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Domestic Discipline

Beginning a disciplinary relationship with your partner

Domestic discipline is a term used to describe a disciplinary relationship that exists between a consenting couple.  Historically relationships such as these have existed throughout history, but in most cases this was not a consensual relationship.  Countries in the Middle East still have relationships such as these today.  For this purposes of this post, I am talking about two adults who have decided to add domestic discipline into their relationship.  There are several different motivating factors for entering into a relationship such as this.  One of the first is to spice up someone’s sex life.  Generally in a relationship such as this, both partners are into spanking.  As an adult there are very few situations in which a spanking is real, and not done in some sort of fantasy scenario.  While role playing is fun, there is still something lacking in regards to authenticity.  For many, spanking goes well beyond just having their butt smacked, for them there is an important emotional exchange that is required and a strong feeling of actually being in trouble.  Most situations that can lead to part of a couple “being in trouble? generally just leads to a verbal argument.  In a domestic discipline relationship, being in trouble leads to being punished.  By having offenses that can be committed that can lead to be spanked to tears, a spanking relationship can be spiced up in a very big way.  No longer does he or she need to play the naughty schoolgirl/boy and pretend to be bad, one must just commit an offense that they know will lead to a spanking and then they will really be in trouble.  Some couples take it to the next level and try to integrate the punishments into changing undesirable behaviors.  I know many people who are currently motivated to work out, stop procrastinating, quit smoking, and many other things because they know the result will be corporal punishment.

To enter into a relationship like this can be a very delicate balance.  If you are not careful, it becomes easy for the person in the power position to just try and make anything that annoys them a punishable offense.  This can quickly lead to hard feelings and is not the way to approach the whole thing.  I think the most effective way to begin a relationship such as this, is to enter into and sign a disciplinary agreement.  Before the whole process even begins the couple needs to sit down and commit some things to paper that they are both in agreement about.  A list of offenses that can lead to being punished needs to be put on paper.  The whole process should start simple with just a few offenses that both agree upon.  Things that are a constant source of conflict should be avoided.  Start with things like being on time, not putting gas in the car, or not going to the gym, and avoid things like spending and money.  It sometimes makes things easier if the punishment is agreed upon in advance as well.  It also needs to be decided if the punishment is being applied to add some spice or if you are really trying to extinguish bad behaviors.  Clearly, when trying to eliminate bad behaviors through spanking, with someone who enjoys being spanked, you have your work cut out for you.  I will dedicate a later post exclusively to the topic of effectively punishing someone who likes to be spanked.  If it is being done to get real results, the spanking is going to have to be hard one with additional elements that you know the person being punished will not enjoy.  I think there should always be special considerations for the times in which it was clear that the person got in trouble on purpose, just to be spanked.

As you make progress and grow comfortable with this new relationship, you can begin to expand on the offenses included on the list.  This is the time to allow the person responsible for their behavior, to try and list things they do that they wish they did not.  With the right disciplinarian, personal growth is often very obtainable.  Regardless of what you come up with between the two of you, domestic discipline can really add to what is often missing in a spanking relationship.  It takes spanking back to a disciplinary process and creates more of a cause and effect situation in regards to behavior.  Nothing makes someone feel young and naughty again than committing an offense that they know will lead to their bare bottom in the air, an implement used effectively, and the possibility of it all ending in tears.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 12/04 at 07:34 AM in Informative Informative articles relating to spanking


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