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Retro Spanking

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There are a few sites out there that are creating retro type spanking content.  The picture above is from OTK Mom and there are aspects of this type of work that I find appealing.  I like the realistic nature of the videos they are producing and like that they are trying to create a 50’s sort of feel to their scenes.  Sometimes I like that the videos have an old film feel, sometimes is is a little annoying.  I like the domestic feel of the scene, but am still not a big fan of the “mommy, I have been a bad boy” sort of dialog.  Obviously I like, and even produce spanking videos that feel realistic and have a sense of an older teen being spanked by a parental figure, but I do not think I will ever find the naughty spankee screaming “mommy” all that appealing.

I think the main attraction to the older feel of a spanking video is that in the times that are being depicted, spanking was practiced more frequently in the home.  It was a time when it was not all that unrealistic to be put over mom’s knee for a long session with the hairbrush.  The older style clothing, the poor lighting, and the film grain added to the video does indeed help create what feels like a very realistic scenario.  As always, this is leading up to a question for all of you.  I have thought a lot about trying to film scenes of this nature and question how it would be received.  The question really is, do I want to take a good scene, with great lighting and high res cameras, and dumb it down a little to make it appear older?  Can you create the same sort of 50’s feel with a crystal clear picture and perfect audio?  What is more important authenticity, or picture clarity? 

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/04 at 01:15 PM


I know you are not a Hollywood producer but they seem to produce period films without sacrificing any quality.

You could probably do a '60s film without much trouble but guys in the '50s didn't have pony tails.

I agree with your comment about the "mommy" thing. That's a real turn off.

I prefer the school scenario or a boss and secretary scene. Or a judicial CP. They still did that in the '50s I think. If I'm not mistaken, LA outlawed the prison strap in 1972.
Posted by  on  07/05  at  02:48 PM | #
It has always been my philosophy to use your best options in their best way. So, I suggest making period pieces with the latest technology. Saving Private Ryan didn't need to look like a WW II news reel to appear genuine. I have mentioned elsewhere that I am in favor of doing historical works due to the prevelance of spanking in the past, but I do think that you should go ahead with what production techniques you have available now. It would not take away from it's believability to see a crystal clear image of a 1950's house wife getting spanked by her husband a la I Love Lucy. Consider that you may even go beyond a time when there was cinematography, like the Old West (True Grit), and you would use modern tech to do it. Your biggest challenge would probably be getting a girl like Kailee to put her hair up in a B-52. smile
Posted by  on  07/05  at  11:00 PM | #
Picture clarity is more important. The look and feel of the 50's can be recreated using clothing and furnishings of that period. If one were actually witnessing a paddling at that time, they would see it sharp and clear would they not.
Posted by  on  07/07  at  10:45 PM | #
If the end result is going to be a retro 50's movie and the creator wants the movie to look as closed to original 50's celluloid type film as possible, I would say authenticity is most important. That would have to include everything though including the clothing, furniture and the implements used if the was supposed to look like it was shot 40 years ago. I think that it would be great to do every once in a while to throw some variety in the mix. I know it might be dumbing it down, but it might be fun to create. Especially finding the set items and clothing. If you are thinking of trying this, I would say go for it. I would love to see it.
Posted by  on  07/08  at  12:59 AM | #
The site mostly seems to be about using forced perspective, close-ups, and even Cross dressing to make women spanking men look more like women spanking boys.
My kink is much more in line with what RS does so I can't really comment. Adult men much larger and stronger looking than the women who are punishing them are a hard sell as realistic without special circumstances. One take is to try hard to make them look smaller and more like boys the way this site does.
Another would be specialized institutional settings like RSI. Adult female teachers really do paddle physically adult looking, fully grown teenage boys. A fem dom RSI would work better to me than this - but hey, like I said, it's not my special thing so I can't speak to it.

I personally don't see much about these images that RS would profit from. RS did better on stills and settings and detail in the first couple years it was around, but I doubt that can be helped. Nothing remains an artistic labor of love when you have to meet a production schedule and crank it out on a weekly basis for years.
Posted by Marc Anthony  on  07/09  at  01:49 PM | #

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