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True account of school corporal punishment

A description of a school paddling that a good friend of mine received in a public school in Texas during the late 80’s.

school corporal punishment paddling

It should be clear by now that I have a fascination with school corporal punishment.  I think one of the main reasons is the fact that it was my only personal experience with spanking growing up, being that I was never spanked by my parents.  As I have stated before, as a teen, I would do just about anything I could to get girls I knew to talk about their experiences being spanked.  Today, I thought I would detail one of my favorite school paddling accounts that was actually told to me directly by the girl who experienced it.

The girl in question is the younger sister of one of my good friends.  While a couple of years younger than the group I hung with in high school, she was close with her brother and as a result, we were often at the same parties together or just hanging out on the weekends.  Being that this is still a person that I communicate with, I will change her name and the school involved, but everything else is 100% accurate.  Even though “Lauraâ€? was a sophomore when I was a senior, every guy considered her to be one of the hottest girls we knew.  She was unbelievably gorgeous with the kind of ass that fuels every school boy’s fantasies.  The summer before her sophomore year, her brother, mother, and her all moved to a different school district.  The school was actually closer to my house than the one I attended, but it was a different district.  I lived in a suburb of Ft. Worth Texas, which was a small town that was about as far away from the city as you could get without being in the country.  The town they moved to was maybe ten miles from where I lived, but it was considered “the countryâ€?.  This was a town that had three different schools, a primary, middle, and high school.  Although small, they were their own independent school district. 

While they had moved, we still hung out just as much because they were not any farther away.  One day I was asking her brother what he thought of the new school and his response was “it is Hicksvilleâ€?.  He explained some of the differences between the new school and the one I attended.  One thing that I found odd was that they had a dress code.  Things like concert shirts, shorts, and ripped jeans were not allowed.  If you wore a button up shirt, every button had to be fastened.  It was clear that this was a much different school environment than they were used to.  Through further probing, he mentioned that each and every week he had heard at least one paddling take place in the hallway.  This of course got my attention, so I asked him if he had been paddled.  He laughed and said “Hell no, but Laura managed to get one during just her second weekâ€?, I just about fell out of my seat.  The thought of Laura presenting her beautiful bottom to be paddled was almost more than I could bear.  Trying not to cross the line between being curious and being perverted, I simply asked him how that went.  He responded with “you would have to ask her, but she said it hurt like a mother fu****â€?.  I left it at that but knew that at some point I would have to get all the details.

It was several months before I found a chance to talk to her about it without being in a room full of people.  It was a Friday night and we were having our typical gathering at an older friend’s place that had his own apartment.  Most of us were there and my friend got a call from his sister asking him to come and pick her up and bring her to the party.  He told her no and that he was not going to drive an hour round trip to pick her up.  I quickly made up the excuse that I was going to run and get cigarettes anyway and that I would swing by and get her and bring her over.  He told her that I could come and get her and she was happy and said she would be ready.  I drove the 20 miles to get her, considering how to explore the topic of her school paddling.  As I pulled up she came running out and was very grateful that I had come all that way to get her.

I went right into a school talk and her if she was making new friends.  I continued with the small talk in the hopes that she would mention that she had been paddled.  If never came up so I finally just said, “oh yeah, your brother said that someone paddled you, is that trueâ€??  She answered with, “Hell yeah, he busted my ass goodâ€?.  Trying not to focus too much on the paddling, I asked her what she had done to get paddled.  After finally breaking the ice, Laura detailed the entire experience during the rest of the drive.  I will leave out the additional probing I did to get all the details and simply leave you with her full account.  There may be a few details I have missed, but for the most part this is exactly what she experienced with her first school paddling.

As hot as she was, she obviously received a lot of attention from the boys in her school.  This is what led to her first paddling.  In a class with a female teacher, she had been extra chatty with a couple of the boys.  They flirted and past notes throughout the class for several days.  One day the teacher had enough and singled Laura out as the trouble maker. She was given a stern warning about the distractions she was creating in class.  Near the end of her second week of school it happened again and this time she was “sent upâ€? for it.  There was no warning, she was simply asked to come to the front of the room.  The teacher handed her a “pink slipâ€? and told her to go see the Vice Principal.  While at my high school there was a girl’s VP and a boy’s VP, there was a single male at her school who handled the discipline problems.  She told me that what annoyed her the most was what she read on the pink slip as she walked to the office.  It said “disrupting class, multiple warnings, disciplinary action requiredâ€?.  She was pissed because she had only been warned once, not “multipleâ€? times.  She was also bothered that on both occasions, the boy she was chatting with was never included as someone else that was also disrupting class.  She knew she was pushing the teacher’s limits, and felt that she might get in trouble, she just didn’t like the way what had happened was represented on the pink slip.

She went to the office and asked the secretary where to go.  She took Laura’s pink slip and told her to have a seat.  The pink slip was taken to the VP’s office and she waited.  After about 5 minutes the secretary told her she could go in.  She entered his office and was told to take a seat.  She stated that she was pretty intimidated because she had never even seen this man before.  He took her pink slip and then spent a minute creating a file folder for her.  He asked her if “disrupting classâ€? meant chatting with her neighbor and such and she replied “yesâ€?.  He also told her that based on the teacher’s notes that this seemed to be an ongoing issue.  She replied that is had only happened one time before.  She felt that he was used to students flat out lying to him and basically just dismissed what she had to say.  She felt that he did not even really listen to her and had already made up his mind as to how to handle it.  After he got her side of the story, she said that he became a little more stern and gave her a brief lecture.  It seemed his main point was that he had very little tolerance for things that “interfered with the educational processâ€?.  He stated that most students see things like whispering in class and being late as minor offenses, but he saw things differently.  His problem was that these were things that did not just affect a single student, they had the potential to distract everyone in the classroom and that all of these little distractions greatly affected how much learning could take place over the course of a day.  She said that he made a few references to “how things were done at your previous schoolâ€? and that he really made it sound like she came from a terrible school where discipline was out of control. 

After the lecture he told her that she would get three “licksâ€? for this offense and three “licksâ€? for the previous offenses that had only resulted in warnings.  He told her that a warning is basically a free pass, assuming the behavior is corrected, and that if it is not corrected, then there must be accountability for previous actions.  She said that she was basically stunned.  She said that she was not an idiot and knew what “licksâ€? were, but the fact that this was actually going to happen to her, at that very moment, greatly concerned her.  A school paddling was not something completely foreign to her as a concept; they had paddled at her junior high, but never girls.  She also never knew of a paddling at her previous school in which it was not offered as a choice.  She said her heart rate increased and she basically just sat there staring at the floor, wondering what was next.  She told me that she had heard two paddlings take place in the hallway since she had been at school and that they were very loud.  She looked up when she heard him open a file drawer and she then saw the paddle for the first time.  She described it as “big as hellâ€? with black tape wrapped around the handle.  Unlike the paddling schools I had attended, there were no signatures on this paddle.  She told me that it look as though it “had a lot of miles on itâ€?.  When I asked her to estimate the size she held up her hands about three feet apart.

He stood up from his desk and went and closed his office door while she just sat nervously in her chair.  He then grabbed what she called a “Kindergarten chairâ€? from next to a file cabinet and pulled it into the center of his office.  I asked her what a “Kindergarten chairâ€? was and she described it as “the little bitty chairs that you see in a daycareâ€?.  He instructed her to stand up and approach the chair.  He told her to bend over, put both hands on the chair, and to position her feet so that were at least two floor tiles between them.  I guess this is politically correct way to say “spread your legsâ€?.  She stated that he was very specific about her position and that she was to keep her hands in place and legs straight at all times.  She told me that even before it started that it really sucked.  She found grabbing the seat of that little chair to be difficult and really put a strain on the backs of her legs.  Once in place he took his spot behind her and announced her sentence, “Laura you are getting six licks for disrupting the educational processâ€?.  She felt the paddle on her bottom for a moment and then received the first “lickâ€?.  She said that at first it did not hurt as much as she suspected, but very quickly the pain set in.  Before she could catch her breath the next one fell, followed by the third.  She was given a several second pause and then the next three were laid on just as fast.

She described the pain as “unfu***** believableâ€?.  She told me she had had her share of spankings from her mom when she was younger, but it was nothing close to this paddling.  She honestly did not believe a spanking could hurt this much.  She said that “it burned and just would not go awayâ€?.  He walked back around his desk and put the paddle away.  She told me that she was a little confused and was not sure if she could stand up.  To be safe, she stayed in place until he told her to have a seat.  I know how tough Laura was, so I asked her if she cried.  She told me that tears streamed down her face after the first swat, but “I was not going to give the prick the satisfaction of seeing me blubberâ€?.  He filled out her pink slip and sent her right back to class.  She told me that she went to the bathroom to pull herself together but ended up actually crying once she got there.  I wanted to ask her how her butt looked afterwards, but felt that that might come off as a little perverted.  Instead I asked her if it hurt for very long.  Her exact response was “dude, my ass burned for daysâ€?.  As a side note, she felt that the words on her pink slip “disciplinary action requiredâ€? was the teacher’s code for “this student needs to be paddledâ€?.

This account has always stood out in my mind for many reasons. First, it was one of the most detailed accounts I had ever heard from a girl about being paddled at school.  Second, she had one of the greatest asses I had ever seen and I had personally fantasized about spanking her prior to hearing this account.  This is also one of the few accounts I have heard in which a female was paddled by a male without a witness present.  It is also one of very few accounts I have heard in which the paddling was not an option, it was the only course of action.  Right or wrong, this was very real and it did take place in a public school in Texas.  Beyond paddling in the office, this was a school (and still is as far as I know) that allowed teachers to paddle students in the hallway where everyone else could hear.  I asked her a little bit about this and she told me that she only knew of a few teachers (mostly coaches) that paddled themselves and that most teachers just sent student up.  It was a drive that I will never forget and I was very disappointed when we made it back to the party.  Thanks to “Lauraâ€? for fueling the spanking fantasies I had as a teen.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/13 at 02:02 PM in True Accounts Descriptions of real life punishments. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. This category is only offered to explore the various forms of spanking that people endured growing up.


Nice account and well done for having the balls to extract the information.

When I was growing up one of my best friends had two sisters (one older than me, one younger) whom I know were subject to corporal punishment from their mother. They were two pretty girls and I know that they were subject to spankings with both a wooden spoon and a switch (which they called the sally rod).

I never quite managed to extract any details but I can remember standing in their kitchen quite recently and both the girls were joking about it. The elder daughter was being bitchy about about someone and her mum was 'threatening' to take the hairbrush to her while the younger daughter was offering to go get the sally rod. Go to it!, I was thinking.
Posted by  on  01/14  at  08:03 AM | #
I can believe this because when I went to school you didn't misbehave nor cut up in class. I remember a science teacher by the name of Miss Clemens a tall blonde( or to me was then a thirteen yr. old) She caught me pulling a girls pony tail and told me to remain after class to which I did. After class Miss Clemens letchered me and told me to close the class room door that she was going to spank me. I was horrified but did as she said seeing her pull a wooden paddle from her desk drawer. I went back to her and she had pulled her chair out and was sitting in it with her legs crossed showing a lot of thigh in the dress she wore.She caught my arm and uncrossed her legs saying over my lap young man I remember her pulling me over by my waist feeling my pants pulled tight as they went into the center deviding my buttocks. She held my tight and began belaying my bottom. It felt like fire as I screamed helpless hearing the paddle spack trying to twist my stinging rear was to no avail before she was thru I was bawling like a baby and actually didn't know she had stopped. I remembered that and still do and would like to meet a lady that will do this again with the exception of it done on the bare flesh of the buttocks WoW YES??
Posted by  on  02/14  at  07:39 AM | #
I remember my first day of 1st grade. A girl in my class was spanked with a ping-pong paddle on her bare bottom in front of the class. After that, teachers terrified me. I truly believe this was why I never did well in school.
Posted by Julia  on  03/05  at  12:14 AM | #
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