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A Domestic Discipline Society

I have been spending some time recently with the good folks over at A Domestic Discipline Society and am really enjoying the company.  While at first glance, the page is a little busy, once you learn your way around, there is a wealth of good information for anyone that is considering the DD lifestyle.  There are tons of articles for the potential HoH and TiH people out there.  I rarely promote other sites here, but I like to point you all to sites worthy of a look.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/24 at 01:59 PM


Thank you very much Michael!
We have enjoyed your presence there and the experienced & helpful information you've shared. Especially with some of our newer HoHs & TiHs who are there to learn more about the respectful lifestyle choice of Domestic Discipline.
~ MrBB
Founder of, A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS)
Posted by MrBBSpanker  on  06/25  at  07:52 AM | #
Back in the Seventies I knew a couple of women who were trying to get their husbands to spank them as a punishment, but with the rise of Feminism that wasn't going to happen. A husband taking charge? How Neanderthal that was! Domestic discipline has to be even harder now.

A number of years ago Eve Howard at Shadow lane had a couple of tutorial videos about women getting their men into spanking them it and how the men should handle it.

I wish the people at ADDS a lot of luck in these very PC times.
Posted by  on  06/30  at  07:47 AM | #

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