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For whatever reason, three years later, 8000+ posts, and 10,000+ followers, Tumblr deleted my account with warning.  Customer service finally answered and stated “misleading links” as the reason for account deletion, which is bullshit, all links went to my sites, or PPV movies.  Either way, I have started again.  It will take a few months but I will get all content back in place.  You can visit the new one here

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/02 at 09:24 AM


Thank you! I love the photos you post. They are among the best available, if not THE best.
Posted by  on  01/02  at  07:21 PM | #
That's a shame. We are so dependent on (in fact, at the mercy of) the sites that host our material. They can be arbitrary and unfair, and we have no useful defense. I don't really understand how the Internet works, but I suppose even those who have their own domains are subject to the whims of whoever hosts the domain. Owning your own server may be the safest bet -- then I guess it'd take a government to shut you down?

I thought maybe your Tumblr was down for the same reason that the World Spanking Forum has been down for over 3 weeks. I keep expecting to see an explanation for that somewhere (and this blog is the only place I can think of where you could put it) but so far, nothing. It wasn't causing any problems; most of the posts were promoting your sites. I don't understand why it's been abandoned without explanation. Is it possible I'm the only person who can't get access to WSF? I can access the home page but none of the links to forum pages work.

Anyway, I'm glad to know half the outages are now explained.
Posted by  on  01/03  at  01:18 AM | #
I had a similar experience with two blogs on Tumblr no reason was given at all.

I gave up.

Good luck with your new venture.
Posted by DJ Black  on  01/04  at  11:28 AM | #

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