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Mailing Lists?

I just received a comment in which someone accused me of “selling” their address to “snail mail spammers” as a result of them ordering a DVD from  Are you serious?  As someone really out there in the public in regards to spanking, I understand better than most the issue of privacy with this fetish.  For the record, we have never sold, shared, or given anyone any access to any information regarding a membership to one of our sites, as a result of a DVD sale, or any other transaction we have conducted with our customers.  We are legally bound by our terms and conditions, and giving out any information would just be bad for business.  So, whoever you are I suggest you get your affairs in order because if you are receiving things in the mail of an adult nature, your address did not come from us.  I suggest you better investigate your information before blaming me for whatever mail you are receiving.  Do you really get a sense that I make a living by intentionally pissing off my customers?  Are there really companies out there that buy mailing lists from producers of spanking content?  Please, come back to reality if you think that anything you accused me of is factual...give me a break.

Posted by Michael Masterson on 06/19 at 02:14 PM


There are any number of reasons that this person would be receiving spanking mail. This person might have started receiving it just after ordering something from you; it's natural for him to assume that you sold his address. If you did not, there are still plenty of possibilities, the first I thought of was that his Credit Card is selling transaction details, and the spammer recognized "Alpine Studios".

You have to keep in mind, Michael, that not everyone does business like you. In fact, most businesses prefer to screw their customers for profit. It is prudent to distrust businesses by default.
Posted by  on  06/24  at  05:23 PM | #

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