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Classic Spanking Photo Sets

Corporal Punishment Imagery

I can recall the days in which spanking content was not as easy to find at is it with the Internet.  Any spanking image or video was very hard to find and required a trip to an adult bookstore or ordering through the mail from some of the spanking producers that have been around for years.  My earliest peeks at spanking content came in the form of pictures.  I still hold a special place for some of the classic spanking pictures sets from producers like Kane and Janus.  With only pictures to work with, they were able to create very powerful images that told a story, without words.  Some of my favorite spanking pictures of all time come from these types of sets.  On occasion, we have attempted to create this same style with picture sets on our various sites.  Most of our members are dissapointed when they her updates that do not involve videos, but I personally like to sometimes see picture only sets, they leave more for the imagination.  Below are a couple of pictures from our series “Photo Stories” that appears in the member’s area of

Tiffany waits in dread as she knows that the paddle will soon be applied forcefully to her bottom

No amount of rubbing will take the sting away from her bottom after the hard paddling she received

With the drop seat opened on Tyler's pajamas, she knows that there is no point in arguing, the hairbrush will be aplied to her bottom

Tyler knows from previous punishments that she has just eared extra strokes from the hairbrush for putting her hands in the way and rubbing her bottom

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/04 at 05:45 AM


You make an interesting point about the pre-internet days. I was starting university just as the internet was really taking off so I had unlimited free internet access and to be frank used it as much for accessing spanking material as I did for study. I often wonder how spankos got their hands on any kind of spanking material particularly if they lived away from big cities.

Janus too has a place in my hear and I'll occasional buy a copy. Mr M, have you ever been to the Janus shop in London - every edition they've ever produced is available (along with under-the-counter videos) I'm sure you'd find it very nostalgic.
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