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You have been a naughty girl

Alright ladies, I know you have been bad, and it is clear that you require discipline.  I know that not all situations in life allow for you to receive the discipline that you may require.  Since this may indeed be the case for you, I think it is time that you gave YOURSELF the punishment that you deserve.  You will setup your webcam, video camera, or even cell phone, and you will record you giving yourself the spanking that you know you need.  It has been too long since your last spanking, and it it time to get ot over with.  You will spank yourself hard, it will hurt, you may even be sore, but you will feel so much better knowing you have been punished for your transgressions. 

You will send your video, along with the reasons you needed to spank yourself to and as an added punishment, just to make sure you lerned your lesson, it will be shared ith the world on this blog.  It is ok to hide your face in the video, as long as you are sure to properly spank yourself.  If you need tips or advice, use the e-mail link above and I will get you on track to helping you find peace with yourself and finally putting this discipline issues behind you.  Do no dissapoint me young lady!  As a very special motivator (not that you should need it) the best three videos by April 1st, will receive a free three month membership to

If you need a good example of what I expect, here is a nice and proper self spanking:

Posted by Michael Masterson on 02/08 at 09:20 PM


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