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Severe bare bottom paddling video

Sometimes a handspanking is just not enough.  Sometimes even a hard paddling is not enough to get the job done.  On those occasions, only a severe paddling will do the trick.  Here is a good example of what is sometimes required to teach a proper lesson.

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 10/07 at 12:17 PM


Ok I give up. I went through every scene from 2006 and I can't find this one.

Can you put more slow motion clips on your site? A slow motion of their face would be fun too!
Posted by  on  10/10  at  11:04 PM | #
Here is the scene info:

Kailee Is Paddled To Tears

Mr. Daniels has brought Kailee into his office to speak with her about her inappropriate attire. Through the meeting Kailee has nothing but attitude and is showing that she thinks this is all a joke. Mr. Daniels gets out a large wooden paddle and orders her into position. Kailee is given a hard paddling until she is bruised and crying. Afterwards, Mr. Daniels speaks with her once more about the necessity of following the rules and then leaves her to compose herself.

Updates On: Mon Jun 26, 2006
Model(s): Kailee
Spanker(s): Coach
Implement(s): Paddle (Wooden)
Position(s): Bent Over
Posted by Michael Masterson  on  10/14  at  06:34 PM | #

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