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The First Day as a Spanking Model

A spanking model’s first shoot

A question that is asked us of, by most producers in the industry, is how do we get such beautiful models that are willing to be spanked hard on camera?  We have found it is not all that hard to get them in for an interview, the difficulty lies in getting them through their first day, getting the content we need, and them have them return for future shoots.  Every model’s first day is much longer than subsequent days.  The reason being, we take a long time to guide them through the process.  Their first day always begins with a sit down with Dee and I.  Our talk begins with me trying to help the model understand the mindset of our members.  Most models that come to us our not into spanking, many are not even aware that there is a spanking “fetish?.  I feel it is important that they understand what our members want to see and what really pushes their buttons.  I think an understanding of the fetish, helps them get into their roles, and also makes them feel a little less weird about what it is they are doing.

I make it clear to them what it is we are looking for in a model and what they can do to make sure they are invited for future shoots.  The point I visit over and over again is that of communication.  I make it very clear that without good communication, this process will not work at all.  I tell them that I will be “brutally honest? at all time and that I expect the same from them.  While what I do as a spanker seems like the dream job to many, it is often difficult.  My job is to bring pain to a girl, who in most cases, gains no enjoyment from it.  Not only am I to spank them, but if all goes well, I am going to take them beyond their comfort level.  If they are not honest and open with me after a scene, I have no way to know how she is dealing with it all.  I make it very clear that when a scene is over, I need very specific feedback from them.  If I ask them how that was, and they simply reply “ok?, then we have a problem.  I need for them to rate the pain on a scale of one to ten, I need feedback on the position, the implement, the situation, and anything else they can think of.  I need them to tell me what I could do different to allow them to take more.  If I feel for a second that they are holding back their true feelings or not being honest with me, there is a good chance that they just filmed their last scene.

We do our best to make them feel at ease about the whole situation.  None of this could really go as well as it does without Dee.  The presence of a female seems to do wonders for making a model feel more comfortable.  She is just wonderful at making everyone feel casual about what is about to happen.  She is easy to get along with and treats them all like old friends.  I think many models interested in an “adult industry? job have major reservations.  Images of a “casting couch? situation, seem to fill every model’s head, and for good reason.  There are many in the adult industry that see getting laid as a perk of the job.  Models are always relieved that there are no sexual situations in our scenes.  On top of that, we do everything we can to make them feel comfortable during the times when they are naked.  We could have just finished a scene in which a model was required to get fully naked and then dressed again on camera, and when it comes time for her to change for the next scene, I excuse myself from the room.  We make extra efforts to make sure that an additional woman is present during all shoots.  At no time will a model find herself doing a scene in which another woman in not present. 

We have found that if you make every effort to make a model feel comfortable, treat her with total respect, and pay her very well, the pain aspect of what she is being asked to do becomes secondary.  At the conclusion of just about every model’s first day, she can not tell else enough how much she appreciates how nicely and professionally she was treated.  They always seem so relieved because they expected the process to be so much worse than what it turned out to be.  We have never had a model that did not come back for a second shoot.  In addition, one of our best sources for models is other models.  Once they see how easy it was and how well it pays, they are quick to get their friends involved.  Just as with building our first website, we have discovered that if it is not just about money and if you take the time and effort to understand the people involved and treat them well, the rest comes easy.

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This is an interesting blog, indeed. I'm particularly taken by your "behind the scenes" comments about what the relationships between/among the models are, etc. I've got one quick question for you, though.....

It's about the "business" part of running these sites. I know -- having seen lots of 'em -- that many of your scenes wind up on venues such as alt.binaries.spanking or the other newsgroups, and that lots of 'em also wind up on eMule, eDonkey, Torrent and the other distribution points. I've always assumed that it was competitors who do that sort of thing -- surely the profit margins can't support all the is, after all, a labor intensive business, isn't it? I suspect most users think it's the best cash cow ever, but I realize it's probably not. What's it like when you sit down with the accountants every month?

Interested Accountant!
Posted by  on  02/11  at  07:19 AM | #
shut eye how does one become a model? and are there any places nearby lower MI/upper IN to go?
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