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Sorority paddling videos?

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It occurred to me a few days ago that many of you may find it kind of unusual, that with as much visibility that sorority paddling pictures have on my blog, that I have never filmed a sorority paddling video for any of my sites.  I have spent that last few days wondering myself, why I have never done this.  Obviously, I find the whole concept appealing, or I would not spend so much time finding new sorority paddling pictures to share with you all here.  As is the case with most spanking video producers, it is much easier to find good spanking models than it is to find safe and effective on camera spankers.  As a result of this, many producers end up converting some of their spanking models into spankers as well.  You would think a situation in which we utilize spanking models to spank other spanking models, just screams for some sorority spanking videos.

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There are a few variables that have prevented me from filming sorority paddling scenes.  The first is simply safety.  Sorority spanking, for the most part, brings about a single image in my mind, a girl receiving swats from a large wooden paddle.  When we take a spanking model and have her do some actual spanking, rarely do you see her with a wooden paddle in her hand.  I consider a wooden paddle to be an implement in which there is little room for error, and someone generally needs to have a great deal of experience spanking before they are allowed to swing an implement capable of such force.  There are a couple of our spanking models turned spankers, such as Kailee, that I would trust to do a sorority paddling scene, but that is not the norm.  Another factor is that a good swat from a large wooden paddle hurts a lot, and there are not too many models that are up for that challenge.  When we do have the right model for a good paddling, she tends to end up doing a school corporal punishment scene.  With the popularity of the “school swats” series, and any other realistic school paddling type scenes, I guess I have never wanted to miss out on a scene of this type and instead replace it with a sorority paddling scene.

I think the single biggest factor that has prevented the filming of sorority paddling scenes is the fact that I have never really watched one, produced by someone else, that I thought was all that good.  Firm Hand Spanking features many different sorority paddling videos, and as far as a good girl/girl paddling, they have produced some scenes that I enjoy.  There are some hard paddlings and even a few that lead to tears, that they have filmed, but I did not find that the sorority aspects of the scene added anything to it.  The scenes seemed more like two girls playing in private with a large paddle.

In the early days as I was discovering spanking videos, I was initially attracted to some of the sorority paddling videos produced by Nu-West because they added a bit more of the group dynamic that I typically think of when it comes to sorority paddling.  These were not two girl scenes, but involved a group of females being paddled by a women.  While I find some of the movies from Mood Pictures to be a little severe, I have always wished they would produce a sorority video.  Some of their early works with the large scale scenes, and so many women in the movies, are just screaming for a good sorority paddling scenario.  For me, I think this is a necessary dynamic for an effective sorority paddling video.  There needs to be lots of girls, both getting paddled and witnessing the paddling, and the paddle swats need to be fairly serious in nature.  I would love to see the same setup they used for “In the Name of Love II”, but done as a sorority paddling movie.

I think a lot of it boils down to realism.  Let’s face it, for the most part paddlings that take place in a sorority are not really done as a punishment.  For the most part, when an actual paddling takes place in a sorority, it is done in a group situation, there is rarely more than one swat, and the most common use is the exchange of a single swat between the “big sister” and the “little sister”.  As far as I can tell, one girl paddling another girl in private, is very rare, if it happens at all.  This leaves me in a situation of either filming a full scale production with lots of models and extras, or creating a fantasy sorority paddling in which a few girls swing the paddle in private.

This leads me to think that a sorority paddling video might make a good future project for me, but as a full scale DVD release and not just as an update to a site.  You all have been wonderful recently in regards to feedback, so I will once again leave it in your hands.  Is there a scenario, involving just a couple of models, that could make for a good sorority paddling video on a smaller scale?  Is there some dynamic to this type of scene, that you all find appealing, that I am overlooking?  If we have the right model, one that allows a situation that involves a hard paddling with a wooden paddle, is this time better spent on a realistic school paddling scene, or a fantasy sorority paddling scene?  Believe me, I am a huge fan of any scenes that we can build into a series on, it makes filming more scenes for that series much easier.  But how to I accomplish this without having a whole group of girls present?  Do we make it as simple as having a small room where the “Pledgemaster” brings a naughty pledge for a few good swats?  Here is your chance, help me write a good sorority paddling scene that involves no more than a spanker and two other girls.  I would also be very interested in hearing about any sorority paddling video that you have watched that you felt was great.  Is there one out there?

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Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/16 at 08:23 AM


one way I think you could make it work with just 3 girls is if you do it where one girl brings another girl to the pledgemistress with a complaint that she tried stealing her boyfriend or something of that nature. The pledgemistress could hear both sides of the story and decide a paddling is in order for the one that tried to steal the other girl's boyfriend. Maybe during the telling of the story by the girls we can find out the other girl was drinking, which could be a rule infraction for a pledge and she could earn a paddling too! That is just one suggestion of a sorority paddling scenario using only a few girls.
Posted by chadley  on  06/16  at  01:26 PM | #
Dear Mike
I suggest a picture story of a girl going from junior high to high school to college getting her ass cheeks paddled all the way through with some shots of her home life too, to show what she got at home.

I am also pleased to see that you are alive, well and free after the last couple of years. May prosperity knock down your door. Mary Nung
Posted by  on  06/16  at  01:52 PM | #
I crave realism, like you, so I suggest you ask your readers/viewers who were or are sorority members to tell you how paddling in their sororities was really many swats, how hard, over clothing (how much?) etc. I know what I fantasize about but I doubt too many sororities were that severe (although there are some tales on the web which would beg to differ...perhaps just the author's fantasy.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do.
Posted by  on  06/16  at  02:46 PM | #
If you are able to do a sorority scene/movie PLEASE include Brandi and Jasmine. With their experience(and sexiness) they'd both be great as "seniors" paddling freshmen-can't wait!
Posted by  on  06/16  at  09:21 PM | #
I think to make a sorority paddling scene more pleasurable, you would have to give up on reality and shoot the kind of stuff you see only in your imagination, where the girls are seriously disciplined by a dorm mom or each other (or both). Just suspend belief and go with what's hot and entertaining. But, if you're going to do that, you may as well go all the way with the fantasy, which is why my characters always end up on a starship or deserted planet or some such.

The few sorority scenes I have seen before totally ignored the idea of having a crowd present, I guess because the producer couldn't pay the extras, and this took away from the whole concept to me. The great thing about such scenes is the witness factor. One way you might consider doing this is to get willing vanilla extras who are only paid to stand in the background and act like one of these party crowds you see in your jpegs. Since they are not spanking models, they should not have to get premium pay for this sort of work.
Posted by  on  06/16  at  11:47 PM | #
If your interested in a situation with two spankees and one spanker. Watch a movie called something like Sorority babes and the slimeball bowlarama. The paddling is pretty fake, however the whole scene would be really hot if the girls were being paddled for real. Two girls are in thier panties and bent over the back of a couch and being paddled by a Sorority sister with a big paddle. I wish I could remember the name of another movie, but in that movie there are three girls bent over a bench being swatted with a big paddle by a sorority sister. There have been a lot of movies showing sorority paddlings with two or three girls receiving, however in reality, I think your right its a lot larger groups in reallife. The sorority paddling theme is great for a small update or a full blown video, I know I would buy the video if the swats were hard and getting decent reactions.
Posted by  on  06/17  at  01:44 AM | #

GREAT! You've just stuck your muses into a truly gaping hole in the current spanko video content out there. Gretchen and I (we write spanking erotica together, largely for fun -- since there's not much money to be made anymore in the printed word) have long been searching for that elusive sorority paddling video tour-de-force. We had about concluded that our fantasies were destined to be forever unrequited...

That is, until G. pulled up your blog last night and breathlessly called me over to have a look!!!!

What's particularly great is to hear you back to musing about making another feature film! YAY. First off, though, you run through some others who have tried this genre or who might have the potential to pull it off right (frankly we can't see how an Eastern European could capture the quintessential American nature of the sorority house... and we would also have included "Our Sorority" by Shadow Lane in the jolly good try category). With all due respect to your humbleness, however, you, sir, are the creative genius out there who has come the closest to ALREADY providing it! Albeit your feature-length films have not had an EXPLICIT sorority setting, but they have all had groups of college-aged girls going through ritualistic group-bonding spanking experiences. And your wooden paddling scenes with the gals lined up along the couch strike a majorly important chord (struck also in that classic scene in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama).

OOps. I just learned there's a word limit on comments... (My spew continued in next posted comments.) --W
Posted by  on  06/17  at  11:07 AM | #
2 of 3...


With so much short clip content being spewed out these recent years, we find that we treasure more and more the few serious spanking films that have been made -- yours being among the seminal and best of the bunch.

We realize you're ever more increasingly in a tough racket financially; the days when Ed at Nu-West could shoot a few minutes of grainy film sans plot and charge us gasping addicts $69 to the for our hits are long gone. (Don't get me wrong, some of his stuff is absolutely classic BECAUSE of its stripped down nature.) But be optimistic! There is SUCH a CRYING need to revisit and get the sorority thing right that you could have a best-seller on your hands if you follow through with this. And especially in a big-time way! (It would be a much better use of your talents than dabbling with sicko dungeon stuff that you asked about in a previous post; that stuff, for us, is such a total turnoff because it is not rooted in the real-life grounds of our own long-developed spanking kinks.)

G. and I stayed up late last night having a long pillow-talk conversation about your nicely set out casting and plot conundrums. We explored the role sorority fantasies play in our spanko life. Gretchen, when she was an undergrad, was in a sorority at a State college in Texas for a couple of years. We to this day keep her old big board paddle hanging inside our front hall closet; 'Big Sister' gets brought out only on special occasions when we're in the mood for some bruisier than normal play (we're both switches).

Like your perfectly on-target discussion about it, however, G.'s actual memories of what the paddle actually got used for when she was living in her sorority were night-and-day distinct from the bull's-eye-bruise seriously hard and nasty sisterly "power game" material that we fantasize about(which I'd say perhaps got capture closest in the erotic sorority stories by Solstice that we stumbled upon back in the early days of internet surfing on Laura's Spanking Corner).
Posted by  on  06/17  at  11:14 AM | #

In RL fact, G. says that about the most titillating thing she was made to do with the paddle was to carry it around campus all day for a week. It had to be sticking out clearly exposed from the back of her backpack while she walked to class, met with professors, ate in the student union, and so forth. All the actives provided surveillance to make sure the pledges followed the instructions. G. claims she was sorely tempted to hide hers inside the backpack -- just to see whether the unspecified threatened dire discipline would be for breaking the rule -- but she was too repressed about her spanking fixation and too chicken-shit to actually find out at that tender age.

Anyhow, here's our concept for the movie:

We suggest a plot that operates at two levels.

Early in the film there'd be that carrying the paddle around campus and formal light-taps/ritualistic reciting/gigglingly silly "hell" week stuff with blindfolded pledge lines being fed spaghetti noodles, etc. The initiation ritual itself with the exchange of single swats between pledges and big sisters shouldn't be severe. The fact that the girls DON'T know how to spank or do it very hard would add realism and be used to motivate the next level of the plot...

The first few scenes in the house would serve to tease out a few serious spankos from the group ("I, err, don't know how to ask this, but, like, would you have liked it if I'd given you the paddle whack a whole lot harder? And, you know, like ten of them? ...) What goes on inside the house would be used like a springboard (like in the Last Picture Show?) to recruit and launch a few gals into an inner circle of seriously kinky spankos.

This group would not only be composed of the current sisters, but would be an inter-generational one. (BTW, That's what makes a lot of your content work so well, IMHO). This alumna club gets together to play seriously hard spanking games at periodic parties. G. says to include the lesbian house mother, for sure, and a number of gals who are alumna of the sorority along with a few chosen from the current crop (one of whom, she says, should be exploring her possible bisexuality).

(Ooops... Looks like it'll take 4 parts rather than 3)
Posted by  on  06/17  at  11:23 AM | #

And although the focus we think should be kept on F/F spankings, how about including a husband or two? Possibly a fraternity brother boyfriend of one of the Actives in the group? Then there could be a couple of DD spankings that the guys make the gals take in front of the group? [Oh, and G. says, "Hell, why not tell him to drop his drawers himself and film a F/M one! I'd pay good money to see that!" Seriously, it would add to the tension of the series of featured spin-the-bottle and get spanked with a randomly-selected-implement games to have a bit of coed action, even if only a few M/F among a lot of F/F. And, well, geez, for the grand finale, maybe the club even goes off together up to the mountains on a long weekend to let it all hang out together in a rented condo...

Anyhow. Go for it, man! We pledge to buy at least a couple of crates of the DVDs in appreciation for this outstanding public service to assuage the suffering of the masses out here of long-suffering sorority-paddling aficionados.

Walter (and Gretchen)
Posted by  on  06/17  at  11:28 AM | #
You spotlighted primary reasons that the sorority scenes are not that compelling for me. Although interesting and I like the pictures you post, they lack the punishment aspect that drives the intensity for me. If you decided to do one of these scenes, I'd like it to contain that aspect. Perhaps throwing in some embarrassment as inviting fraternity guys to watch the punishment, give some swats, and having the model strip in front of them to receive it. I understand that likely kills the "realism" of that scene as any sorority that did that would risk being closed, but that's the tenor I'd like to see in a video.

Posted by  on  06/17  at  12:24 PM | #
Sorority or initiation paddlings bring to mind a fantasy built aroumd:
1 - not punishment so it should sting, not blister
2 - paddle, not hand (small thin ones with Greek letters
3 - girl(s) paddling girl(s).
4 - buildup is important. Should show some humiliating activities before so the viewer can look forward to them getting busted.
5 - more than one paddling session. At beginning of Hell Week, one or more during the week, and finally Hell Night. And the attire should get less and less as the week goes on. From over their pledge costume (something sexy or embarrassing) to completely bare the last night.

A good one should have several members or actives and several, not one, pledges. And a personal grudge between an active and pledge for a little extra.

This becomes a move, and can't be done quickly! Good luck, I would love to see this scenario.

And finally (yes) it can be done twice, once with the young freshmen in college, and a second with older models at a sorority reuniion.
Posted by  on  06/17  at  04:44 PM | #
You're not getting much feedback on this one so I guess I'll put in my two cents worth even though I don't have a strong feeling on the topic.

I certainly understand why you're on the lookout for plausible scenarios in which one young woman spanks another -- like you said, the shortage of (good on-camera) spankers makes you convert spankees into spankers, and then you need situations for them to spank in.

Domestic discipline is one, either with a Domme and a sub, or DD among equals (where both the parties spank or are spanked depending on which broke a rule; the Roommate Spankings between Jessica and Brandi were of this type). The RSI prefect scenes, notably with Kailee as spanker, were another. And sorority scenes would add a third.

But to me, sorority spankings are just what we see in the photos you're so good at finding and so generous about sharing with us -- a bunch of half-drunken people taking one big swat each. If it's fewer people and more swats, it becomes serious hazing, which to me is mean-spirited, in the bad way.

So my vote is no, better leave that one alone, and come up with more DD or prefect-type scenarios. (Does the captain of the cheerleading squad ever spank wayward cheerleaders? The head lifeguard paddle a negligent junior lifeguard? The player-coach of an intermural softball team swat a practice-neglecting player?)
Posted by  on  06/18  at  10:06 PM | #
See my answer on the World Spanking Forum.
Posted by  on  06/19  at  04:51 PM | #
Use an old trick from magicians and scenic designers -forced perspective. Setup in front of a fireplace (with pledge paddles handing over it) and have the Pledge Master paddle one or two girls in front of the fireplace. In post production you can add "crowd noise" to make it seem like a larger group was present ("Come'on you can take it", "Wack harder!"). Sure most real world sorority paddlings are very adhoc an often take place with an "adhoc" crowd on all sides, but the "staged / formal" nature of this scene will add to the ritual aspects.
Posted by RJ  on  06/22  at  08:48 PM | #
The best sorority scene in my opinion is not from the spanking movies, but from the B movies: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. I agree with a previous poster that if this was turned into an authentic spanking scene, with girls who could take a real bare bottom paddling, it could be phenomenal. I'd suggest using this scene as a "template", get rid of the peeping tom aspect, and use two spankees with iron bottoms. Keep especially the build up and nervous anticipation, and maybe the nude shower scene just for fun. I also agree with a previous post that the audience would be important here, if budget allowed.

Thank you for all the great work you've contributed to our spanko community.

Posted by  on  06/22  at  09:50 PM | #
A liitle off the immediate subject, but I was struck by your comment that "it is much easier to find good spanking models than it is to find safe and effective on camera spankers." Not being in the business I don't have any direct experience with this but I would assume you'd have plenty of volunteers. What is it that makes it so hard to find people who are "safe and effective"?
Posted by  on  06/23  at  02:39 AM | #

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