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Teen Spanking Punishments

Models profiles from Firm Hand Spanking


While it should be clear by now that spanking is not an effective form of discipline for parents to use on their children, I think most people into the spanking scene like to let their imagination run wild.  There is something that is at least a little sexy about the thought of a legal aged teen girl submitting her bottom for a proper punishment spanking.  Many websites explore this theme, but most of them do a fairly poor job at it.  It is becoming more common to see adult “teenâ€? sites that only feature porn stars in pigtails.

As I have stated before, one of the few spanking sites that I actually pay for a membership for is Firm Hand Spanking.  They offer a wide variety of models and when they choose to visit the “teen spankingâ€? theme, they often do it well.  Two models that really stand out on their site when attempting scenes of this nature are Jennifer Johnson and Rachel Rodgers.


While Rachel Rodgers is not drop dead gorgeous, she very much looks the part of a naughty teen girl that is in trouble.  First, while I do not know her age, she has to be 18.  With a mouth full of braces, she is looks as young as just about any spanking model out there.  Her bottom is amazing and looks fantastic in tight jeans.  The current photo and video sets with her tend to focus on “schoolâ€? and “homeâ€? punishments.  She is punished in more traditional ways, only baring her bottom for a punishment, without showing any additional nudity.  While I would love to see her stripped down for a spanking, the state of dress they spank her in seems very realistic.  More so than many of their models, they always focus a camera tight on her face for her punishments.  You get to see her cute face react to each and every blow that is applied to her bottom.  She is currently featured in 6 videos on the Firm Hand Spanking site, each with additional photos.


Jennifer Johnson is another model they film that really looks the part of a naughty teen.  Maybe even more so than Rachel, her scenes have a very realistic feel to them.  Both of her wooden paddling scenes on Firm Hand Spanking are just about as realistic as you can get.  My favorite is the scene (picture below) in which she is brought into the family room and told to bare her bottom and grab her ankles.  She takes 10 on the bare with a very large school paddle, and while not the hardest paddling ever, it is a very realistic recreation of a naughty teen being spanked for her misdeeds.  She is currently featured in 9 different scenes at Firm Hand Spanking and once again, they are either “homeâ€? or “schoolâ€? punishments.


If you like to see realistic portrayals of teen punishments, then you should check out the Jennifer Johnson and Rachel Rodgers scenes in the “Special Collections� series at Firm Hand Spanking.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/11 at 06:18 AM



I agree that Jennifer Johnson is a very cute and realistic teenage looking girl. I also like her movies. But did you notice that she always seems kind of laughing when she is spanked or scolded and her face is in good view? It makes the situation kind of artificial. This besides all other good performance seems to me a little manco with her films.

Posted by  on  04/23  at  07:09 AM | #
I love this picture of that women being spanked. I would love and do any thang to get spanked by a women. Please get back with me on this. I just hope that you can get a women to spank me.
Posted by  on  08/09  at  09:32 PM | #

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