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Spanked for behavior on Facebook

It is becoming quite the common thing to now see parents posting videos of them spanking their teen daughters as a result of behavior on Facebook.  These go viral on the web with mixed reactions from the viewing public.  I read many comments that state “this is sick, and this mom should go to jail”.  But the more prevalent comment seems to be that this type of discipline is lacking in society and that more smacked bottoms would result in more respectful teens.  The most recent one I have very mixed feelings about.  It is the one is which a mom is punishing her teen daughter, over her panties, with what appears to be an electrical cord, as a result of her “ho” sort of behavior.  The first issue I have is that the mom is using the worst language possible, which I find it hard to teach a young lady a good lesson about the proper way to act when every other word is fuck.  Secondly, the use of an electrical cord, especially while also holding a cell phone to film, is just dangerous.

While I do not think a spanking is the best method of discipline for children, I decided to play off this video that I just described, and show how I think it would better be handled.  Instead of a mom with an electrical cord screaming “motherfucker” throughout, I went with an angry, but at least respectful dad.  After a quick lecture about her posting half naked pictures of herself on Facebook, she is taken over the knee for a very long and hard bare bottom spanking.  Of course, just as with all of these videos that are popping up on the web, he films it all on his cell phone to post to her FB account.  Here is an animation from the recent video in the member’s area of

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/05 at 02:12 PM


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