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Spanking becoming mainstream

Ten years ago before everyone was online, being into spanking was something that people generally hid from others.  We were all “in the closet” so to speak.  Certainly the Internet has helped us all to realize that we are not alone and that there are millions of others with the same desires as us. 

In addition to the whole concept of “safety in numbers”, the attention that spanking is getting through mainstream television, is also making it easier to be “out” about our feelings.  While I have seen dozens of references to spanking on TV over the last five years, twice in the last couple of weeks I have heard spanking references on two of the most popular sit-coms on TV.

One happened on “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  Ray’s brother Robert was telling him how lucky he is to have a family and all the committments that go with it.  Ray took his brother’s comments the wrong way and felt Robert was giving him a hard time due to the fact that Robert is single and lives alone in an apartment complex with a bunch of hot women.  Ray’s response was “why don’t you just bring a supermodel over and spank her in front of me”.  This phrase would be used three times over the course of the show.  The show ended with Ray and his wife sitting in bed and his wife began to tease him.  She said, “you are right,I am lucky to have you… not every woman has a husband that wants to spank a supermodel”.  Ray’s response was, “It is not that I want to spank a supermodel.....but sometimes they are just naughty”.  This may have been the best closing line of a sit-com ever.

While “Friends” is over, it certainly lives on in syndication.  While the have been a few spanking references on “Friends”, I caught one the other day that I had not heard before.  Everyone is on vacation at some exotic island to hear Ross give some sort of presentation at a conference.  It rains pretty much the whole time, so Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and her new boyfriend all go to the gameroom to play some ping-pong.  Chandler and Phoebe will not play with Monica because she is too competitive.  Phoebe’s boyfriend agrres to play Monica and he turns out to be just as competitive as her.  As the game progresses, Chandler is frightened by Monica’s crazy competitive behavior.  Phoebe’s boyfriend exhibits the same behavior as Monica, but Phoebe finds his competitive nature to be a turn on.  She leans in during the game and tells him that they are bringing the paddle back to the room. 

I would speculate that in 10 years, being into spanking will just be part of life and nothing that we will ever have to apologize for, or hide from others.  I certainly see this trend happening within our studio.  As little as four years ago, we rarely had a model that had been spanked by anyone other than her parents.  Now just about every model we hire, even if they are not into spanking at all, admit that they have had boyfriends give them playful little spankings before sex.  I look forward to the day when something that is consensual, between adults, and brings both pleasure is something that the government and conservative religious organizations will no longer look down upon when deciding what they deem as “obscene”.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/28 at 11:49 AM in General


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