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Model Profile- Nicky Montford- Firmhand Productions


Well, I have to give Firm Hand Spanking credit for finding a fantastic spanking model with a pain tolerance rarely seen in this industry.  Her name is Nicky Montford and she is helping Firm Hand Spanking
redifine what a severe spanking is all about.  I must warn you in advance that her videos are not for the faint of heart.  She is mainly featured in their “Severe Discipline Series” and Nicky currently has 26 videos in the series.  The ones that stand out for me are the punishments in which the wooden paddle is featured.


There is a series of five videos that features some very hard paddling.  I may be going out on a limb here, but I would have to say that this series of videos may be the hardest paddling ever filmed for the web.  The video begins with her being questioned by a school official about some trouble she got into.  While she maintains that she committed the offenses alone, he points out that there were two young ladies captured on the security video.  When she refuses to give up her friend, he decides that he will paddle her until she gives him the information he needs.


This very lengthy punishment is divided into five different videos.  In the first video she is given 5 full force swats on her bare bottom.  When this does not achieve the desired results, he then gives her 10 hard swats.  This pattern continues and in the third video she is given 15, the fourth video 20, and the fifth video she receives the final 25 swats.  Never before have I seen such hard swats applied to the bare, with such a large wooden paddle.  In addition, there are no pauses between the swats.  He lays on the full force strokes as quickly as he can possibly swing.  She can barely keep up with her count due the rapid nature of the paddling.  As someone who likes to see hard spanking in videos, I am not exaggerating when I say this is as hard and fast of a paddling as you will ever see in a spanking video, with more swats from a wooden paddle than I have ever seen in a single punishment.  If anyone knows of a video that features a single punishment with more than 75 full force swats with a wooden paddle, please let me know.

There is another series with Nicky in their severe section that is similar, but features the cane.  This would be a fantastic video, but I disagree a little with the caners style of discipline.  He does not control his cane very well and every stroke wraps around to the side of her hips.  While clearly as painful as hell, and as intense of a caning as you will ever see, I think he needs to work a little on his accuracy.  As with the paddling, she is given many strokes of the cane as fast as they can be applied.  Each set of cane strokes grows in number with the first being the traditional 6 strokes.  He then moves on to apply 12, then 18, then 25, then finishes her off with 50 in a row without stopping.  This is not the type of caning in which there are long pauses for lecturing and bottom rubbing.  Every stroke is clearly laid on as hard and fast as he can swing.  When it is all over, her bottom and the sides of her hips are a big mess of angry welts and bruises.


While these two series stand out the most for me, there are more than a dozen other videos with her in them and they all feature discipline on the high end of the severity scale.  I had never really thought of the slipper as a punishment implement that was all that effective.  After watching the results of a very severe slippering, I have chnaged my mind.  I also like the video that features the “clothes brush”.  Picture a large wooden hairbrush, then double its size, and add a pound of weight and you have the clothes brush she is punished with. 

While Nicky is not your classic beauty, she is very cute and fits the role of a traditional English schoolgirl very well.  If you like your punishments as hard as they come, check out the “Severe Discipline” series with Nicky Montford at Firm Hand Spanking

Posted by Michael Masterson on 03/14 at 12:57 PM


I took a look at this girl's videos on that site. Her strong threshold for pain tolerances is what impressed me. She took a most severe caning without flinching. It seemed to me that her caning was twice as hard for her to take, since the spanker was using a Broken cane through the majority of her punishment and he was habitually rapping he right thigh. I'm no expert in using a cane...but that guy needs to learn to aim his canes toward the center of her bottom rather than allowing the cane to pull forward in each stroke without compensating. (Hense the rapping of her thigh) As I watched Nicky endure all this..I couldn't help but wonder if she was possibly picking splinters from her bottom and thigh afterwards. That guy split that cane in the beginning of this punishment and didn't hesitate to continue withe broken cane. That type of thoughtlessness is both unsafe and short sited.

It's good to see that the hard and forceful canings that we see on RS and it's sister sites are considerably more professional and done in a safer manner.

Thanks, Razor
Posted by  on  03/17  at  12:48 PM | #

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