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New Spanking Star Kailee

Image from Kailee’s “School Swats Series” at

One of the best new models to hit the world of online spanking videos is Kailee.  Kailee is the newest model at and and she has quickly gained popularity and is one of our most requested models.  When she walked in our doors for her interview, she was clearly beautiful.  With this beauty she brought a confidence and a very open mind.  She professed to be kinky but she did not consider herself “into spankingâ€?.  In her 19 years, the only spankings she had received were at the hands of her mother.  In her “Punishment Profileâ€? video, she goes into detail about what is was like to grow up in a house as the youngest of three sisters in which spanking was the primary form of punishment.  She describes quick bare bottom otk spankings for small infractions, such as coming home 5 minutes late, as well as more formal punishments in which she was sent to get the wooden spoon for a long and painful bare bottom punishment.

Kailee quickly surprised us all with her pain tolerance.  I guess all of those years over her mother’s knee prepared her for her new profession.  One of the things she really brings to the camera is her brattyness.  She quite naturally assumes the bad girl role and she does not respond well to authority.  She tends to look at just about every scene as a challenge to see if she can hold out and not cry.  It took many severe scenes before she ever shed a tear.  We found the quickest way to get her to turn the floodgates on is to make her feel like she is really in trouble.  A simple hard spanking alone does not bring out the emotion in Kailee, but really make her feel naughty and show her how disappointed you are in her and she can’t help herself.  She truly gives herself completely to a scene and often gets caught up in the realism.  The “School Swatsâ€? scenes we have done with her are some of the hardest paddlings we have ever administered, or seen administered in any spanking video.

While Kailee did not come to us “intoâ€? spanking, she admits that every week it is more of a turn on for her.  She is now bringing us scene ideas of things she would like to try.  I feel most people know from an early age if they are into spanking, Kailee seems to be a late bloomer.  We rarely film a scene with her in which when it is over, she doesn’t run off to the bathroom to look at her marked bottom in the mirror.  She marks more than most models and on many occasions has left with her entire bottom black and blue.  Even with as bruised as she gets, she is always one to ask for a hard punishment.  I did a scene with her for and the scene began with Dee paddling both her and Brandi.  Kailee kept being a wise ass during her paddling, so Dee came and got me to really lay on the strokes.  I quickly realized that a basic pine paddle was not going to be enough because after every swat, she would turn to me and smile.  The scene was scripted for far less strokes than she ended up with, but she knew going into it that if she kept up the attitude during the scene that the paddling would continue.  I finally grabbed a large wooden oak paddle, determined to change her attitude.  It finally took several swats with a full swing and a bit of a running start to get the point across.  I wish we would have had a camera on Brandi’s face during the end of Kailee’s paddling; I don’t think she could believe what she was seeing.  This was her first time to work with Kailee and I think the intensity really blew her mind.

In addition to everything she brings to a scene, she is just one of our favorite models to work with.  She keeps everyone at ease and is the only model we have ever hired that stops by everyone’s office just to say hi.  We have big plans for Kailee and she will soon be a star in one of our feature films.  I see a “Best Ofâ€? DVD just around the corner for her. 

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