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A severe OTK bare bottom hair brush spanking from dad

It seems as though it was a fairly common occurrence in the 50’s, a spanking with the dreaded hairbrush.  There are very few implements that really hurt as much, or leave as long lasting of an impression.  The pain is intense and very specific, and if a proper wooden hairbrush is used, every single smack leaves a bruise instantly.  In as few as 20 smacks, a young lady’s entire bottom can be completely marked.  The main benefit to a hairbrush spanking is the long lasting results.  Sure, after a particularly hard strapping the naughty young lady might be a little sore the next morning, but it in no way compares to a severe spanking with a brush.  The naughty girl in question soon realizes when she gets out of bed the morning, after her bottom was spanked with a brush that her punishment is just beginning.  Basic tasks such as sitting, walking, and even standing become quite painful, as any movement of her body causes her poor bottom to ache.  If it was a proper spanking, she will feel the results for as many as five days.

Punishments like this are rare in spanking videos.  Most models cannot handle such an intense punishment and are generally not willing to feel the results for so many days after the video has been filmed.  I do no occasion find the rare model that is willing to endure such a punishment.  Miss Lila and I had talked about giving her the spanking of her life on many occasions and one day we finally decided to make it happen.  She wanted to receive a very traditional hairbrush spanking, just like teen girls received in the 50’s.  She was clear that she wanted a “father/daughter” type of scene and wanted to be OTK.  It is truly as hard as I have ever spanked on camera, and it left her with a very bruised and sore bottom for more than a week.

Below is an animation from that very scene, one in which we filmed without a safeword.  She wanted to give up all control and to know what it was really like in the days when the rod was rarely spared.  This video is available on demand HERE.

spanking picture

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/18 at 02:03 PM


I may be wrong, but that looks more like a bath brush than a hairbrush. However, I'm sure the effect of a wood bath brush is equal to if not greater than a hairbrush. The handle is longer so there's more "leverage" or striking speed or whatever determines effectiveness. The head isn't that much bigger than a hairbrush so the energy isn't spread out over a larger area. And the wood is probably thicker. In any case she certainly does have a marked bottom.
Posted by  on  07/18  at  11:34 PM | #
Lila clearly benefits from discipline. I have always noticed in your films that she is generally belted and paddled much harder than many of the other girls but takes it well without complaint. She must be especially naughty to get such harsh treatment...long may it continue
Posted by PB  on  07/19  at  12:40 PM | #
Wow, but I know as a spankee how she would have wanted to find out and experience this, as if it really were something she had no control over, like if it really happened. (It did, of course, but you know what I mean). Although I know it will have hurt very much it must have been quite an experience.
Posted by  on  08/15  at  05:21 AM | #

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