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Today I present for you another school type paddling video.  On the day that we filmed this, I was trying to recreate a school paddling scenario, that I know to have been a reality at several schools.  I have talked to many people in which the schools that they attended, did all the paddling at a specific time of the day.  Generally it was after school, occasionally it happened at lunch time.  The main purpose seems to have been the need for a same sex teacher or administrator to be the one to apply the paddling.  In one specific case that I know of, at the end of the day the male VP and a female coach would meet at the VP’s office and paddle any students who had earned one that day.  The students just lined up and waited their turn.  The female coach would paddle all the female students with the VP as the witness, and then the VP would paddle the male students with the coach as the witness.  This allowed for district policy to be followed, and did not require the VP (who was in charge of all student discipline male and female), to have to interrupt classes to get a female to paddle the female students.  Of course, as the goofy long haired VP for my videos, I had to break district policy and make sure that I was the one swinging the paddle.  This is a low res version of a classic clip from, part of the Realspankingspass family of sites.

School Paddling Camera 1 Video

School Paddling Camera 2 Video

Posted by Michael Masterson on 07/05 at 01:51 PM


I grew up in the panhandle of Northwest Florida and my school district paddled. In Jr. High there was only person that paddled both male and female students and it was a male dean. And he could swing the paddle. He would ssay he would paddle the girls as the same as boys. Nice and hard. When I got to high school there were 3 male deans and 1 female just for the girls. And they all took care of business let me tell you.
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Interesting scene. First, who was the "first student" whom we only see exiting? Russ/Mr. G? Second, look at the difference in reactions (to essentially the same spanking) between Jessica and Brandi. Of course, it's possible Jess had had a harder day before this scene (wood two-cheek paddles are usually the last implement of the day), but if not, it shows how much more WORK it was for Jess to take her licks than for Brandi. Third, notice how much farther from the wall Brandi's butt is when she leans over. There are a number of amusing "Mutt and Jeff" moments in Jess and Brandi's careers, when they were standing side-by-side; this isn't one of those, but still, seeing Jess's bottom centered in the Camera 2 frame, and the Brandi's almost off-camera left when she assumes the same position, is interesting. Last, the SLIGHTLY different way you treated them, in keeping with their differing tolerances. You "kind of" gave Jess one swat of rest (it was hard but not AS hard), but with Brandi, you insisted she bend over all the way (which Jess had not). Subtle, but still an adjustment.

Those were good times. Five years already; where DID they go?
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Five years ago, Jessica and Brandi, "O Brave New World" (Miranda), What a fabulous time, Thanks a lot. Julesdesp (nothing but butt ...)
Posted by julesdesp  on  07/06  at  01:28 AM | #
I attended public schools in the Northwest panhandle of Florida and the paddle was applied all the time. In my Jr. highschool we had one male dean and he paddled both the girls and the boys the same. He had 2 sets of hands drawn on his desk to palce your hands in when recieving licks. When I got to high school we had 3 male deans and 1 female dean. The males could not give licks to a female but the female dean could paddle the guys as well as females, and she could hit as hard as the male dean could I can atest to this.
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Thanks for those clips, Mike, greatly appreciated.

Jessica and Brandi have been in many episodes, but in this one they seemed to lose their cool very quickly and, to me, seemed to be in genuine distress.

Was that because the speed and hardness of your delivery overwhelmed them, or were they simply being very good at acting the scene?
Posted by  on  07/10  at  09:16 AM | #
I went to Junior High and High school in Orlando Florida. In ninth grade (1971) the teachers were allowed to paddle. They took the student out side. Got another teacher for a witness and took care of it regardless of gender. They were allowed to give up to five licks. The way the buildings were made the it was a solid wall with with windows really high up on the hallway side so you couldn't see the paddling from your own class room. The other side was all windows. So if you were in the 200-300 blocks of classes and got paddled everyone in the 100 block could watch. Some teachers did not allow you to watch and threaten you with a paddling if you did and some just stopped class and watched with everybody else. So not only did you have your class mates listening to you get paddled and smirking as you came in, but maybe close to 100 students watched you get it. Most of the time it was only one or two licks but on occasion it was worse. One day three students got paddled very hard and all three were made to cry very loudly. Two ran to the restrooms and one went back to the classroom.

I remember one coach who gave four licks to one poor soul. This coach was obviously into it and gave all four licks in less than a second and very hard. They were so close together I think all four landed before the poor kid felt the first one. He didn't come back into the class room for forty minutes and his eyes were still very red.

I would be interested in seeing recreations of these out in the hall paddlings in the outfits that girls wore back then. No slacks allowed and the skirt could not be higher than the finger tips. No uniforms though.
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