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Japanese Face Slapping

Honestly, I am not sure what I think about this video.  It quickly caught my attention, but may be a little much...I haven’t decided yet.  Either way, it is the most serious face slapping I have ever seen applied to females.  The first Japanese schoolgirl is just so young and too cute, that the punishment aspect is exciting, but it really makes me want to kick the crap out of the guy slapping her face so hard.  Either way, this is the most authentic slapping punishment video I have ever seen so I felt I had to share.  Does anyone know where this clip comes from?

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/07 at 12:29 PM


Wow that is different not my knida of thing. I love the spanking!!
Posted by GWARslave  on  12/08  at  01:40 AM | #
That seems a bit extreme for a school punishment. It would have worked better as some kind of gangland scene with the Yakuza or something.
Posted by RichT  on  12/08  at  04:34 AM | #

Very interesting, though. I don't know what it is, but slapping someone's face just hits a sour nerve for me.
Posted by paq13  on  12/08  at  05:11 AM | #
In response to paq13, the reason face slapping tends to hit a sour note is the fact it seems more like an insult than a punishment. A somewhat, though maybe past, response to someone swearing was a slap to the face....ONE slap. Multiple slaps come across as abuse in my mind. Personally, I'll take a spanking, either earned or in play, but, any man who slaps my face will find out just how much law enforcement take down training I have had.
Posted by T  on  12/08  at  08:04 AM | #
I actually like face slapping in the right context. It takes me to a deeper more "raw" emotional place that I can't access any other way . That said, I can't handle being hit extremely hard in the face. Hard enough to get my attention, rather than sending me accross the room is plenty!
Posted by  on  12/08  at  11:50 AM | #
Dear Michael,

Thanks for keeping up this informative site. It is appreciated. Nonetheless, I would like to make a comment.

You "want to kick the crap out of the guy slapping her face" even though it leaves no marks, while you have no problem paddling women until their behinds are badly brused. This seems to be a case of "my kink is fine, your kink is perverted".
Posted by Jonathan  on  12/08  at  02:46 PM | #
Here are more face slapping clips:
Posted by Pete  on  12/08  at  03:06 PM | #
This type of punishment could cause head and neck injuries. This would fall under sloppy
and wreckless. Regardless of gender it is uncalled for. A light slap is not so bad but when ones head spins like on the exercist it's gone to far.

The punishment Micheal administers is nothing like this.

I'm glad to see the blog back up.

Micheal, could you dig up some mouthsoaping for us? It seems rare.
Posted by  on  12/09  at  08:24 AM | #
"Never hit a woman in the face
Nature provides a much better place"
Posted by  on  12/09  at  08:40 AM | #
I agree with Bailey. Slapping does reach a level of the psyche not touched by other punishments. What could be more "in your face" and dominating? It may be "a little much" but you haven't decided yet because it's also undeniably hot to dominate so completely. Imagine someone seeing a video of one of Jennifer's harsher sessions out of the blue. Could appear shocking, but also fascinating. Think about including some good slaps in the face in some of your future productions and you'll catch my interest. You may be surprised how many models secretly crave some face slapping.
Posted by  on  12/09  at  04:12 PM | #
I find face slapping incredibly sexy in the right context, i.e. for talking back or cursing, etc. But I am of course always waiting for the spanking to start.

I recommend Bailey be slapped for that saucy attitude of hers. wink
Posted by  on  12/17  at  11:03 PM | #
There are numerous fetish videos made to appeal to one very specific and incredibly rare fetish. This video is one of them as it focuses specifically on face slapping of various characters. I agree with Mr. M that the videos make you want to kick the ass of the cold manipulators. The enjoyer of the video however simply wants to see a face being slapped in a believable setting.

Check out more specifics:
Posted by  on  12/25  at  02:58 AM | #

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