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Stripped naked for a punishment spanking

I look at full nudity as an additional punishment during a spanking.


When watching a spanking video, full nudity is not my first choice in what I want to see.  I tend to prefer a more traditional punishment, in which the bottom is still bared, but they retain a little modesty.  I do however, find that nudity can serve as a further punishment during a spanking.  I am always one to do my best to never humiliate the person I am spanking, but I feel a certain amount of embarassment can serve a purpose if the infraction calls for it.  Nothing brings this home like forcing them to present their naked body before their spanking.  Being naked during a spanking will always add to the discomfort and does wonders in increasing how exposed they feel.  When I feel a punishment calls for the person in trouble to feel overwhelmed, then forced nudity is a good start.  I have administered many spanking in which I not only forced them to get naked, but to do it in front of others.  I have created a gallery with several photos from my various websites that show spankings being administered with the young lady as naked as the day she was born.  You can visit the gallery here.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/10 at 05:44 PM


I am all in favour of naked punishments - the nudity (and any standing on display or corner time that goes with it) adds to the humiliation and generally makes the punishee more willing to take her discipline without fuss. Please let's have lots more photos of it!
Posted by  on  01/14  at  11:01 AM | #

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