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Many of you have noticed that the World Spanking Forum is currently having issues.  We had a major crash of our database just before I left the country for the holidays.  At the moment, I am not sure the best resolution, as the techs are struggling with it all.  I am considering a new and improved relaunch of the site, as the older version is well outdated and is on an older server.  I am now back, please give us a little time as we work out the best solution.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/05 at 02:09 PM


Thank you for the explanation. It's a shame it's causing such a problem. I've saved a lot of my posts and PMs from the WSF but if the old content is lost, I'm going to wish I'd saved more. I don't know how much good it does for you as a promotional platform (and I don't know if you can access information to tell you how much good it does), but it IS the only place I know of other than the sites themselves where all of your sites' new episodes receive publicity. Of course, whether that makes it worth paying for and maintaining, only you can judge. As I've stated to the point of redundancy, I don't know where all the time and energy that used to go into forums and chat is going now, but if you could figure that out, I guess that's where your promotional efforts should migrate. I'll miss the forum and the occasional scheduled chats (one of which Betty was in the process of organizing when the forum went down) if they are gone, but I must acknowledge they are a shadow of their former selves. I appreciate your keeping them as long as you have.
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Thank you for all you do, and Happy New Year!
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