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Hand punishments

Punishing the hands of someone who will not keep them out of the way during their spanking.


If done in a safe manner, I feel that punishing hands can be an effective addition to a spanking if needed.  I generally do not begin any punishment with the intention of punishing hands, I reserve it as an extra consequence for someone who will not properly submit to their punishment and allow their hands to constantly get in the way.  Depending on the implement, if someone keeps putting their hands on their bottom during their spanking, they are at risk for getting injured, especially when a wooden implement is being used.  The last thing I want is to accidentally smack someone’s hands with a wooden paddle.

I personally feel that all hand punishments should be administered with a leather implements.  There is just too much near the surface of the hand that could easily be damaged with a wooden implement.  We are looking to produce a major stinging sensation in their hand and want a very light and flexible leather implement.  When caning was still common in England, most girls were punished with the cane on their hands, not on their bottom.  While this was a common practice for decades, I do not think a hard cane stroke on the hand is very safe.  It is enough of an issue that the American Pediatrics Association released a statement many years ago, warning of the dangers of using a cane on the hand.

I have always felt that a spanking is about more than just having pain applied to the bottom.  When being spanked for real offenses, part of the punishment is submitting to what has been earned.  This means that as difficult as it may be and as much as it may hurt, the person being spanked should be required to make the process of punishing them as easy as possible.  When they are constantly moving and getting out of position, I generally apply a few hard strokes to their thighs to show them how bad it can be if they do not cooperate.  When the hands keep getting in the way, the solution is to include their hands in the punishment.

Very few things get someone’s attention quicker than a few well placed strokes on their hands.  This gives them instant perspective and they quickly realize that as bad as the spanking seemed, it is not that bad compared to their hands being punished.  Every time that I have stopped a spanking and given a few smacks on the hands, the hands then stay out of the way for the rest of the punishment.  The hands are not very padded and the pain is very specific.  Most people that have their hands punished are instantly surprised at how much it hurts.  I always give a warning as to what will happen if their hands keep getting in the way during their spanking, so when a stop to punish their hands, it does not come as a surprise.


I generally have them hold out one hand at a time and support the hand with their other arm.  I personally like to be in front of them as I apply painful strokes with a leather strap to their hands.  You must be careful when standing in front of them that the strap does not extend to far and hit their wrists.  Some people prefer to apply the strap from the side, instead of in front, then there is no way to extend beyond the palm.  A hand punishment should always be applied on the palm side, not the knuckle side of the hand.  For first offenses, I usually apply six to each hand.  If I am forced to punish their hands again (which rarely happens, one time is usually enough) I make it twelve strokes per hand.  In general people’s hands are fairly tough.  As a result, I swing the strap as hard as I can and still be safe and accurate.  When someone hands are punished for the first time, the look of surprise on their face is always amazing, you can tell they did not expect it to hurt so much.  No matter how bad the spanking seemed, a hard hand strapping quickly puts things into perspective for them.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 01/10 at 06:44 AM


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