I did not think about those same girls bending over for a spanking.  Let me be very clear that I do not think the spanking of children is an effective form of discipline and it is a practice that should not take place.  But as a child, I was not aware of the concept of “consensual spankingâ€? between adults.  I did not know that I would grow up and be in a place in which I spank dozens of different girls a month.  The only thing I had to fuel my spanking fantasies was the thought of girls I knew being spanked in their home.

As I have stated in previous posts, I moved from California to Texas the summer before I started Junior High.  While spankings took place in the neighborhood I lived in California, they were not the norm, and if they happened very often to people that I knew, I was not aware of it.  The whole concept was much different in Texas and being spanked or “getting a whuppinâ€? was a common enough occurrence that most kids were not embarrassed by the fact that it happened to them.  It happened enough to all of the kids in the neighborhood that is was just a fact a life and one that they did not hesitate that much to talk about it.  Like most into the fetish I suspect, as a kid I went out of my way to get the various girls in my neighborhood to talk about times that they were spanked.  While always trying to appear uninterested and casual, I pressed them for as many details as I could get without seeming like a pervert.

There was not a single girl in my neighborhood that I talked to, that denied that she was spanked.  While some would not tell me anything about their experiences, they would confirm that they were spanked.  For me, the stuff that childhood spanking fantasies were made of, came from a girl named Traci.  She was a year younger than me, and at the time, I thought she had one of the cutest bottoms I had ever seen.  I was good friends were her older brother, so I had almost daily contact with her.  Her brother loved to embarrass her and would often announce to us that Traci had been spanked the night before.  While it would often make her blush, she would never deny it.  After about a year of getting information about her spankings this way, I began to press Traci in private for more details.  To my surprise, she had no problem not only taking about her punishments, but describing them in detail. 

For Traci, a spanking at home occurred three to four times a month.  Anytime she got in trouble, it involved a spanking.  There were times that extra chores or being grounded were added on top of the punishment, but a spanking was always the first step.  She was most often spanked with a little wooden paddle that her father had made in the garage.  It was really just a wooden stake that her father has sanded the edges for a handle.  The first time I asked her if I could see it, she simply walked up to the mantle in their family room and pulled it down.  As many times that I had been in their house, I had never noticed the little piece of wood that was tucked away behind some family photos on the brick mantle above their fireplace.  It was the first time in my life that I had touched an implement that was designed and used for spanking.  It wasn’t all that big or intimidating, but I had no doubt in my mind that it must have hurt like hell.  Traci told me that it was generally used right there in the family room with her grabbing her knees.  Her mom was the only one that ever paddled her and she stated that she generally got between 5 and 20 swats with it.  I asked her is she cried when she was spanked and her response was “hell yeah, wouldn’t you?â€?. 

Of course I wanted to know if she ever got it on the bare butt and she stated that she had never been paddled that way.  She did explain however, that a couple of times a year when she was in serious trouble, she would be taken to her parent’s bedroom and strapped on her panties, with her pants around her knees.  To me the belt seemed like a step down, not a step up in severity, from the paddle.  She told me that a single paddle swat did hurt more, but that a “session with the beltâ€? was a long and drawn out process that was far worse than any paddling she ever received.  She related that a belt spanking was always for the worst offenses and was generally followed with being grounded for a month or so.  As she described it, she would follow her mom upstairs and be told to lower her pants and bend over the edge of the bed.  She told me that this was not bending over, but more laying over the edge of the bed.  Her mom would then go to the closet and retrieve one of her father’s large Western belts.  While she waited with her pants around her knees her mom would yell at her for several minutes.  After a long lecture the spanking would start.  Unlike the paddle swats which were always spaced out, the belt spanking would be as fast as she could swing and last for more than a minute.  She felt her mom spanked with the belt until she ran out of breath.  Depending on how much trouble she was in, she could expect this process to happen between two and five times.  Her mom would simply catch her breath, lecture a bit more, and then give another painful flurry of strokes with the belt.  She estimated that her worst one had probably involved 4-5 separate applications of the belt, spread out over close to 45 minutes.  She guessed that over the course of that entire punishment that she was probably smacked close to 150 times with the belt.

I am not sure what happened to Traci, she moved away when I was sixteen, but I will always remember the first girl to really fuel my spanking fantasies.  I can only hope that somewhere she is still baring her bottom for a very lucky husband.  While there were many girls in my neighborhood that were spanked, only Traci would give me a blow by blow account of her experience.  If it helps at all, there was never a spanking that she was given that she did not feel she deserved. 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/02 at 07:32 AM in True Accounts Descriptions of real life punishments. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. This category is only offered to explore the various forms of spanking that people endured growing up.
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Girl Next Door Spanking

Seeing the girl next door being spanked

There are many girls out there that bare there bottom and get spanked on camera for our enjoyment.  As with mainstream porn, I think many of us are attracted to the scenes that involve girls with a cute “girl next door” look.  There is something extra atractive about seeing girls who look like they have no business being involved in the adult entertainment industry.  A recent addition to that falls into this category is Rachel. 

Rachel from a real girl next door.

She has that look that defines the girl next door.  She does not llok like a super model, nor does she have that “titty dancer” look that you most often see of girls in the adult industry.  She simply has a sweet and innocent face and a beautiful body that leaves an impression on you that lasts.  She is so cute, it is hard not to feel sorry for her as she presents her bottom for punishment.  It took very little time for Rachel to be an instant success with our members and there is no doubt it is her girl next door look that is causing all of her attention.

Beautiful Rachel presents her bottom and waits for her first swat in the

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[ Monday, December 27, 2004 ]

Domestic Discipline Japanese Style

Some interesting amateur spanking sites from Japan

Yumeno displays the results of one the frequent canings she endures at the hands of her disciplinarian.  Nice amateur domestic discipline videos from Japan.

I am always fascinated by spanking sites that have a sense of realism to them.  I like nothing more than to see real life domestic discipline videos, that were not filmed for commercial use, but for private viewing.  Several months ago, I ran across several sites that fit nicely into this category.  While in Japanese, one of the sites has recently began some creative translations into English.  From what I can tell, the three sites below all are about a young Japanese woman named Yumeno who seems to be punished on a regualr basis.  There are picture galleries as well as some videos, but her face is hidden throughout.  If you can read Japanese there are also journal entries that relate to her punishments.  The videos are sometimes difficult to find and are often tucked into some of the picture galleries.  There are some older videos that are no longer online that show some of the hardest domestic canings I have ever seen.

Yomeno is caned in a traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform.  Hard cane strokes on her bare bottom.

I have also found an interesting F/m spanking site that is also an amateur Japanese site.  This site features a young Japanese woman who spanks and there seems to be several different men who report to her for a punishment.  All of the later galleries feature videos.  Some of these punishments are quite severe and she really goes to town with a wooden bread board as a paddle.

A young Japanese male displays the results of a severe caning at the hands of a young Japanese dominant female.

The last gallery on this page, number 29, features her giving a long a thorough punishment to a young asian woman.  She canes, paddles, and handspanks this young lady invarious states of dress.  Hopefully we will see more F/f videos on this site, I found the punishment of this young woman to be one of the best video series I have ever seen produced by amateurs.

Her beautiful Japanese bottom is bared as she endures a long caning, paddling, strapping, and handspanking.  Great video from gallery 29 on this site.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/27 at 08:14 AM

[ Friday, December 24, 2004 ]

Maid for Punishment

A profile of our recent AVN nominated film

Three years ago we set out to film our first full length spanking feature, “Road Tripâ€?.  It was my first attempt at writing and directing a full length film.  Our efforts were rewarded with good reviews and good sales.  Over the next couple of years we filmed more movies, but on a smaller scale, which resulted in “Painful Summerâ€?, “The Arrivalâ€?, and “Friday Punishmentsâ€?.  Over the course of a several week RV trip, I began to formulate the thoughts for a movie of a much grander scale than we had ever attempted before.  During one particular night, in which everyone was sleeping and I was driving, the groundwork for ““Maid for Punishment”â€? was put into place mentally.  Over the next week J and I bounced scene ideas off of each other until we had enough for a full length feature.  When we returned from the trip I took our notes and worked for the next couple of weeks writing somewhat of a screenplay. 


I put Dee on the task of finding the perfect secluded mansion in the mountains and she did a wonderful job finding the perfect place.  She located a 10,000 sq. ft. mansion deep in the heart of ski country, located on 15 acres, in a gated community.  The house was four stories, with an indoor pool, two Jacuzzis, a sauna, multiple suites, and an eight car garage.  We like to make the location shoots a fun experience for all and this was the perfect place to film my feature as well as be assured that everyone would be living in the lap of luxury.  While not cheap, we arranged for this house for a full week, and it was well worth it.


After a week of preparation we packed our vehicles with close to 1000 lbs of production equipment and headed off into the mountains.  J and I, as well as Dee and the webmaster, arrived two days before the models and the rest of the production staff so we could spend a while with preproduction.  Many of the scenes that I had written now had to be fined tuned as we got a better sense of the shooting space.  We also spent countless hours prelighting all of our scenes to assure that things moved as quickly as possible during our days of shooting.  Once everything was in place the models began to arrive that evening.  After treating the cast and crew to a nice dinner, we began.  Shooting continue for four straight days and was a tiring process for most of us.  It is difficult to act in a movie as well as have any sort of production role and for several of us, we worked 18 hours days for four straight days. 

The main difference in this production and previous ones was the amount of time and energy put into the production process.  We brought in additional personnel to help, but we were also dealing with a lot of new concepts.  We purchased camera cranes, steady cams, dollies, and various other new tools to increase our production value.  We tripled the amount of lighting that we generally used and switched to boom mounted mics with sound people.  This turned out to be a long film, but as people have come to expect from us, the central focus in on the spanking.  There are 16 different punishment administered to our three lovely models over the course of this film.  In addition, we included a few bondage scenes and gently explore the world of erotic discipline.


I am happy to announce that this movie resulted in our first AVN nominations.  For those of you who are not aware, the AVN awards are like the Oscars for the adult entertainment industry.  Because there is a little bondage mixed in, our nomination is for the “Best BDSM Filmâ€? category.  The awards take place in January of 2005 and we will know then if our efforts will be recognized by the industry as the best of 2004.

You can view the free trailers for all of our feature film and our “best of” releases at Realspankings Films.

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[ Wednesday, December 22, 2004 ]

Favorite Punishment Position

My favorite position to use when spanking.

Donna from has that look on her face that comes from knowing that the large wooden paddle is about to be applied to her bottom.

Claire and Jasmine from assume the position with Kailee.  Mr. M makes several trips down the line applying severe paddle swats until all three bottoms are black and blue.

When spanking someone, I employ a variety of positions, each serving a different purpose.  There are positions that are assumed due to the embarrassment factor, ones that put the most intimate of parts on display.  There are other positions that I have people assume that are very uncomfortable and create a general soreness in areas beyond that of the bottom.  Some positions are better for severe punishments because they allow me greater control over the person being spanked.  If I was forced to choose only one position that I could use, it would be with the naughty girl bending over with her hands on her knees or ankles.

Tyler from bends over in a schoolgirl uniform for a hard school paddling!

Looking cute in her pigtails, Haley from presents her bottom nicely as she awaits the school paddle.

This position is one that I like the most for a variety of reasons.  There are few positions that leave the person being punished with a feeling of “presenting their bottomâ€? as this one does.  While assuming a wide stance with the bottom high in the air, there is a definite sense of vulnerability.  There is also an added embarrassment, this position allows very little privacy and their goods are on display for the world.  I like the fact that they have nothing to hold onto to make staying in position any easier.  They are forced to concentrate on staying in position, thus reducing the chances that they can just check out mentally during their punishment.  This position also allows them a fairly stable stance which allows for spanking with harder implements like a wooden paddle.  As long as their stance is wide, they should be able to hold their position even through the hardest of swats.  When bent way over, the muscles of the bottom are pulled tight and every stroke is felt as it should be.  This position also allows easy access to the thighs, should extra punishment be required.  Should this punishment have a sexual element to it, the ass, mouth, and vagina are all easily accessible for penetration..  There are very few positions that allow you to switch between penetration and punishment with such ease. 

Sandi from displays the results of the wooden paddle being applied forcefully to her wonderful bottom.

Looking as cute as a schoolgirl can get, Sarah from waits with her skirt raised for the first lick of the paddle to land.

While I will always use a variety of position when spanking, this is by far my favorite.

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[ Thursday, December 16, 2004 ]

Spanking Hotties from other sites

Some of my favorite spanking models

Clearly, I am a fan of spanking.  I do not just produce spanking content, I am a consumer just like you.  Clearly I feel some of the hottest spanking models around exist on my various sites, but throughour the industry there are also some models that I really enjoy watching getting their bottoms smacked.  I thought I would highlight a few for you.

Firm Hand Spanking is a site that has come a long way fast.  One of the things that they do very well is realistic school paddlings with wooden paddles.  One of the true beauties in this area is Amy Denison. 


She has an amazing body and some of the best legs in the business.  Most of her scenes tend to focus on school scenarios and when she grabs her ankles for a hard paddling, you can’t help but take notice.  Based on my personal correspondence with her, she seems to come about her desire to be paddled honestly.  She went to school in the South and found herself on the receiving end of the paddle on more than one occasion.  You can view all of her videos at Firm Hand Spanking

Girls Boarding School is another site that has quickly grown in popularity.  The main focus of this site is caning videos, but they have some amazing models on their site.  The one that really stands our for me is Linda.


There are very few models that have look as good naked as she does and she can take a pretty hard punishment.  Linda is one of the original models at the Girls Boarding School so she is featured in many scenes.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/16 at 05:15 AM in Site Related Spanking discussions related to online spanking sites

Optimistic Spanking Model

One model who never factored pain into her fantasies

As producers of spanking content, you would think that there would be many models who give being spanked a try and decide that they do not want to do it again.  We have been fortunate that this has never really been the case for us.  In most instances, a model that does not come back for a second shoot is based on our decision, not hers.  I think one of the reasons we have such good retention is due to the interview process.  We realize that it is just as much of an interview for us as it is for the model.  We do not sugarcoat anything; in fact we go to the opposite extreme by making it very clear what they can expect.  There is never a case of us saying “it doesn’t really hurt that badâ€?.  We have a handbook that walks them through their first day, with our expectations clear, and even photos of marked butts.  It is clear to them that we are looking to spank them in a manner that they will not enjoy.  We let them know that in time, tears are the ultimate goal.  No model has ever been surprised by what is asked of her and as a result, they always come back for additional shoots.  I would estimate that over the history of the studio, less than 5% of the models do not work out.  Some come and go over time, but most do multiple shoots for us.  On very rare occasions, we end up terminating a model’s employment.  This is most often due to them not being reliable.  They don’t see working for us as a regular job, but quickly learn that missed shoots or being late results in being fired. 

There have been a few models over the years that we have decided not to work anymore for different reasons.  One that really stands out for me is the girl that came in professing how much she loved to be spanked.  Being only 18, I inquired as to her spanking experience.  She stated that she had never actually been spanked, but she had dreamed about it her whole life.  She was especially interested in being paddled with a wooden paddle.  I told her that if her first few scenes went well, we could think about using a wooden paddle lightly over her pants.  We never break out a paddle on a model’s first day, it is generally many shots down the road before we will take it to that level.  She stated that she wanted to feel it on her bare butt and she wanted it to be hard.  I told her we would see what happens and if I felt she could handle it, we would paddle her as she wanted.  As we do with every model on her first day, we filmed her punishment profile.  The purpose of this scene in not really to create good content.  It is one of our longest running series and it is not very popular with our members.  This is due to the fact that these are really the only light spankings we administer.  But this scene serves many purposes for us.  The first is to get the model in a situation in which she is speaking on camera but not having to worry about lines or playing a role.  The second is to give her a chance to become at least a little comfortable being naked in front of the camera and to not have to focus so much on the painful aspects of a scene.  The third is to gauge how well a model can tolerate a spanking.  After every profile scene we sit with the model and do a bit of a debriefing.  The first thing we ask her to do is to rate the pain of the spanking on a scale of one to ten.  This let’s us know right away how much room there is to grow in regards to severity.  Over the years, the average response from all models is typically in the 3-5 range as far as pain.  As far as how hard we can spank, we rate the spanking ourselves as a four.  So the models that are in the three to five range are exactly where we expect them to be.  On their first day, all models are also given a safeword or some sort of safety signal they can use to end the scene.  As we better get to know a model we often go without a safeword, but on day one it is essential.  This particular model, during her first spanking, used her safeword.  This was a first for us, given the gentleness of the spanking, so we immediately stopped the shoot and talked to her.  She thought it might have just been the initial shock and she wanted to try again.  We resumed filming and once again she stopped the shoot.  When asked to rate the pain, she stated “a ten or higherâ€?.  Well, you have seen our profiles and clearly they are light.  This girl who wanted a severe bare bottom paddling with a wooden paddle, could not even get through the lightest handspanking.  As is the case with many who fantasize about being spanked, but have never been spanked, pain is generally not accurately reflected in a spanking fantasy.  For the first time in the history of the company, I sent a model home after her first scene.

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[ Sunday, December 05, 2004 ]

Real Punishment in Spanking Videos

Do real punishment spanking actually exist in spanking videos?

The thing that people seem to request to see the most if our productions are scenes with a degree of realism incorporated into it.  Our interview based scenes are quickly gaining in popularity because people would rather see a scene in which there is no acting involved.  If I created a site that featured nothing but real punishments, it would quickly become one of the most popular on the web.  But, there are not too many situations that allow for a spanking production company to be in the situation to punish grown women for real life offenses.  So the question is, are there any real punishment scenes on spanking websites?  The answer is yes.  On our various websites, while not extremely common, we do have scenes that feature real discipline. 

This most often occurs with our full-time models, Jessica, Brandi, Claire, and Jasmine.  It is easier to approach scenes like this with girls that we have a long standing relationship with.  In addition, all of these girls desire to be spanked to some degree.  With them having a desire to be spanked, they too wanted an added element of realism in the spankings they take.  On all three sites we have done a “real disciplineâ€? series in which the girls list offenses they have gotten away with in their lives (both as children and adults) and they are then punished for them.  In most cases we have done on camera interviews with the girls to get a sense of how their parents would have dealt with the same situation had they been caught.  We adjust the severity of the punishment based on the fact that they are now older and then they are spanked.  Being that we are spanking a girl that likes to be spanked and are trying to make it a real punishment, these tend to be some of the hardest scenes we do and they generally end in tears.

When the occasion presents itself, some of the models are punished for things that relate to the job.  On a few occasions we have had new models that do not show up for a shoot and do not call.  This is the quickest way to get fired at our studio and a single no show without calling terminates their employment.  A couple of times, weeks or months after their no show, the models contact us and want to work again.  The policy is always the same, they can come back but they owe us one scene without being paid.  While we often film the scene with our typical themes, it is made clear to the model that the first spanking is for wasting our time.  While these seems may appear just like any other scene on our websites the model is more than aware the real reason for her spanking.  A recent development that has led to the application of a real punishment is with both the girls of  Early on they both developed a habit of showing up five to ten minutes late.  While this may seem minor, when you have another model and an entire production team waiting on them, it becomes a problem.  Both girls fear the cane more than any other implement, so it seemed the best choice for this situation.  The first time they were punished for being late, we sort of ambushed them.  They both showed up late and Dee and I decided to put an end to it.  We detailed a school girl scene to be filmed with me and setup an office environment to shoot in.  The cameras were turned on and the girls entered expecting to do the scene we just walked them through.  Once they sat down I surprised them by breaking character and telling them that what we were actually doing was addressing the issue of being tardy on a regular basis.  They were then explained the new policy, more than five minutes late and they would receive 12 strokes of the cane.  They were both then caned severely and taught a very real lesson.  That was all it took for Claire to get her act together, but Jasmine has been on the receiving end of the tardy caning on many occasions.  More than once, when one of them was one to two minutes late, I looked out the window to see them jogging down the street to beat the cutoff time.

The one occasion that really stands out in which a model was punished for real infractions that affected us was the time that Brandi ended up on the painful end of a 20 minute spanking from me.  To make a long story short, I leased her a car to make it easier for her to get to work.  Over time it was clear that this was not the best idea in the world and we took the car back.  Several months later I received a letter from the city stating that my tickets were about to turn into warrants.  Being that I had never had a traffic ticket in my life, I was quite confused.  It turns out that Brandi had received almost a dozen parking tickets while driving my vehicle.  Of course the car was registered in my name, so the tickets were being issued to me.  Brandi had just thrown all of the tickets away.  Obviously, she ended up paying all the tickets and the fines, but I felt her lack of responsibility needed to be dealt with.  We sat down and had a long meeting about her behavior and she seemed quite concerned about how bothered I was about the whole thing and whether we were going to be able to put it behind us.  I told her that the best solution was to dedicate her entire next shoot into teaching her the proper way to act as well as to punish her for what she had done.  While a bit reluctant, she agreed.  I have never seen a model show up for a shoot quite as nervous as she was that day.  She knew she was in for it and it showed in a very big way.  The scene was filmed entirely unscripted and Brandi was made to explain, on camera, while she was being punished.  I then administered one of the logest and hardest punishment she has ever received.  This scene has proven to be very popular on Spanking Teen Brandi and the realism shows.

While rare in the spanking industry, scenes that are very real do exist.  They have been some of our best received videos and we are always looking for situations in the future that will allow us to film more.

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Models who like to be spanked

A discussion of spanking models who really enjoy their work

Many people see our jobs as professional spankers as being the dream job.  Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated than that for us.  It is hard to always feel good about applying a hard spanking to someone who has no desire to be spanked.  If this was a true disciplinary situation and we were punishing them for some offense, then it would be a bit easier for us, but this is not the case.  What makes it all worth it is when we are graced with the presence of a girl who came to us knowing that she loves to be spanked.  Nothing is more refreshing than to have a girl who is looking forward to her scene and even has suggestions in regards to how she wants to be spanked.  Over the years we have had several girls who really have desires to be spanked.  In most cases, because they are still fairly young, they have not been able to experiment or act upon their spanking desires.  Most 18-19 year old girls are not comfortable expressing to boyfriends that they want to be spanked.  It is quite enjoyable to help these girls realize their spanking fantasies and guide them through their first experiences.

The first girl to contact us and express her spanking desires was Jennifer.  Before her initial interview, she wrote to me detailing how much she desires to be spanked.  As with many that are into it, she wanted these spankings to be real.  She did not want to do scenes, she wanted to discuss things with us that she felt she had gotten away with in her youth and be properly punished for them.  She was very embarrassed about many of these things and refused to discuss them on camera.  She did however, put her spankings in our hands and let us decide the appropriate punishment for her infractions.  She was the first model that we really pushed the level of intensity in a scene and we did so because her offenses warranted it.  Many of the discussion took place via e-mail prior to her shoot and as a result she always showed up very nervous.  Those early scenes with her were very special because of the authenticity.  While she liked to be spanked, the pain involved in her fantasies was far different from the actual pain she experienced.  She wanted to be properly punished and she certainly was each and every time.  The fear on her face at the beginning of every scene was very real because she had no idea what her punishment was going to be.  For a few of her infractions, which were quite major, she was just about in tears before the scene ever began because she knew that she was really in for it.  With Jennifer, regardless of the severity, she always demonstrated her excitement from the situation by becoming visibly moist.  While she finally ran out of infractions, and not all of her scenes were for real offenses, we have shot her for more than three years now and she has starred in many of our films.


The latest model to work for us that is really into the scene is Claire.  I knew the moment she walked in the studio that she was going to be our next star.  During her interview she just could not suppress how excited she was.  She even told us how thankful she was that she found us, she had been considering placing an ad for a real life disciplinarian.  Just as with Jennifer, she wanted her spankings to be punishment based and administered in a very disciplinary way.  Like most, who do not have much experience, she overestimated her tolerance.  She told us from the beginning that she could not be spanked hard enough.  Her first ever session was with me and I used a round leather paddle.  Knowing she wanted it hard, with no perceived limits, I went pretty hard on her.  The implement I was using is not that severe in general but she sure reacted.  She wanted to experiment with the bondage aspects of it all, so her first scene also involved her being tied to the spanking bench.  When it was all over, she told us that she had never been spanked that hard in her whole life, nor had she seen her bottom so marked up.  She got much more than she bargained for and ended up with a full-time modeling position as well as her own website  One of the greatest features on the site is the “real life disciplineâ€? series.  In this series we address what both girls are really looking for, real punishments for real offenses.  We address things they have done in the past as well as behaviors that they currently engage in.  There is no script and there is no acting, the girls simply speak to the spanker and confess what they need to be punished for.  They are looking to make changes in their lives or are looking to relive some guilt that feel for things they got away with.  These are some of the most serious spankings that we have ever administered in our studio and tears are always the result.  Whether for fun or as a punishment, Claire just loves everything about spanking.  On two occasions, while we were filming a scene with multiple girls, while the others were being spanked, Claire began to masturbate. 

The other half of the site is Jasmine.  Pairing these two up was a no brainer being that they both are really into spanking.  Maybe even more so than Claire, Jasmine is really into being spanked.  She is a little older and a little more experience and she often shows up to shoots with marks on her bottom and thighs that we did not give her.  For her it goes beyond just spanking and she really loves to be completely dominated by a man in every way.  She is one of those wonderful girls that wants to be told exactly what to do in bed and often wants to be forced to do it.  More than any model we have ever hired, she really invests herself emotionally in her scenes.  In the real life discipline series, once the lecture begins she often begins to sob.  She really takes what is happening very seriously and the guilt she feels for her real life behavior is very apparent.  When she is being punished for real life infractions, she will often request the implements she hates the most to be used.  She is one of the few models to have ever answered “noâ€?, when asked if she has had enough.  She is also the only model to have asked for her face to be slapped during a scene.  I think Jasmine is someone who feels the discipline she received as a child did her a lot of good.  She grew up in a household in which corporal punishment was the primary form of discipline.  She was spanked bare bottom with a belt and a paddle well into her teen years.  On her site she details punishments that took place in the family room or her house, in which she remained bent over with her bottom bare, for punishments that lasted well over 30 minutes.  Her dad seemed to be a big fan of long lectures intermixed with some bottom bruising strokes of the belt.  She also discusses punishments in which she and one of her siblings were spanked on their bare bottoms side by side.  She is someone who feels that she still needs this type of discipline to keep her in line. 

In future posts I will discuss other models who enjoy being spanked.

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