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Using a switch for real corporal punishment.

The use of a switch for the application of corporal punishment has been used for generations throughout the world.  This traditional is still alive and well in many parts of our country, especially in the Southern states. Part of this time honored tradition involves sending the naughty young man or young lady out to pick their own switch.  It leaves them with a tough decision as they have to look at the bush and choose the exact implement that they know will be used on them.  But it adds a real sense of ownership to their punishment as they become an active participant in their own discipline.  Most have been warned that if they choose a switch that is ineffective, that one will be selected for them.

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The next step once they have selected the switch is to clean it.  They get to know their punishment implement very well as they peel off ever little twig and leaf that is still attached to it.  The process of selecting and cleaning a switch, or 2-3 switches for a longer punishment, can take as long as 20-30 minutes, which allows a lot of time to reflect on what they did.  With every leaf peeled off of the switch all they can focus on is how bad it is going to hurt when it hits their bottom.

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Because a switch is so thin and light, it is traditionally applied on a bare bottom.  It does not have the weight and thud that a cane does, so it serves very little purpose to be used over clothing.  The last step in the process before a switching takes place is for the pants and panties to come down. 

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Once the bottom is bared and she is in the proper position for her switching it begins.  Anyone who has ever felt a switch will tell you that it has a burning sting like no other implement out there.  A switch is small and light enough that it creates very little resistance when traveling through the air, and as a result it travels at a very high velocity.  The sting created is very specific to a small area and the part of the bottom that it makes contact with burns like a bee sting. 

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As a result of the small area that is made contact with during a switching, it takes a while to cover an entire bottom.  There are very few parents and disciplinarians that see a spanking as over until the entire bottom has been spanked.  When a switch is used, this can take quite some time, and involve many more strokes that a spanking with a typical implement like a belt, paddle, or wooden spoon.  With a belt, the entire bottom can be covered in less than 20 strokes, but with a switch, it can take as many as 50-60 to stripe the entire bottom of the offending young lady.

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Because a switch is such a lightweight implement and creates no safety concerns when it comes to striking muscles or bones, it is quite common for a switching to include the back of the thighs.  For many who are spanked with a switch, it is common for the spanker to start at the top of the butt and stripe all the way down the very bottom of the thighs and then back up again.  The severity of their offense determines how many trips up and down that will be made.  There are many naughty young ladies out there who have bent over for 4-5 such trips to be made. The marks are quite unique and very visible for quite some time.  A switch leaves a nicely raised welt every time it hits.  There are very few implements that leave such a distinct mark.

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With it now being summertime, it is switching season again at and I have been sending many young ladies out to pick a switch.  This post is illustrated with the latest switching update to the member’s area of in which Miss Ivy has gotten in trouble at school and as a result, is also in trouble at home.  Her friend is staying with her for the week, so she is present to not only witness the punishment, but to help with the process.  Ivy and Syrena are sent to the yard with a pair of scissors, to select 2 switches to be used for Ivy’s punishment.  After they each clean a switch, he gets to work striping Ivy’s bottom.  He works hard enough with the punishment that he wears the 1st switch completely out.  He moves on to the second switch and gets right back to work.  Every inch of her bottom and the tops of her thighs are set on fire, teaching her a very real lesson.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/08 at 02:51 PM


"Summertime and switching season" Might tha be because less in the way of clothing is worn, a time of short shorts, tennis dresses, bathing suits.
Would point out that with oldtime discipline with the switch, that it was often used on the bare legs,as well as, or instead of the bottom.
And of course it leaves marks. What a punishment that would be for a "leggy" girl, not being able to wear little short jean shorts to the mall, because of the embarrassing stripes on her legs!
Would not be surprised that in the past, when more revealing fashions like short shorts and abbreviated swimwear came in, and corporal punishment was more accepted, that more than one young lady got her legs striped for wearing such outfits in public.
Or even in the 60s, some teenybopper getting switched for wearing a too-short mini-skirt. That might make a good school discipline video. Just a suggestion.
Posted by  on  07/09  at  09:30 AM | #
You spoke right out of my heart and mind Mr. Masterson. And so did Redskinluver.
Posted by  on  07/10  at  03:02 AM | #
I think the worst part of cutting a switch is the risk of having the neighbor's see and comment on your preparation:

"Why, look, it's Betty Lou cutting a switch! Were you a naughty little girl, Betty?"

"She must have been Pa, she's cutting a switch. Gosh, do you think she'll get it...pants down?"

"It'll be panties down, too, son. Girls always get switched on their bare butts."

"Gosh, bare naked? Is that true Betty Lou? Are you gonna get it BARE? How come's she's not answering, Pa? Can't she hear us?"

"She can hear fine. Betty Lou maybe a little shy. Don't worry, we'll wander over in a minute or two and ask her dad if we can watch the game. Of course that means we'll be able to watch Betty Lou's pre-game show, and see her do her cornertime right next to TV."


Poor Betty Lou! Blushing through their casual conversation of her switching. Her heart will certainly skip a beat when she hears the doorbell ring, knowing her audience awaits.

Now THAT'S embarassing!
Posted by  on  07/20  at  09:28 PM | #

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